1. C

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria.

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria to live. I want to work to help fund my small holding. I have found a country with little regulations. My electrical experience was on trains air conditioning. I’ve always done my own homes electrical stuff, I’m not a complete novice. It has been over 20 years...
  2. P

    Electrician Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.

    Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.
  3. buzzlightyear

    nearly 50 years to the day

    been their,brought the cap at the cape Canaveral ,its one thing off the bucket list .any body been too it .
  4. O

    137 years ago today .................

    This was published: And then think of the monster it is now ..........
  5. T

    EICR every 3 years for EM light circuits

    Evening all Got an email from a prison we do work at who said they have been told that any circuits that contain emergency lights need to periodically tested every 3 years on top of the 5 yearly test. I have looked through the IET but cant see any info on it? Can anyone point me in the right...
  6. S

    Expat back to the UK after 18 years

    Hi Guys. Just hoping someone can give me some advice on what to expect after coming back to the UK (now in Cornwall) was in Australia for 18 years. I`m fully qualified but understand I now have to take the 18th edition regs , construction card etc . I have a JIB registration card but its...
  7. M

    @ 33 & 10+ years of various jobs with no end reward. Time to be a Sparky! Help please

    So I just got let go from my job last week as operations manager was in the role for 6 months, previously I was a transport supervisor at different company for 1 year pay averaging at 25k lot of responsibilities zero recognition. Now at 33 it’s kinda of daunting being out of work. Yes I’m...
  8. 7029 dave

    40 years in this game, wow time has passed me by.

    As above, it has gone very quickly. Would you say I was old school.? lol
  9. dmxtothemax

    Happy New Years to one and all !

    To all you happy chaps out there !
  10. Marc Lajevardi

    Trainee About 3 years ago I finished college doing my level 3 NVQ electrical...

    I didn't fail any exams or anything but when I've looked over my certs I can't see my 17th edition. Does anyone know if I would have got this in with the 2 years I done at college or is it seperate? I've tried calling the college numerous times but it just keeps ringing out. If anyone can give...
  11. JK-Electrical

    BEAMA Calls For EICRs To Be Done In UK Residential Buildings Every 5 Years

    An interesting report. I'm in favour. My own opinion is that ten years between inspection and testing of domestic installations is too long, and that this period should be reduced to five years. I particularly like the proposal that an EICR be compulsory whenever there is a change of occupancy...
  12. P

    Back on the tools after many years....

    Just a quick hello.... Been out of the game for some years, 16th edition last time I was on the tools.... Have a lot to catch up on, lots has changed over those long years.. Will be taking my 18th as I'm now working in the NHS, and they will will put me through the course etc. Will probably...
  13. happyhippydad

    Just found this thread from a few years back!

    Found this thread from a few years back, made me smile! There's a few of those names now disappeared, still a few left though:) Putting some faces to the names!!!!! -
  14. O

    Only 38 years without an earth. ..

    One of my neighbours has just had an electric door fitted. The fitted commented that the garage didn't have an earth .... so I have just had a look Sure enough 2 core SWA runs from a SFCU in the lounge (not glanded to the back box) out to the garage where the SWA is glanded to the back box. SO...
  15. GBDamo

    Looped Supplys...Black flat T&E..............

    Been asked to advise on a rewire. I think on age alone it's advisable but the following points add to the argument. Installation age approx 60 years. This is a "forever Home" so although it may test ok how long will it stay so? Black T&E throughout. Not a reason to condemn alone but adds to...
  16. M

    Domestic Traniee electrian looking for work in or around the oxford area.

    I am currently finishing my level 3 2365 at college. I currently live in London but will be moving to Banbury, Oxfordshire in December. I completed my 17th edition in February and have 3 years experience in domestic electrical work. I’m willing to undertake any aspect of electrical work. Also...
  17. S

    Off for a few days to Swanage for some R+R on the nudist beach check out last years photos

    Not sure why they came out blurred............. ;o)))))
  18. Michaelwgroves

    Government backs mandatory EICR's every 5 years for landlords.

    Long overdue............................ The Government has backed introducing a mandatory requirement on landlords with properties in England to ensure that electrical installations in their property are inspected every five years. However, it has not provided a start date. Such a proposal...
  19. E

    so i beat my fear of the dentist today after roughly 11 years

    im going to get me some pretty teefs now, took less than a minute to remove a root that had split into 3 parts ive had more pain just wiggling these split roots for years than what i experienced today, any of you chaps that have hit the balding of the head stage have nothing to fear from...
  20. P

    Do others filter the potential time wasters?

    I am sure there are far more time wasters contacting me than a few years ago, or is it just me being grumpier in older age. I think I'm usually good at sussing out the time wasters and I would say that around a third of the people who contact me I don't even arrange to quote them as I believe...
  21. Mick Atkinson

    Getting back into electrical industry after some years away. What next..

    Hi All, I completed my L2 & L3 2330 in electrical installation back in 2007 and have worked out on site for over 18 years, i've spent the last 8 years as a PM but want to broaden my skills and keep all options open by becoming qualified as an electrician and able to install and certify works...
  22. M

    2 years experience, 2365 lvl 3. Where to do nvq3?

    I've finished my level 3 2365 in college and I've been working as electrical improver for 2 years. I want to work on getting my gold card now. I wanted to go with quickstep but they say you suppose to be a practicing electrician for 3 years to go with them. I'm thinking now about xs training but...
  23. Dave Jenkins

    Asked to provide an Electrical Installation Certificate after 2 years as a statement of safety

    Hi all, I've been asked to provide an EIC some two years after the work was completed. I did a cert at the time but the client claimed not to have received it. He now wants a guarantee of electrical safety. OK so no problem getting a copy of the cert. It was a paper version but even so, I did a...
  24. O

    What fuel will your vehicle be using in 5 years....

    OK........... I would seem that the Politicians have made up their minds that: diesel is the fuel of the devil, petrol isn't much better and electric vehicles are the future, not considering that can we charge all 20 million vehicles and how they be charged and there is no real viable...
  25. Jim90

    Sparky of 7 years looking for advice

    Hi Guys, As above after qualifying from a full NVQ apprenticeship in my 20s and 7 years down the line I feel a bit bored in my current job. My past experiences include pretty much everything; domestic, commercial, industrial, controls (HVAC, BMS etc.), cctv, fire alarms, construction...
  26. Spunkywads26

    Hi all. Been out the game for over 15 years. Now coming back!!

    Hi all. New to the forum. I completed my apprenticeship back in 2000 and then left the industry in 2001. I've been to Northumbria Uni for Building Services (BEng) and then worked in my family business as a scaffolder for 15 years. Since my father passed away last year I've lost the love of...
  27. holeydub

    I did the C&G2360 some 15 years odd years ago but annoyingly i didn't get it completed

    Its been quite a few years since i left the industry and now after some good time to think I'm looking to come back. I worked mainly in the commercial/ office fitout sector in London on the tools to begin with then later as a project manager. I have contemplated going back as a pm but as its...
  28. R

    Advice needed please - Becoming an Electrcian

    Evening all, I've joined this forum as i'm in need of some help and i'm struggling to get the specific answers to the situation i'm in. A couple of years ago I finished my city and guilds 2330 level 3 and went on to work for a company that installs quarry prv systems. This didn't really...
  29. G

    Newbie from South Africa

    Hello everyone. Just a heads up, English is not my native language. I rely heavily on the the spellchecker to help me correct my words. So some of the words may not have the meaning that I intended. I am from South Africa, a white male, 44 years old and one of an identical twin (we shared one...
  30. holeydub


    Thought id say hello and maybe get some advise, been away from the industry for a good eight or so years and have decided that it's time I came back (miss it really)... stupidly I didn't finish the 2360 years ago and now it's been replaced I'm having to retake the new 2395 so I can finally get...
  31. Lou

    Ashfield Electrical Services

    Based in Bristol and operating throughout the Midlands and Southern Counties we provide a comprehensive service to our ever growing client base most of which have relied on us to deliver time and time again for many years. The team at Ashfield Electrical Services have over twenty years...
  32. U

    Old regs

    Hi all. Chatting with a friend earlier on and he happened to mention that his house has no RCD protection. Now this is an old house, he has never had any work done on it as far as I am aware of in the last 35 years. he owns the property but originally it was council owned. I am astonished that...
  33. W

    Newly Qualified

    Hello, I am a newly qualified electrician (6 months ago). I did a 4 year apprenticeship. I am really struggling at the moment, I feel like I don't know basic things that I should be expected to know. I did 2 years of my apprenticeship working at a housing association and then moved to finish...
  34. R

    New guy

    Hello, fellow electricians! I need some insight from you guys. My name is Oleg, I am an electrician from Denmark. Had 4 years of school/apprenticeship in electrical firm, and one year in the field after I graduated. I have decent English skills and I am thinking about trying to come work in...
  35. H

    Wish me luck

    After 2.5 years since starting in this game, I'm now on my way down to the office to hand my notice in at the school to go full time for my uncle's firm. I've been two days with him for a few months now, and the time seems right for us both to make the change to full time. That all said though...
  36. I


    Well I thought I had all the tools and gadgets going! I bought a dust and debris eliminator (DADE) this week and I'm really impressed. It's used for catching the dust from drilling downlighters. Probably the simplest tool I own, but definitely one of the best (perhaps after my wire coat...
  37. D

    New Member, Would Appreciate Any Advice

    Hello, new member here looking for any advice, comments, interaction etc. I'm looking to train to eventually become an electrician. I'm 25 years old from Nottingham and attempted to gain an apprenticeship when i left school around 9/10 years ago, but unfortunately the recession hit so struggled...
  38. Pete999


    Following on from Sam's request, I thought I would try one, anyone on the Forum work for DOE/PSA from 1971 until Thatcher decimated the department in the late 80s?
  39. D


    Hi all, I'm Darren been in the electrical game man and boy for 28 years, just like to say hello. very informative forums, keep it up
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