1. Megawatt

    The big difference in the electric terminology and installation regulations and practice in each country!

    I’m from the US and I’m just trying to learn how UK does things and the terminology of what I call something verses what y’all call materials. I read some of this and I mostly don’t know what being said and I’ve been doing this for 32 years
  2. G

    Australia skills assessment

    Hi guys I’m doing my Australia skills assessment end of this month to hopefully obtain a visa at the end of it. Was wondering if anyone has recently done it or can offer any tips or advice for it?
  3. S

    Help EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 is recognised in Australia?

    Hello! How can I know if an EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 is recognised in Australia ? Anyone can help me please? Thanks a lot!
  4. S

    EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 recognised in Australia

    Hello! How can I know if an EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 is recognised in Australia ? Anyone can help me please? Thanks a lot!
  5. C

    Australia the land of milk & honey

    Hello guys has anyone been and worked in Australia, i only ask this because i am part of Londons younger generation who can buy a box room of a flat for 300K, if your not a property owner your done for basically. i only ask because i earn 50k and I find the London property market to be a scary...
  6. M

    New Member Looking To Emigrate

    Hi guys, long time reader on the forums but never a member until now. Hoping there might be a few people here that can help me out. I'm a 4th year apprentice in Scotland about to resit the section I failed on my test at the end of the month. All going well and I pass this time, I was looking to...
  7. Gaz92552

    Returning to the UK

    Hi, I've been living in Australia for the past 5 years and have decided to return. I have 5 years experience in the uk before I come out here and have 2330 lvl 2 & 3, 2391,17th and NICEIC PV (expired after 5 years). Just want to know what's changed in the last 5 years? I notice a lot of talk...
  8. C

    Skills Assesment Australia

    I am in the early stages of applying for my permanent residence visa for Australia, for this I have to get my skills assesed at the Downunder Centre in London. Has anybody been through this company and have the same assessment, if so any heads up and what sort of things are likely to come up. I...
  9. P

    Megger 1730 - Buy or not in 2016

    I am after some advice from anyone who has used the megger 1730 in 2016. I am close to buying one and shipping it to Australia. I have read bad reviews about the older software it used now it seems to have better reviews.would I be making a mistake in buying one and shipping it to Australia?
  10. D

    English sparky living in Australia returning home-few questions!

    Hope this lands in the right forum, this is my first post! So just have a few questions about what's going on in the industry in the UK right now. I'm in my late 20s and a 17th ed qualified spark completed through an apprenticeship. I also hold NVQ level 3. 3 years ago I left for Australia...
  11. A

    Work in New Zealand and Austrlia

    Ok i have been looking into getting work in one of the 2 places, can the uk electrcians just work out there on a visa or do we have to apply for the ewrb licence, if so how do we go around applying for the tempory permit to work? Does anyone have templates regarding forms they have compleated...
  12. M

    australian electrical assessment

    Iv got an assessme t coming up and need a few bits clearing up.. firstly. My knowledge on motors and control circuits are pretty slim as i dont often get the chance to fault find and work in this environment.. In an upcoming assessment i have to install a DOL starter to an induction motor...
  13. KennyKen

    CompEX or EEHA Hazardous area's Training

    Hi Guys been working in the Mines - Australia. Completed Hazardous areas training. Just wanted to let all industrial or commercial sparks who will jump up a notch that I have eventually found the field that I'm satisfied with. Prospective sparkles who are thinking of doing the move to AUS should...
  14. H

    Gday from Australia

    Hi, emigrated to OZ 15yrs ago was a JIB sparky in uk before that for 17yrs. We are heading back to uk next year around the Salisbury area and wanted to know how the work situation was like.? plenty going on or quiet? Got the usual experiance, domestic commercial and a few years mining. Over here...
  15. ian.settle1

    Australian GP

    Hamilton on pole from Rosberg by 1/2 second some going that, hope he doesn't have the same problem as last year.
  16. uksparks

    Australian Plugs

    Hi, I had a nice little job of cutting 20 Australian plugs off appliances etc the other day and replacing with uk plugs... It occurred to me though, none of them had fuses?.. I have no idea how it works down under and just wondered if someone would kindly tell me why the appliances are not fused.
  17. D

    Electrician looking to move to Australia.

    Hi, looking into my future within the electrical sector within England and looks very limited. Ive got all my qualification for England to be an electrician and also have my 2391 testing too. Just wanting more details about going and working within Australia. Need more advice on the process and...
  18. O

    First Class Australian work

    For a good laugh,go to Renovate forums,just google it,drill down to electrical find crap electrical,400amp fuses blowing well lets replace them with slabs of aluminum,it's all there.
  19. Ian Holdham

    Pay structure in Australia for General Electricians

    Hi all, I am a qualified Electrician in the UK with over 10yrs experience, I'm currently investigating the possibility of a move to Perth, I have family already living there which is a plus for visas etc. There are plenty of jobs being advertised for A qualified electricians which show there pay...
  20. D

    Work in Australia

    Does anyone know of any work going in Australia? I have been over for 8 months and came home to the UK, now I really want to move permanently, so was wondering if anyone knew of any companies that sponsor UK electricians to move over? Or if any of you have any contacts over there that you...

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