1. T

    Anybody know where I can find a free disclaimer Template.

    Hi folks.. I was hired by a company to replace some Light pole Heads to LED. upon working this I saw a few things that are not up to Standards with Local and NEC Code. I have verbally spoken to the people involved and have advised them of what they need to repair . They aint doing it ...
  2. D

    Multi function tester accuracy record template

    Has anyone got a decent pdf of the above? Cheers
  3. C

    SPD risk assessment template

    I am due to carry out my first fuse board change under the 18th edition, i need a risk assessment template for SPD devices. and with regards to AFDD i am under the impression i just need to recommend it in the quotation.
  4. G

    Vehicle Hand Over Template

    Taking on a new member of staff at the end of the month. I have been looking for a template for a vehicle handover. Cant seem to find anything of any good on google. Anyone on here have one they would like to share?
  5. G

    Brother 55 label maker, template?

    HI all, anyone got any mains consumer unit templates for the E550 label maker having a right game here getting it right cheers Grand
  6. J

    Pre work/site survey sheet template

    Hi all Can anyone point me in the direction of some site survey/pre-work survey sheet templates (Excel format?) for gathering info at quote stage? Thanks J
  7. C

    Detailed project proposal template

    Hello all, first time posting. Can anyone point me in the direction of a detailed project proposal template for an upcoming production line installation I have been asked to price. Its quite a complex project and I don't think the usual 2 page quote is going to cut it with the customer. Any...
  8. I

    mcs version 1.5 or 2 on assesment

    Hi I have my mcs inspection in a couple of weeks and have been sorting out the QMS on version mcs1.5 that i have a template for but as i started putting this together about six months ago,I see that there is now a version issue 2 that only has 18 clauses.so when does this actually come in to...
  9. Goody

    Domestic Customer complaint procedure & form.

    Hi, where could I find a template for customer complaint form and details of complaint procedure? :dizzy2: ...and a template for Guarantee Certificate for the work carried out. Thanks in advance.
  10. V

    MCS Accreditation?!?

    Hi Guys How you all doing?? Is this the official MCS acreditation site? The Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Home If not can anyone point me in the right direction, Also we need a QMS template, anyone recommend a company / template as easy mcs seems a little steep but seem to know...
  11. C

    dis board template

    has any one got a dis board template they could email me? i havent got the time to make one up myself.
  12. Amp David

    CU Circuit Schedule

    I know it is possible to buy circuit schedules to stick on or near the CU unit, but do you have to use a dedicated schedule, or would a copy of your test results placed in a plastic wallet do the same job.:confused:
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