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  1. H

    Can some help me pls?

    basically i have this circuit diagram for a digital alarm clock but i dont really understand the circuit like things like why each component is there and whats its purpose. i only understand the obvious component like the thermistor is there to sense temperature i just need someone tell me the...
  2. F

    Degreaser in electronics

    Evening all When fixing the broken air intake pipe on a 2013 Qashqai I decided to degrease the oil and dirt from the engine. Looks like I was a bit too generous applying it and has found its way into the electronics. Several strange things are now happening. The odb port doesn't connect...
  3. B

    Domestic Water on electronics, no breaker drops

    Hi everyone, I rented out an outdoor space for a party and they brought a DJ. Unfortunately there was a water pipe that burst and showered the entire party as well as the DJ stand (just my luck). The DJ is now telling me that all of his equipment is fried, laptops, TV, disk players...
  4. Z

    Toolkit for fixing phones?

    Hi, I fix games consoles, mainly old gameboys as a hobby. I'm wanting to get into fixing phones and tablets to get more customers. Can anyone recommend a toolkit for fixing more delicate electronics like iphones?
  5. ChangeAgent

    Domestic EUD12NPN-UC from Eltako Electronics installing

    I was installing the EUD12NPN-UC for a friend and like your opinion on the following. Before there was an Eltako impulse relay (Eltako S12-100-230V) for the corridor lights. Several light points and 3 impulse switches. My friend asked me to help him remove the impulse relay and replace it...
  6. BruvDunk

    Old spark now lurking in biomass

    Electrician for many years who slipped into EC&I/ Maintenance and eventually Biomass STL, but keeping my feet in the water on all things Electrickery!
  7. SJD

    Curious box enclosing meter, with electronics

    Can anyone cast some light on a curious meter I came across today. The old-style meter has a circuit board fitted on top, and the whole lot enclosed with a Perspex cover, with meter seals at each corner to prevent access. See photo below (hopefully). What is this for? I'll try to add a...
  8. F

    Installing electronics in wall cavity - Regulations?

    Hey guys, This is at very early planning stages, but I am looking into the feasibility of installing a smart bathroom mirror TV. What I am looking at is installing a monitor/TV behind a two way mirror. It would be further than 60cm away from the bathroom tap so I believe it counts as being...
  9. Doomed

    Filtering for electronics lab

    Have been asked to quote of doing the electical install for an electronics lab. They are dealing with sensitive equipment, and are already effectively building a faraday cage to be bonded to earth. The supply to the sockets must all be in metal trunking with filtered sockets. So far so good...
  10. S

    Voltage drop and harmonics in multicore cables

    Hi All, Could anybody help me to understand the connection between harmonics and voltage drop in multi-core cables. I understand that voltage drop is directly proportional to the load current and length and inversely proportional to the cross sectional area of the cable. Will the additional...
  11. K

    New member: Introduction

    Hi All, I am an Electrical & Electronics Engineer worked in the Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication & IT industry for last 35 years. Now I am preparing to move into design, Implement and test domestic electrical installations specifically want to specialise in home automation/smart home...
  12. D

    On/On/On or On/Off/On Light switch?

    Looking at doing a PIR Outdoor Light for my sister. Wonder if there is a On/On/On or On/Off/On light switch, i can get them in Electronics Just means i could have it set to PIR / Off / Always On If i look up such switches i get Electronics and if i look up Light Switches i get normal bog...
  13. Sintra

    Welcome Allan Kinnear to ElectriciansForums.co.uk The Electrician Talk Forum.

    This is an automatically generated notification, @Allan Kinnear has registered to ElectriciansForums.co.uk Welcome to the forum! Be sure to have a click around and let us know what you think. If you could let us know what brings you here that would be cool. :-)
  14. P

    Domestic Basic Circuit - Ohm's Law

    Hi, I've signed up to these forums hoping to get a little help with a basic understanding of electronics. I have two daughters age 9 who were bored last weekend, so I went to my local electrical shop and purchased a random basic beginners Electrical kit as the shop keeper thought suitable. I...
  15. M

    Hate my new job!

    Just landed a new job. It's only been 4 days and I'm about to quit today. The role involves working on gas meters (wall testing). They want me to manually take readings from 20 gas meters on a wall. Each meter has about 15 data information which i need to type into a tablet held by my left...
  16. K

    how to use mulimeter analog. i require to check charger volt and ampere.

    how to use mulimeter analog. i require to check charger volt and ampere. Please help me...I want to say thank you for all your kind help.
  17. DaveyD

    SPST Relay 230v and enclosure

    Hi Can anyone advise where I can get a 230v SPST relay with screw connectors and an enclosure? I need for UFH. Thank you in advance. Regards, David
  18. D

    Electronics/circuit make up etc

    New be on this, please bear with me - I appreciate this site is mainly for Sparkies, but I wondered if anyone is on here who likes getting the soldering iron out making up circuits, for instance - Shed alarm, Site alarm, Solar panel, put together a Wind Turbine that works, useful on the...
  19. timo1

    Electronic cricket scoreboard

    Hi, after a bit of advice. I'm thinking of a winter project and would like to make an electronic cricket scoreboard for a team I play for. I'd like to keep it relatively simple, I was thinking of a system where you press a button and it adds a number. I'd Probaly need 8 separate tiles each one...
  20. O

    30 megahertz function generator

    hello i want to build a 30 megahertz function and i couldn't find any scheme. can you help me with giving me any scheme? i want to build it with crystal and cost is important.thank all of you. arigato
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