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  1. Old Time spark

    No Luck with Electricians in Scotland

    Can I ask for some feedback and advice from the professionals on the points below? Refurbishing two cottages into one, I had engaged an electrical firm to carry out the installation, but following very poor work and practice as recommended here I stopped the work and engaged another electrician...
  2. J

    Which course to refresh for 16th Edition City and Guilds 236 parts i and ii

    I originally passed my City and Guilds 236 Electrical Installations parts i and ii courses, along with working 4 years for an NICEIC registered company back in 1994. In 2000 I started to work in the Fire and Security Industry, and since 2013 I have been in Rail and Telecoms, as a design /systems...
  3. M

    Newbie course nvqlvl2 or city and guilds??

    Hi everyone, I'm looking in to start of domestic electrician course, i have rang up few places including college and came across courses with cuity and guilds and separetly nvq lvl 2 . Wich one is the one to go for? Im in full employement (self employed hgv) and need to be at work to cope with...
  4. G

    City and guilds unit 308 electrical and electronic engineering sample paper

    Hello. I have an exam coming up shortly. Would anyone have a sample paper. It's the electrical and electronic diploma, unit 308. It's a written exam The course id is 2850-30 I can't seem to find any examples anywhere Thank you very much
  5. T

    Trainee Looking for City and Guilds courses being run in the North East

    Hello, My name is Tom, this is my first post on here. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and I am looking to begin my training for the C&G 2365 level 2 and 3. I work in the mobile telecoms sector but it is dead at the moment. The only available posts are for Electrician/commissioners. I am a very...
  6. R

    Want to get back into the trade after 25 yrs out

    Hi all. I completed an apprenticeship via the CITB way back in 1992 (C&G 236 part 1&2 + JIB AM1), I think it was the 16th writing regs at the time. My employer at the time apparently “liked” me a lot and decided to have me managing/supervise the contracts/jobs instead of being on the tools...
  7. M

    City and guilds 2339-17 help

    Morning. I am currently in the process of doing my city and guilds 2339-17 and was wounded if anyone had past papers or revision notes etc. Thanks
  8. C

    city and guilds level 2 2365 book

    A friend has joined the same course i am starting on thursday but has just been emailed to say his c and g book order has been cancelled due to no stock. Is there anywhere he can order it from with next day delivery,had a quick search but cant find any.
  9. Sparksaflyin

    City and guilds are useless!

    Does anyone know how to go about complaining to city and guilds? Anyone had terrible service from them like myself??
  10. James bishop

    302 written exam on the city and guilds 2365

    Took my Lvl 3 electrical installation, 302 science exam paper A and failed it. I get a resit and it's going to be on Paper B. Does anyone have any info on what type of questions to expect on the 302 written exam please? many thanks
  11. M

    Assignment help - City and guilds

    Hello, could someone guide me with a task on my assignment. I will upload photo of my work and the question. It is D which I am stuck with. I do not understand what is meant by show how it is arranged.
  12. M

    City and guilds assignment HELP

    Hello, Please could someone help me with an assignment. It is due for submission in 13 days. Would really appreciate if someone could take the time to assist. I will attach image of the first task on the assignment. Thank you
  13. AyresomeBoro

    City and Guilds Design, Erection and Verification (2396)

    Looking to do this course in the new year. Absolutely no-where in the North East delivers the course so looks like I'll have to take a week off work and stay over somewhere that does! Can anyone recommend a decent place to attend? The closer to the North East the better as I assume I will need...
  14. Dark horse Pete

    Bpec or city and guilds, which is best??

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site and I'm just about to set off on doing an intensive course with a training academy. I'm 37, just been made redundant and I've decided to go in a new direction after working in the automotive industry for 15 years. I know there are a lot of you that are against...
  15. P

    2365 level 2&3 complete need to find experience to start portfolio. Based in West Sussex

    Hi, I have recently finished the 2365 course level 3 and have also passed ecs exam to get the card. I am looking for work to gain experience, based in West Sussex and willing to travel Not sure what card I can get? Phil
  16. G

    Domestic City and Guilds 2365 advise needed please

    Hello Does anyone know whether the city and guilds 2365 course is worth doing for someone who has no electrician experience and wants to start a new career as an electrician. It's just that a friend of mine is a london black cab driver, hate it with a passion and now that the money is...
  17. R

    city and guilds 2394/2395

    This is just a warning to all electrician's wanting to do this course or potential Domestic Installers. I am currently doing the above courses with Access Training Academy in Cardiff, of which i have to say the tutors are excellent. However this course is unbelievable with this company, firstly...
  18. W

    City and guilds 2360 part 1

    Hi do any of you remember how many units there were on the 2360 part 1 course in around 1995/6 and what each unit was called? Long shot I know but any help would be great thanks
  19. J

    Starting city and guilds level 2 and 3 soon

    Hi I am starting my level 2 and 3 c&g course on the 15th of February which i have worked 7 days a week and paid alot of money for but I have no experience in electrics I am hoping someone can help me with this if they have any weekend work going nights or days in Kent or London area I live in...
  20. A

    Xs training, city and guilds 2356 nvq level 3, adrian philip,

    I Adrian Philip recently passed my nvq level 3, I would like to thank my assessors, Stuart and David, at XS TRAINING, for all there help through on-line messaging and phone calls, whenever I came across any difficult moments, I can't thank the guys at xs training enough, and i would recommend xs...