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  1. T

    Default forum response to DIY enquiries vs. skills shortage

    To the qualified electricians on the forum: The default response to DIY enquiries on how to do stuff seems to be "Get an qualified electrician in, it's too difficult for a DIY'er to do". Given the skills shortage within the industry, is this a reasonable response? Is there another way?
  2. S

    Confused by information I have been given

    Hi Guys, Just for clarification as I've been told so many different things, what qualifications do I need to become a fully qualified electrician? I currently have my city and guilds level 2 qualification and I have 17th edition which I will be updating to the 18th I am also doing my level 3 at...
  3. A

    How is a generator earthed and given neutral?

    Hi I have a question i cant seem to get an answer too. If you have a portable generator and you plug for instance a fridge or any appliance directly into it, how is the neutral/earthing provided?? I know already that normally you can connect the neutral and earth from an existing...
  4. D

    Why, on a given turbine, a smaller generator would generate less output?

    Hello everyone, I am a mechanical engineer with litle knowledge about electrical so I need advice from people knowing about electrical system. Having a wind turbine that I am testing at the moment, I first placed a big generator (PMG 500kW 690V @ 300RPM - 18000Nm) behind it and it could...
  5. Marti

    What was the best pice of career advice you've been given and what did you do with it.9

    Dead honest true. Couple of years ago I asked two unrelated friends what was the key to their successful, 6 figure salary, careers in highly competitive fields. Answers (verbatim) were, "Know which arse to pucker (kiss) up to?" And the other was "Know where the blame is going for any project...
  6. G

    2 electricians on site at any given time - your feedback

    Hired and trained a relatively new electrician. Getting along ok as far as competency goes so far. However, a few issues with him that I wanted to get your guys feedback/opinion on. 1. Doesn't like to go to any domestic site solo even for the simplest jobs. Has demanded he always has someone...
  7. Davisonp

    What do folk do when given a CU with switch on wrong side?

    I came across this earlier this week doing an EICR and would value your opinions on this matter. I have occasionally been given a CU to install only to arrive and find the switch is on the wrong side of the CU and it will not fit in the current configuration. I was taught to move the switch and...
  8. N

    Kneeling Board For Attic?

    Im wondering if any body has used a kneeling board in attics. The kit I'm looking for was A kind of folding contraption like a mug holder for the wall. You could turn it into a kneeling board or push it narrow and it would become a walkway. First seen them maybe 8 years ago. Googles failed me...
  9. M

    132 Million for Solar Industry damages

    Solar industry defeats Government in £132m High Court damages case - Nextgen Any chance of some tort cases from those of us still trading ?
  10. emacleod

    Voltage tester

    I got given this last year by a couple I done some work for. I found it in my shed and thought I would share. Euan
  11. S

    Circuit design

    Installing heaters in a milking parlour and he wants them to operate on a time clock? 5 heaters at 2000 watts each. Approx 15m run. Current running through will be around 25 amps. What cable will I use and breaker? Only a single phase board. I was thinking 4mm or 6mm radial on a 32amp mcb. Or...
  12. C

    In the middle AM2, SY gland help!

    Hiyaa, Finished day 1 of my AM2 today. Completed all the install apart from the heating systems and the SY cable to the motor. Everything else is done. anyway, I came todo my SY gland and realised the gland we have been given looks more like an SWA gland and this is definitely the one we are...
  13. G

    Connecting three wires to a socket

    Hi all, I'm in the process of changing the sockets in my house (just the face plates) and I'm having serious trouble fitting the ones with three wires where there's a spur. Can I just crimp the three wires together and then one wire out the other end to connect? If not any advice please to try...
  14. happyhippydad

    Regulation 434.5.2 Fault current!

    Cant quite get my head around how you use this reg? Lets say S =16 I = 657 k = 115 You have to work out t first of all so t = K2S2/I2 so t = 7.843409 (to 6dp) therfore K2S2 = 3385600 The reg says that we need to make sure that K2S2 is greater than the value of the let through energy...
  15. J

    Will a reading higher than given in 7671 for Zs values be okay if protected by RCD

    I might be COMPLETELY wrong.... but I have recently finished my level 3 in college and I'm sure I was told that if a Zs value is higher than the max reading in BS7671 it's okay if it's protected by a 30mA RCD, so it passes. I sort of remember writing 'satisfactory' on the test form next to Zs...
  16. R

    6491 singles. East Manchester.

    I am selling the following. All bought today, I've used just over 6 meters from each roll. £60 the lot collected from East Manchester or Glossop area. I can give you a VAT invoice that I was given when I bought it for £90 inc. Prysmian 6491X PVC Singles, all 98.3 meters: 1.5mm Black 1.5mm...
  17. D Skelton

    Yet another spark robbing customers!

    Just got back from a customer who has asked me to quote for rectifying some issues brought to light during a recent inspection. The customer came to me because the previous spark had let him down and failed to turn up when supposed to on four different occasions. Turns out this NIC 'approved'...
  18. M

    High ring test results at socket outlets

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys can help with some errant test results. I'm testing a ring and i get L-L = 0.41 N-N = 0.40 E-E = 0.63 Great Figure 8 L-E = 1.0 ohms. Still good Figure 8 at each socket varies from 0.8 ohms to 1.1 ohms (I was expecting much lower)> Oddly Zs = 0.23 (which is...
  19. J

    AM2 - Opinions needed

    Problem solved :D
  20. M

    RF Thermostat communicating with boiler.

    A friend has had their HW system replaced by a Megaflo 250 litre Indirect High Efficiency Unvented Water Heater. In the process a perfectly good Potterton boiler was replaced by a Vaillant EchTech Plus 438. There are plumbing issues I need to raise on the Plumbing Forum, but concerning...
  21. B

    Seeking qualified spark Leicester area to guide me!

    Hi, i am seeking some help from a generous spark in the Leicester area ( how many have stopped reading now I wonder)! i have almost completed the domestic installer scheme and have been given a gift of a job towards my part p registration, but need some guidance and help with it. The job is for...
  22. K

    Max Zs on RCBO

    Just tested property with a HUGE ring circuit and got 1.4 ohms on a type C RCBO. Given the max is .57 there is no chance of getting this close. Has anyone come across this before and what would be the advice given that it is protected by an RCBO and if you consider a TT system it is better than...
  23. C

    Voltage drop calcs

    Hi Could someone kindly put me in the right direction for voltage drop in cables. I have the formula from OSG (mV/A/m) x lbxL divide 1000 but cant get my brain to kick in and piece everything together. There is very little in 7671 unless im looking in the wrong part. Do I require tables for the...
  24. B

    Discounts for cash

    The last few quotes I have given the customer is insistant on a discount for cash. I refuse to as the price I give is what it actually costs and as I do everything above board and by the book and as such a cheque doesnt really effect me. Thing is I think it is costing me jobs. What is the rest...
  25. D

    one earth sleeving doing both cpc's behind a socket.

    just wondered everyone's view on this situation cheers..
  26. Johnuk

    Domestic hello all i got a question on a testing question

    am looking at the question and am a bet lost now on answering it..... The maximum permissible values of earth fault loop impedance for three circuits are 1.44 Ω, 0.92 Ω and 7.67 Ω. If the measured values for these circuits are 1.25 Ω, 0.68 Ω and 6.22 Ω, determine if the measured values are...
  27. S

    the new am2

    hi, i have just done my am2, which is the new version. i was never given a lot of information before hand so i will list done the equipment you have to install, this might help some people who dont know what to expect or never had any decent information given, like my self. s plan heating...
  28. D

    Fault Finding Practical 2330.

    I was wondering if someone who has done this exam would be able to tell me what certain faults will have on the test results. I don't have a job and have to do this exam in a couple of weeks and while I know how to test I am feeling very unprepared for it. I know that doing CPC check will...
  29. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Can my firm take my rate off me? (JIB related)

    My firm is JIB registered, and employs me as an approved electrician. I also get 40p over the rate (whoopee!) Due to hard economic times (and also the fact that they dont really want to employ any of us any longer, prefering to use subbies), they seem to be making some cutbacks. I, and at...
  30. E

    No reverse on drill, can this cause problems?

    I have been given a brand new Bosch GBH 4 DFE drill and noticed that it doesn't have a reverse gear. Does anyone else use this drill or one similar. A friend of mine was saying it could cause problems as if the bit got stuck in whatever I was drilling (wood, masonary etc) there would be no way...
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