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  1. Lister1987

    Calibration - What actually goes on?

    Stupid thread time. We hear a lot about getting meters calibrated and checked regularly but not a lot of detail about what is actually done. Is it just testing against preset levels? If a level is off (beyond tolerance), how exactly is it corrected? Would love a point to point on exactly what...
  2. P

    The apollo advanced mx pro panel is showing an error that a smoke detector is faulty but it seems to be blinking properly.

    The detector is working properly. We have checked it physically. But the pannel is showing fault in that detector. Please give me a solution
  3. happyhippydad

    How to actually TT a shed/garage?

    I have never TT'd a shed/garage I always just extend the earth from the house. In the example of a shed/garage being supplied with SWA is the armour of the SWA earthed by the house (lets say TNCS) or by the earth rod? Also, if the SWA is earthed by the TNCS then you have both TNCS and TT...
  4. The_apprentice2.0

    Electrician They're actually paying an 'electrician' for this

    Got sent this from a mate of mine working on the job concerned that the electricians first fix on a kitchen was a bit rough. Never seen anything like it me! thought it was a Pi$$ take at first :eek::eek:... (using the term electrician very loosely o_O) Thought I'd share with you all :)
  5. O

    Do other trades actually think ????????????

    Came across this today, whilst fault finding. Fortunately I didn't need to look inside it or isolate any of the circuits ............ Could get interesting ....
  6. andysparkfree

    Been on a few days but haven't actually said hi , also anyone any ideas on electrical related course

    Hi all , i love these forums , full of semi like minded guys with different opinions etc, so thank you what I'm after is a course that can be mainly undertaken in my own time and not need to sit in a class room , that will possibly actually have some value with commercial type work currently...
  7. John Lundrigan

    Do electricians actually need to have the 17th Edition?

    Hi All, Just recently I have had my interest in electrical work re-awakened because I have a grandson halfway through his apprenticeship and I asked me for help. The electrical technology was OK as very little of that has changed, but BS 7671 was new to me and so I got stuck into it. I...
  8. C

    WIFI booster that actually works

    Hello guys short and simple, wifi hub downstairs with weak signal reaching the 3rd floor. I have not used a booster that utilizes the final socket circuit cabling before, are they any good or would anyone recommend something else?
  9. GMES

    What did santa bring you

    Well I got spoiled rotten this year, we all know the older we get the presents get smaller and worse year after year. So Mrs Gmes and I said this year we would make a bit more effort and it worked out ok, I will kick off with some of mine which may not be everyone's idea of a good list but it...
  10. D

    Mains Frequency huge Variation

    Hi, on my mains I seem to be getting huge variations from the normal 50hz for several minutes at a time. It goes down to 48hz then back to 50-51hz and then will then jump from 51hz sometimes to 65hz but usually hover around 53-57hz for around 2 minutes at a time. This happens fairly often, what...
  11. LeeG

    New trainee over here

    Hello I'm Lee, live in Chesterfield and "qualified" with my 17th, Part P, and 2392/94/95 last year after completing a much -panned four week course. Yes I've read other forums, comments about such courses and yes i'm the product of one. Doesn't make me a bad person does it? Was it easy - NO...
  12. vxwestie

    waterproof switch replacement for standard 2way

    Any one come across a waterproof IP65 or similar replacement for a standard 2way switch in a 35mm recessed back box? Ive been looking around but have come up blank. Its a finished and tiled internal wall, and furniture makes its unacceotable to have the added depth of a surface IP switch.
  13. leep82

    no main switch in DB

    Came across a scenario today where the consumer unit had no main switch. It was a split load dual rcd board on tt installation. The incoming tails had been taken into one rcd, and connected in parrellel over to the other. There is a double pole isolator right next to the board, but nothing...
  14. E

    Low watt led gu10/mr16

    Excuse the ignorance (and laziness), but what's the lowest watt (equivalent) you can actually pick up? Want to put a perimeter of downlights in to use instead of lamps so obviously want reasonably dim lights without actually fitting a dimmer.
  15. B

    No consideration for other trades

    My latest annoyance is this joiner I am doing work for, he is throwing a fair bit of work my way so can't complain on that score but I am getting really annoyed at his lack of consideration for my part of the job. Went up to start wiring an extension last week and, not for the first time all...
  16. SJD

    Testing MCBs

    Much though I don't like it, once in a while I use a second hand MCB - for one that has long since gone obsolete and new ones are unavailable. What about testing used MCBs before reusing them, does anyone actually do this? I just tested a 5A MCB at a couple of values of loading, it seemed to...
  17. B

    low voltage heaters

    Hi I'm looking for some advice on low voltage heaters I have a 390w heater that runs of 24v dc but the transformer seems really big are these types of heaters as energy efficient as they claim to be? cheers
  18. G

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic registration

    looking to register with niceic got everything in place just need to pay fee and go through examination , been trading ltd company since last year feb , looking for advice on what the examination involves what questions asked etc im in south lanarkshire area
  19. B

    Insulation Testing Problems

    Been to a job last week, Rcd tripping when its raining. Global IR 0.042. Tested 250v (L&N) cpc to save taken out all the lamps. TV's on walls were isolated via fused spur. Problem located on External light therefore retested (L/N - CPC).. No test beetween (L&n was done) I have now been told...
  20. B

    Voltage Spikes....

    Voltage spikes cause drops in solar PV performance | YouGen Blog | YouGen, Renewable Energy Made Easy Interesting blog on this "phenomenon"....we came across it once after an install we did that included SolarEdge....the chap owned an electrical maintenance firm and had spotted it via the SE...
  21. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Discussion

    Hello, Thought i would post my first thread on something that always baffles me. I am a charge hand for electrical installs on big sites we get alot of sparks young and old working on them alot of them are a complete waste of time. How do they manage to get there JIB cards? I dont think the...
  22. M

    Domestic Switch heights

    First things first.... Don't really wanna turn this into a debate. My boss has asked me to wire the house I'm doing to the new socket heights ( no its not new build) anyway..... He told me switch is 1200 centre of box. I thought it was 1200 to top of box?
  23. S

    QMS guidelines

    I've seen loads of posts searching the forum on this subject, but without actually applying to a governing body and actually paying the fees, i'm struggling to understand exactly what is required in order to gain MCS. As I am not wanting to commit financially yet, I am looking at gathering as...
  24. B

    Wanted (long shot) sb200hf

    Anyone got one spare???????????????????????????? i know...................................i mean 2000hf never cud multitask
  25. T

    Smoke Alarms

    Hi everyone Been asked to quote a partial rewire and I'll include smoke alarm / heat rise, its for a 2 bedroom bungalow. I'm thinking of installing heat alarm in the kitchen and smoke alarm in the hall. Could anybody tell me if thats sufficient. Any advice welcome Many Thanks T&E
  26. B

    2 cookers 1 halogen hob

    Evening chaps, Been having a think about this: Doing an extension soon which has an existing 6mm to iso for cooker. The kitchen's being ripped out soon and a micro- combi 3.6kw and single oven 3.3kw are going in with a 10.5kw halogen hob. EDITED for clarity: It actually looks like...
  27. J

    AM2 diarys

    Hi, just found this place and hoping for some advice. I retrained as a sparks and still have to do my am2 site diary. I have been in the trade for approx 4 years and have completed level 2 and 3, testing course, pat testing, 17th edition etc but have been given photocopied sheets for my site...
  28. A

    common cause of voltage at neutral

    Whats the most common cause of getting a voltage at the neutral its on a boiler thats been isolated and theres 192volts neutral earth? any ideas
  29. C

    Testing two CU's in one house

    Quite a simple Q really - how would you go about testing an installation where you change the main CU but don't change the 'sub main' powering an extension. Also, I am changing the board to a 17th ed board - does the sub main 'automatically' need upgrading? At the moment it is fed via a 45A MCB...
  30. L

    Hotel shower electrocuted tourist

    Stephen Jupp, 40, from the Newhaven area, died at a hotel in Paris in June 2006, hours after watching a Robbie Williams concert with June Saxby. Read more at BBC NEWS | England | Sussex | Hotel shower electrocuted tourist Regards Luke
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