electrical installation

  1. J

    electrical installation

    Hi, I have a question What are the most common causes and symptoms of issues with the main relay in an electrical installation?What steps should be taken to diagnose and resolve complex EMC disturbances in an industrial control system? Jack:)
  2. leven93

    UK Help please - L3 hotel design project

    Guidance please - C&G L3 electrical installation - Hotel extension project Hi folks, I am fairly new to this forum but it looks like the community are quite responsive. We have been handed a project to complete in our own time. as it’s evening college i have limited access to resources and...
  3. H

    UK Finished level 3 electrical installation at college and unsure on what’s next.

    Hi all, I completed my level 2 2365 installation and my level 3 8202 advanced technical diploma in electrical installation and I’m unsure on what’s next. I couldn’t find an apprenticeship so I just decided to do some sub contracting work for a company, I just need some advice on what I should do...
  4. David2632

    UK How do you find work after finishing level 2-3 electrical installation diploma?

    So I have tried applying to every electrician mate/improver jobs there is on every job websites and I got a few calls saying that they want guys with experience. I went to electrical wholesalers to advertise and no luck. I got a 18th edition, cscs card, ipaf, Full Driving licence but it seem...
  5. Charlie_Don't_Surf

    Electrical Installation Level 3 Course - Distance Learning?

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone knows whether there is such a thing as a distance learning version of the level 3 (C&G or EAL) Electrical Installation course, but which isn't one of the '8 week wonder' type courses, i.e. is an actual full year of study. As I understand it, the 8 week wonder type...
  6. S

    Electrical Installation Level 2?

    Evening guys Got an assessment tomorrow to hopefully get onto a Level 2 Installation course at College. Has anyone been to this assessment before? Any tips that anyone can give? Would really appreciate any feedback on the assessment/ what to expect tomorrow and the course. Quite nervous about...
  7. RowanLennox

    Electrician Jobs Solar PV Technical Manager

    Are you a qualified electrician with experience of solar installation interested in developing your management experience and looking for a new challenge? Do you want to play a critical role in building the UK’s next market leader in residential solar? Does the idea of helping to tackle the...
  8. G

    Icelandic Electrical Installation.

    Hi all. I’m just wondering if anyone has done any work in Iceland? I’ve got a chance of going out there for a while. The work involves some electrics but by no means, all. The more sparking I do, the better it’s paid. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Basic differences, cables...
  9. Nexblue

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

    Hi Everyone! Thanks for adding! I am happy to be part of your community. I am Benjamin, a French entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. Me and my friends recently noticed that EV chargers are not intuitive, and the installation is never simple: Installers, customers and engineers are...
  10. J

    Electrical Installation Certificate Template

    Hi everyone, does anyone have a link for a free EIC template? I work for a solar company working on solar farms, I had to install a new DB today as a transformer blow up and destroyed the substation. Long story short, my company won't pay for the EIR software and said to just fill in a minor...
  11. Igorgawr

    What should I do next after finishing Level 3 Electrical Installation?

    Hey there, I'm here to ask about receiving some careers advice. Last year I was studying Level 3 Electrical Installation and after completing and passing all my Theory and Practical exams and receiving all the diplomas from City & Guilds I've been stuck on what to do next. As a person who came...
  12. M

    Level 3 diploma in electrical installation

    Does anyone know why loads of colleges do the level 2 diapolma in electrical installation. But know one really does the level 3 diapolma. Even though you need this to get qualified.
  13. Mickael


    Hey guys - I am in the process of buying a flat, and just got the electrical installation report. Seeking for feedback on the following: - THE FIXED WIRING IS IN FAIR CONDITION FOR ITS AGE. THE PROPERTY DOES NOT FULLY COMPLY WITH BS:7671 AS AMENDED DUE TO THE CODES LISTED ON PAGE 2. THE PROPERTY...
  14. S

    Pro Electrician Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical

    Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical Company is the biggest Electrical & Plumbing company that offers quality customer service, work from expert electricians and competitive quotes.
  15. S

    Electrician Jobs Electrical installation work in West Midlands

    Job Description Domestic Installation Electricians - We are a large Energy Efficiency and Domestic Retrofit Installer undertaking various measures including Boiler Replacements, Loft Insulation and Under floor Insulation. We are looking for several fully qualified and approved electricians to...
  16. The apprentice

    electrical installation farm

    Hi there iam about to start a new installation removing existing electrical equipment from a farm and renewing every board etc, inside the new distribution boards my question is would i have a 300mA RCD main switch there for outgoing circuits I.E sockets on a 30mA rcbo.? Also regulation...
  17. P

    Electrical installation age

    Saw the recent IET article "Estimating the age of an electrical installation" which folk on here might find it offering a few handy points. This might work: https://tinyurl.com/9emh8e4r/ However, some folk on here will also know a few more dates/tricks to help identify things!
  18. R

    Electrician Jobs Electrical Installation Tutor

    True Tech Training specialise in electrical training, offering a wide range of electrician courses in the UK for new entrants, existing electricians and companies from our state-of-the-art training centre. Our students typically self-fund their courses and as such are keen to learn from the best...
  19. D


    Hi When filling out EIC forms under a few sections (design, construction) it asks to fill in the empty line with dates for an amendment of BS7671:2018. Will this date be 2020 now as the first amendment has been released. I was told to N/A this part by a tutor. Thanks.
  20. S

    Are there any reputable electrical installation training companies in the UK other than FE colleges?

    Hi All, I am new to to the forum, so please forgive the dumb questions if you have heard them all before! Are there any known reputable electrical installation training companies in the UK other than FE colleges? I have had a few calls and online meetings with NewTradesCollege (NTC-college -...


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