1. S

    Hi, I'm back after 13 years

    Had to set my account up again, but I wasn't expecting to be remembered! This forum was enormously helpful to me when I had my first PV installation done. I've moved and things are very different now, so I am looking for advice please as it seems a minefield out there. I listed myself as a DIY...
  2. S

    Thx to the forum over the years

    Beware a little long. I served an electrical apprenticeship a long time ago, then went back to full time education immediately moving away from mainly domestic electricity work to jobs with greater reward (and interest), and not crawling around filthy lofts. There have been significant advances...
  3. J

    Meter type matching Re: certification years

    I have an electric meter manufactured by GEC which is type C11B2-H I would like to establish how long it can remain in service. The Office for Product Safety & Standards gives the years of service for different meters in their Schedule 4 list but it does not list mine: Schedule 4: UK...
  4. B

    2-3 years to be a qualified Electrician?

    I've seen you can qualify as an electrician in around 2-3 years. But my local college says I have to do 2x level 2 city and guilds, plus a level 3 then an NVQ. So wouldn't that be around 4 years? I feel like I am wasting my time doing a foundation level 2 in electrical installation, is there...
  5. LandlordSafetyCertificat

    I Need Work New to this forum and with more than 10 years experience

    Hello everyone, We are new to this forum and providing our electrical services in London and M25 area for last 10 years. Looking to get more clientele. Thanks LSC
  6. M

    Anxiety about DIY 220V outlet I installed 14 years ago

    I live in ranch style home, basement and main floor. 14 years ago when I was young dumb new home owner strapped for cash I installed my own 220 outlet for the oven. I used overkill wire size (cant recall size but its more than I needed) and a 40 amp breaker. The wire comes out the fuse box...
  7. J

    I’ve been put on the ELA course instead of the City and Guilds?

    I’ve been in my apprenticeship for around 1.5 years now doing electrical engineering, I’ve been put on the ELA course instead of the City and Guilds. Few of the lads at work said I’ve been stitched up because no other companies will accept ELA, just wondering what’s the difference and am I...
  8. C

    Best Place to sell 2nd electrical products collected over years of over orders on commerical jobs. Most have never been used.

    Hi guys, A friend of mine who used to be an electrician until very recently has boxes and boxes full of commerical installation parts from all kinds of different electrical installation jobs he's in the the past few years Lights and all the various controls and switches that go with them. Alarm...
  9. H

    Why is a PMDC motor getting hard, when on load after 10 years of service?

    Why is a PMDC motor getting hard, when on load after 10 years of service?
  10. Simon-0116

    Theatre testing 3 years

    Hi testing a theatre. Took over job 4 years ago as test certs had run out. Did a full test every circuit in first year and now test 1/3 of all db plus all sub mains each year. Regs state 1 yr visual inspection and a test every 3 years. Due to corona they are looking if can do less testing...
  11. S

    Been a subby for a company for nearly 10 years and been asked to do this

    Been asked to now use a tracker on my own van while working for them. Feel this is totally unnecessary as it’s my own van and I’m self employed. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  12. M

    UK Hello, I am very interested in becoming an electrician, 22 years old, TradeSkills4U 2365 L2 and L3.

    Hello there. I am 22 and would like to become an electrician. While searching online, I found the TradeSkills4U L2&L3 2365 qualification, worth £7490. I know it will NOT make me a qualified electrician, but I am of the understanding that I need that qualification to get me through the door. Can...
  13. C

    Fast track electrician qualification for someone with a Masters in electronic & electrical engineering and 12 years experience

    I hope everyone is well. I know fast track courses are frowned upon but it would be great to have people's constructive thoughts/recommendations on a fast track electricians course for someone who has a masters in Electronic and electrical engineering and 12 years electronic design experience...
  14. P

    Competent Persons Scheme and which is best.

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and as an electrician of 41 years circumstances are seeing me head in a different direction as far as work is concerned. Here is a list of questions (Sorry) Do you need test and inspect qualifications for competent persons scheme, although I have experience. My...
  15. N

    A bit of advice (12 years since doing level 2 course)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe? I'm after a bit of advice. I carried out my level 1 and then Level 2 qualifications and passed 12 years ago now!! Unfortunately (And my biggest regret) is that I took a job on and never finished my level 3. I would love to gain a full...
  16. D

    I am a qualified electrician working in Scotland. 27 years old, how easy is it to come to Australia and start working as an electrician?

    Hi there my name is david. I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Up to date and got my 18th edition regulations qualification also. I work in domestic. Done house bashing 1st fix and 2nd fix for years and now mainly do contracts new kitchens. bathrooms and maintenance. How easy is it...
  17. D

    new cooker 5 years ago still in packaging

    5yr old cooker brand new still in packaging, been sat in the kitchen. Will it be safe to connect and use it now?
  18. P

    I am an electrician who is on the CIS scheme. I’ve been working for the same company for 20 years but am still classed as self employed.

    I’m part of the CIS scheme. Like many builders we are employed by everything but name (we are self employed). I’ve been working for the same company for over 20 years ( a very good company), they deduct tax from me at source. Today they took the very understandable decision to suspend all work...
  19. M

    236-1 and 3

    I achieved my 236-1 and 2 between the years 1992 and 1997. I have just received my AM2 certificate. I have been working as an electrician for over twenty years. Can I now apply for a jib card with what I’ve got or will I need to do an nvq3. thanks in advance.
  20. B

    Getting back into the game after over 10 years out

    Early Next year I will be taking my 18th edition course to get me up to date but am I allowed to trade before then (self employed) as I am only skilled to 16th edition. I understand all work will need to be to 18th standard which isn't an issue. I'm based in Scotland if that makes any...


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