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  1. H

    Looking for connectors identifier by car brand

    Hi, I am growing into this hobby of fixing salvage cars (because why not) and I need help with finding the correct electrical connector/terminals. Is there a database that contains the connector/terminal types in each car? Something you can search through brand and model? Many thanks.
  2. D

    new cooker 5 years ago still in packaging

    5yr old cooker brand new still in packaging, been sat in the kitchen. Will it be safe to connect and use it now?
  3. S

    UK Alarm

    Hi all, I’ve just wired an alarm system for my house but don’t have a clue which alarm system to fit in terms of brand. Need some recommendations please?
  4. NDG Elecs

    Sylvania... The brand...

    I have always regarded them as a decent brand..no particular reason as to why though, I just have.. but had a few issues with their LED Syl-circle lights failing after around 10% usage of what they proclaimed to last. And just the other day I noticed that two LED GU10s at my place that are...
  5. J

    Items for sale; Never been used, BRAND NEW items for sale

    If this is posted in the wrong location, please remove. I am listing some items for sale that I have laying around. Everything listed below is brand new in box, unopened and unused. I am offering these items at fairly low prices (within reason) because I have so much I need to get rid of. I do...
  6. B

    What's the best socket and switch brand ..

    Hello fellow sparks .... Recently I've been using my local Screwfix for switches and sockets and as of late I've been noticing a serious lack of quality .. I'd rather pay a better price and have a quality product and finish on the jobs .. does anyone have a recommendation for brand and supplier...
  7. R

    What brand of smoke detector is this?

    Does anyone knows what brand of smoke detector is this? Does it includes hidden camera feature?
  8. GBDamo

    Once quality brand on the wane?

    Three MK 45A pull cords all failing to make on live. Fitted the first, no live at the shower. No continuity across the switch when on, Neutral making fine. Second and third tested on the counter at screwfix, one failed on live the other on both live and neutral. Fourth one was dropped by the...
  9. littlespark

    Brand new product.... taking orders

    My friends and customers own the first micro pub in Scotland... and have created a few of their own flavours of gin. Just in time for Burns night.....
  10. Aaronj46

    Name the brand of grid module.....

    Had a call to say the hob socket isn't powering up and the customer has said a lamp wont work in the socket and as the fridge works I'm going to punt at buying a grid switch before I go, if only I knew the brand? I thought mem spectra but they are straight ant etching is different on the ones...
  11. S

    Best LED downlights? Favourite brand for ease of fitting / quality and longevity of unit

    Hi all, just wondered what people's go to LED downlights are. I've worked for a couple of companies and both seemed to have cheap and cheerful as a preference- just replacing as required if they stopped working. What would u fit if u were to fit them for yourself? Preferably changeable with...
  12. A

    Looking for 200W LED Floodlight brand recommendations

    I'm looking for any recommendations (or avoids!) for 200W LED floodlights. The application is to illuminate a small field (roughly 30% smaller than a soccer pitch) for canine agility at an animal rescue shelter . The installation will be a donation with a small contribution from supporter...
  13. J


    Hi guys Had a touch on a recent install wholesalers cocked up and I’m now in possession of a brand new silk boxed SCHENIDER 315a switch fuse and an extension box to suit also shneider free delivery or collection southampton looking for £1300 the trade price is just shy of 2k so a steal
  14. A

    Name that brand! Grid switch modules.

    Good evening, I have a client who needs a broken switch module changing on a grid switch controlling his kitchen appliances. Could someone tell me the brand from the picture below please. Don’t want to make two trips there if I can avoid it. I’ve had a look online but can’t find anything that...
  15. M

    Which brand of consumer unit is it?

    Hi all, I tidied up a DB today and it needs a new lid. The only markings anywhere was a symbol which looked like an oval and a triangle superimposed on each other. Can anyone identify the brand? Thanks
  16. P

    Anyone Recommend A Good Brand Of Saber Saw Blade?

    Just wondering if anybody has any recommendation for metal blades for a Bosch cordless 12V saw? I know Bosch drill bits are very good so was wondering whether to go with their blades or is there anything better...They will be primarily be used for cutting copper water pipe and maybe 1" steel...
  17. D

    Smoke detector brand ID

    Does anyone know which brand of smoke detector this is? Cheers
  18. A

    Name that brand! Double socket

    hello all, I am replacing a faulty socket on a job tomorrow. The client has sent me a photo of the offending article and was wondering if any one could name the brand. I’m sure I have fitted them before as I recognise the rounded corners on the switches but can’t for the life of me remember...
  19. J

    Brushed Steel Screwless plate - which Brand?

    I have to install roughly 150 points at a large property. The client is style conscious and wants to install Brushed Steel / Chrome / Nickel Flat plate sockets and switches. Is BG Nexus a good and sturdy brand? Not shoddy quality like LAP which keep falling off / failing. Mainly worked with MK...
  20. A

    Brand new to the Forums and need advice

    Hi Everyone I figured I needed to join a forum to ask for advice and learn from it. I have no formal experience as an electrician, but attempt to understand things when needed. I am actually a Sculptor by trade and an Artist. I am a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen and we have to...
  21. Dannyg8810

    For Sale Recessed fused desk sockets brand new

    x5 recessed desk sockets and leads all brand new These are approx £80 for the socket unit and £10 for the lead you need for them Need the space back so will sell cheap Any offers?
  22. EMMEC

    brand new non used 20/25mm conduit bender

    for sale bender as at link EL25 Steel Conduit Bender 20-25mm -...
  23. Andy-1960

    Socket outlets with built in USB

    Not a great fan of these for the reasons mentioned in the video, but what this guy highlights regarding the earth is more than a bit worrying. The video goes on a bit but just a warning that these things are on the market!
  24. T


    I have a number of items for sale:- Full roll FP200 (2 core & earth), 1 x used but complete SOLO Fire alarm testing kit, various other bits of SOLO fire alarm testing kits, 1 x brand new in box Solo gimble and 1 x brand new in box SOLO Smoke detector tester. OFFERS PLEASE. please inbox for...
  25. S

    Kit for sale - sensible offers please.

    We've unearthed a few boxes of roof hooks, fixings and some limpits - we need to make some room in the warehouse and not planning on doing any installations in the near future so if anyone can make use of them then make me a (sensible) offer. Pick up in Sheffield or can arrange delivery for a...
  26. T

    Mature trainee first quality DMM

    Hi all, I'm on a career change and i'm building my kit up as i go through my quals. I am after my first good quality Multi Meter and i've come across the Fluke 177 & 323 combo kit on Ebay. The kit is brand new and he will accept £200. Is this a good price? Furthermore, is this good quality kit...
  27. ses

    For sale

    Brand new dewalt 10.8v torch in box (body only) DCL510N £20 plus postage or collection from west london Brand new set of wera kraftform screwdrivers 6 drivers and 1 mains tester screwdriver I have two sets of these £12 each plus postage or collection Unused as new Bosch 3.6v screwdriver in...
  28. D

    Commercial Can you identify this trunking?

    Making some additions to this 50x100 trunking fitted in an office in August 2008. What brand is it so I can get new bits to fit? More pics: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4b15PxUx4zffmJqbHZMMHduTjB0dnNwTzRfeXFnQmx5Y2lwTmhVN2piN2dMN2daTHo4NXc&usp=sharing
  29. O

    Clipsal RCBO

    Hi all, I need a 32A 30ma rcbo to fit a Clipsal board originally purchased from Wickes. I can't find a Clipsal type anywhere so does anyone know of a compatible brand that will fit? Thanks in advance.
  30. J

    Fluke 1654B - Brand new

    Hey folks, I have a Fluke 1654B for sale. It is brand new, unused, with all the leads still in the original , sealed packaging. I am looking for £300 for it, that's inc. postage so it's a good deal. PM me for details and pics!
  31. N

    Switches Brands

    I'm currently in the process of a house refurb and next on my to-do list is light switches and wall sockets. I've narrowed it down to two brands which are MK & Crabtree and Screwfix stock both at reasonable prices. Which brand shall I go for? - Nathan
  32. D

    Steel trunking

    Hi guys Been asked to perform some remedial works on site....lot of which is Missing 100mm galvanised trunking lids missing. Can they be bought alone ? ( as i cant find them ) or will the whole trunking section needs to be replaced ? does anybody have any better ideas ? ta
  33. Spoon

    Which HD LED TV

    Hi people. I have finally decided that its time to move away from my CRT TV to a HD LED TV. I don't want (or can afford) something flash. Just a decent TV that is 36" to 40" and cost about £350. Not bothered about a 'smart' TV either. Do any of you have any advice, comments or...
  34. B

    Circutor power analyzer AR5-L-all leads, software, bag etc free motor tester!

    Hi all, I have a brand new circutor ar5-l power analyzer for sale I have all leads, software, carry bag, charger and all the bits that come with it. link to spec here-http://www.circutor.com/docs/ft_m8_gb-ar5-l.pdf I will also throw in a power boss solo motor tester and a light lux meter! It...
  35. gazzamikes

    Lots of items for sale!

    Set of wolf race 5 stud alloy wheels, as brand new! Less than 1000miles selling due to changing vehicle fits vauxhall vw ford possibly more! £200 Ono need them out the way IPhone 4S 64gb white on we tmobile orange virgin. Good condition in box with accessories including a clip on extra battery...
  36. E

    Mk sentry rcbos

    for sale i have x4 6a mk sentry rcbo's. theyre all brand new, one of the boxes got ruined so theres only 3 boxes but they are brand new. £20 each. thanks!
  37. M

    Identify this board?

    Hi Does anyone recognise this? (Poor shot by surveyor) What MCBs would fit?
  38. O

    Domestic Toolstation Sockets?

    Asked by the folks to add some double sockets to what will be a guest room and replace the existing sockets so they match. Not really fussed about looks as the room will be rarely used and at most a couple of lamps and a radio might be plugged in, along with the usual vacuum cleaner usage etc...
  39. C

    Sunny Beam wireless piggyback for sale

    I have a SMA wireless piggy back part number BEAMPB NR I ordered it in error, and just want to get rid of it. If anyone has need of it please PM me and make me a sensible offer. It is brand new boxed. Cheers
  40. B

    Domestic Rcd, small puff of smoke and then won't test trip.

    Hello fella's, here's one for you. First post from me and I'd like to know any ideas. I went to a job today where the guy has had a new M2 board installed. Guy previously fitted m2 rcbo (6a) to a lighting circuit (no problem), 1mm live and neutral and earth going off to circuit (no problem)...
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