1. S

    Mobile Barista at wits end!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!!! ... yet I have found myself stressing about power supply! I have a mobile coffee van. I'm done with using generators and so are many event/festival organisers who are now banning petrol/diesel from their sites. In an ideal world I would like a battery fed...
  2. B

    Tested a mobile home today and sometime you just wonder why!

    Tested mobile home today and you sometimes just wonder why
  3. NDG Elecs

    Napit Mobile 0 - Pen & Paper - 1

    Did half an EICR this morning, finishing it off tomorrow night. I tried Napit Mobile for the first time. What an annoying counterintuitive process it is. Can't skip between different parts of the form. Filled in the origins section no problem, pressed submit, but then what? I don't know! Does...
  4. Deleted member 9648

    Mobile home DB's..........

    Evening all, Ran a supply today for a second hand mobile home at an equestrian centre which is to be used as temporary accommodation. Carried out an EICR on the mobile as well, all good but I cant decide whether to code the plastic DB as 'not of fire containing construction' as technically I...
  5. C

    How Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Work

    Hello, I cannot fully comprehend the logic of mobile phone signal boosters. Basically all claim that you have an antenna on your roof that will communicate with the cell tower. An amplifier boosts the signal that is transmitted within your house. No one says that your transmissions to the cell...
  6. N

    Mobile home wiring to existing house

    Hi all. I've been asked to hook up a mobile home to a house. My initial intention was to fit a rcbo in the dB and then a socket at the gable end. Blue type one. Earthing is tnc_s. So the previous owner has told the new owner that the mobile is negatively wired. He has told me this and tbh...
  7. F

    Power for mobile catering - batteries versus generator?

    Hi all, I'm new here and have a pretty specific question. We've got a vintage ambulance we've converted to a coffee bar. There's a mains voltage hookup to a 3 way consumer unit which runs everything including a 12v charger which charges 2 x 110Ah batteries. Now, we're looking at a pitch where...
  8. Dillb

    Mobile app, ok is this enough words now?

    Does this site still support any mobile apps such as Tapatalk?
  9. exdevonboy

    Mobile Homes - routing cables etc

    Hi, I would appreciate some advice please...I have been asked to install an external light and a new socket in a customers mobile home (a Carnaby Serenade, if that helps). Never having worked in a mobile home before, just a few general questions for anyone who has had experience of doing...
  10. H

    feasibility of three-phase power in mobile catering trailer

    Hi all. First, I have to admit that i have no experience and very little knowledge in electrics and I'm therefore looking for some general practical advice. I am wanting to start my own mobile catering business but i am still in the planning stage. I want to know if three-phase power is really...
  11. Andy78

    Mobile forum viewing ... spams and scams

    For over 6 months now, when viewing the forum on my mobile and waiting for a page to load, it occasionally loads up spam pages. These pages will not let me navigate back to the forum site, will make my phone vibrate, and constantly release a stream of pop ups. What's the deal ?
  12. S

    Mobile equipment not exceeding a rating of 32a for use outdoors.

    Could someone please give me examples of what this would cover. I'm assuming it's irrelevant to portable equipment like a lawn mower on a domestic installation and more to do with industrial. Thanks in advance.
  13. T

    mobile phone antenna interference

    I've been asked to install an LED flood light on a roof of a high rise building, only problem is it will be situated within about a foot of a mobile phone antenna. Would this be something to worry about? will it cause interference?
  14. M

    Mobile bar needed wiring

    been asked to wire a mobile bar. 16 amp commando plug supply onto a small board with rcd30ma. Wire all lights and a few sockets in braided flex. Equipotential bonding on structure. That's about it I think. Who is responsible for the earthing when it's connected to the supply or generator . E.g...
  15. P

    Mobile earthing to van plus stand alone generator

    Hi all. Newby here. What would be the best way to earth a mobile food van plus mobile generator to each other. Also if I install a commando outlet for the genny or a fixed supply, would the earthing principle be the same I.e van body earthing connected to or separate from installation?.
  16. GMES

    Samsung S8+ .............25 characters or more ARGHH

    So Got my new upgrade yesterday and I have to say I am impressed so far Very smooth Phone. Nice large 6.2 infinity screen, Face recognition unlock. I've only had it a day so can't give too much of a review but so far so good, I upgraded from the s7 edge so I am already an Android fan anyway...
  17. Murdoch

    Mobile signal boosters...

    Got a client who wants an amplifier for their "location" - needs to be "unlocked" so that it will work for any service provider. Suggestions please? Thanks
  18. A

    Electrical mate/trainee/improver Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire

    The company I'm working for as a subbie are looking for one maybe two electrical mates/trainee's/improver's for a site in Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire. Its mainly all domestic works and would be ideal for someone who is starting out and at college and wanting to get a foot on the ladder...
  19. bigspark17

    Advice on small pv system

    hi guys looking for some inspiration/advice on an upcoming project. Been asked to install a small pv system on a mobile hut glamping sort of experience. Now clients wants some panels on the roof to run some 12v lighting and socket chargers for mobile phones. Now i haven't done anything with pv...
  20. A

    Help needed please

    hi, I am after some advice. I have a catering van. The electrics have been done (sockets and lights) but I don't have a clue who can now certify it to make sure it's safe?? Any advice is much Appreciated

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