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self employed

  1. K

    UK Self employed electrical improver

    Hi all, I recently qualified myself to City & Guilds Level 2 & 3, done 18th edition and found myself a job on site as a subcontractor. I’m told to invoice the business owner directly, and I’m self employed (registering with CIS tomorrow) but I need a better understanding of the tax as I always...
  2. S

    Becoming self employed

    hi there, i am new to this forum and any help would be appreciated. I have been a fully qualified electrician for nearly two years. I completed an apprenticeship with laing o'rourke and i have just passed the 2391 test and inspection course making me an approved electrician. I am looking to...
  3. T

    Transitioning to working for yourself

    I’m 23 and for the past year or so I’ve had a steady flow of my own work come in, 2/3 days a week (some stuff I’ve had to get someone else to do as I don’t have time) I want to solely do my own stuff but the transition seems awkward. I sub full time to other companies at whatever long term...
  4. J

    Going self employed

    Sorry for long post in advance After some honest advice about making the leap from being an employee to being my own boss, Been working as a spark for nearly 12 years and feel I've amassed a decent amount of experience and knowledge to have a crack myself, I've always worked for companies from...
  5. nicnic66

    18th Edition course prices, self employed only please.

    Just wondered what sort of prices people were paying for the full course? Seen varying costs advertised. TIA
  6. E

    Could anyone self employed help

    Hello, does anyone possibly have a “terms and conditions” for electrical works template i could use? To stick along side with quotations etc? Tia
  7. Gakure

    Starting to become self employed (own)

    Many in the forum are self employed with own companies. If given opportunity or you were to start again from square 1, which plan route/step will you take when setting up? I.e Qualified and you have bags of experience in many past years while employed, have hands tools but no power and MFT Open...
  8. redzero

    Self employed domestic sparks in West Sussex

    First post to say hello. My background is a traditional 4 year apprenticeship in industry 1979-1983, gradually moving off the tools and into management. Jobs with several brand name companies, followed by a jump into self employment as a domestic electrician when Part P came in, in 2005. I...
  9. I

    Entering the world of self employment

    Evening all After nearly 2 decades of living the easy life working as an electrical maintenance engineer, I'm stepping out into the big wide world of self employment. I was wondering if any of you lovely lot could offer some advice on a few things. I've done a load of reading on the Internet but...
  10. littlespark

    Self employed through C.I.S? Any benefits?

    As some of you guys and gals might know, I have been self employed for a couple of years now. I send my books to my accountant who files it with HMRC. I've been approached by a company who will be working on a local hotel in the near future and I was wondering if it was going to be worth my...
  11. G

    Industrial Self employed Electricians looking for work.

    We are looking for Industrial and commercial works. JIB Gold card Electricians with 18TH Editon, SSSTS, IPAF, PASMA, FIRST AID also own transport and tools. Any one who needs any extra labour please message me. Cheers.
  12. M

    Just gone self employed...

    Hi all, been on my own for about 5 months now and working all around the M25 area, based in Berkshire. Joined up as there is a well of knowledge here and every now then I have a few questions!
  13. G

    Self employed electrician looking for work

    Hi , I’m a self employed installation electrician currently coming to the end of a job and starting to look for work , I have my own large van and willing to travel also work away from home , my own tools and have been running commercial jobs for the last 15 years for various different...
  14. C

    Thinking of self employed

    Hi all, Been reading quite a lot of threads around here and I hope to pick your brains with some thoughts I have been having. I am a time served Electrical Engineer with 8 years experience working mainly industrial (installation/maintenance/testing/fault finding). I have done small amount of...
  15. C

    Electrician Self Employed Qualified Electricians Required Commercial Job Gatwick

    Temporary 2-3 months work on a large commercial job near Gatwick immediate start available. Likely to be longer term for the right person/persons. Must be fully qualified with valid ECS and commercial experience. We are based in Ashford Kent but work generally in and around London. For more...
  16. C

    Full time work and self employed on side, tax?

    Hi, I currently work full time for a housing association but i am looking to sign up with Napit separately so i am able to sign off the jobs i do for myself outside the 40 hours. Ive got quotes for public liability and an install for Napit to inspect but i was wondering on the tax situation...
  17. C

    Just the beginning.......

    Hi all! Just joined in here, I've been time served as a maintenance electrician for 8 years with my background mostly in industrial/commercial equipment. Started to get the itch that I would like to be my own boss and so hoping to start self employed at some point in the future, working shifts...
  18. T

    New to forum. Need some advice

    Hi fellow tradesmen I'm an electrician time served 10 +years. Done majority of electrical work. I now work at a container port in the south. I want to do a bit of pastime work on my days off. I have no previous jobs to show and If i did I couldn't test as this is for the local authority to do...
  19. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Going Self Employed NICEIC

    I have recently qualified and plan on going self employed in the near future. if i wanted to sign off my own work am i able to register with NICEIC without having my inspection and testing cert or does this not apply as i will have covered it in my apprenticeship? and be able to certify my works...
  20. happyhippydad

    Do you have Personal accident cover? Just for those self employed.

    Afternoon all... Just reading through Professional Electrician and got to the article about the self employed chap with the broken wrist. This poll is just for those self employed as if you're employed you can probably get sick pay. I'm considering getting this insurance and wondered how many...
  21. S

    Self employed electricians mate

    I’m currently training to be a spark. I’ve got my level 3 C & G quals. I’m currently working as a mate to gain experience and earn a bit, but I’m getting stung by being paid by a payroll firm. Between having to pay my NI and tax and their NI and fees, I’m loosing nearly 150 a week. Does anyone...
  22. MDJ

    For a new self employed Person

    If your within 20-25 miles of Gloucester and starting up, let me know, I have a bender, cable jacks, hundreds of bits of kit all types etc in my shed which was in my store before I shut my company down. I would suggest if you are and interested you PM me and we could meet and maybe I could sell...
  23. littlespark

    Self employed spark wanting to broaden his skills...

    I'm looking to further my knowledge in CCTV, alarms and door entry systems. I am already working as a self employed electrician but would like to specialise in the electronic security fields. I've installed systems in the past, but what do I need to be 'certified' ie which courses should I take...
  24. J

    Going Self-Employed on sites.

    Hello folks, I'm currently working with an agency but just as PAYE. I'm waiting on my UTR number to register for CIS. Just have a few queries to clear up. I've been told by the lads on-site that I'm not employed by the agency but by the payroll company I use, so would I need to tell the...
  25. B

    Finishing my Portfolio self employed subby

    Can I finish my portfolio as self employed as long as I have a qualified person to sign my witness testimony?
  26. B

    Going self employed, with level 3 portfolio to complete

    Hi guys, I've just finished my college course, with my portfolio to start/complete. So could I work for another firm as an improver or self employed subby, and finish my portfolio? Due to a change in circumstances I need to be in a job earning more money but I want to finish my apprenticeship...
  27. Loki

    Anyone using Quick books self employed

    Hi, Anyone using Quick Books Self Employed? if so i was just wondering what your thoughts were? Is if user friendly? Do you use the invoice part? Or is it too basic? Is the end of year self assessment any good? Etc What other software's options would you recommend if not this? Thanks...
  28. FISH

    Self employed or not ?

    Hi, I've recently been made redundant. Im looking into either going self employed or starting up on my own. I've been told to go as a sole trader rather than ltd company. Does anyone have any advice ? Im not sure of pay rates etc. Hope you can help Paul.
  29. Apeglar

    New member looking to upskill from self employed electrician to work in a larger firm.

    Hi All I am an self employed electrician for the past 12 years and I am now looking to upskill and get involved in facility management. I have just booked on a city and guilds 2396 course and I am hoping to progress to a degree once completed as this seems to be basic entry level for this type...
  30. A

    Afternoon All

    Afternoon all, Hope everyone is well I am currently in the transition of leaving the navy which I have been a leading electrical weapons engineer for the past 8 years. Will be commencing the domestic electrician full scope course this will cover C&G 2393 2382 2394 and also JIB ECS health and...
  31. GL4Spark

    Calling all self employed! Wholesaler related

    Evening you lot Just wondering what the current idea is with different wholesalers- who's expensive, who's got the stock etc. Been subbing to a company for a while now who use CEF but their prices seem very steep... although I understand it depends how much you're buying from them? Also how...
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