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  1. N

    Advice for beginning Level 2

    Hi All, I am currently in the process of enrolling in a part time evening course to complete level 2 over the course of a year and just have some questions around this if you wouldn't mind answering. 1) What can i do to boost my experience during this period? - My current employer has...
  2. R

    Finished my Level 2 2365 Course

    So I have finished my Level 2 2365 course today and I am starting the Level 3 in February. I’ve throughly enjoyed my course. I came out with a Distinction. I am still looking for employment as a mate and just need all my certificates to send off for my ECS Card.
  3. H

    First step to becoming electrician

    Hi there everyone, first of all I would like to say what a good and helpful website this is, I’m Huseyin, I would like to know what do I need to do to become a electrician, for example to start work immediately ?(construction site or firm). So far Iv looked at ableskills level 2 and level 3...
  4. Jay 1987

    Currently studying level 2 dip elec anybody in wales that can help with work experience ?

    Hey guys New to this forum. Is there anybody in wales or surrounding areas willing to show me some basics? I’m studying my level 2 dip and would really appreciate a veteran to show me a rookie the ropes ?
  5. P

    New to the Trade, level 2 + 3 C & G 2365 + 18th Edition.

    Hi all, I need some advice on my next move. I took the opportunity to train towards becoming an Electrician and have so far got my City & Guilds 2365 level 2 + 3 and my 18th Edition. I have been looking at improver and mates jobs but they still seem to want experience. What is the best way to...
  6. C

    city and guilds level 2 2365 book

    A friend has joined the same course i am starting on thursday but has just been emailed to say his c and g book order has been cancelled due to no stock. Is there anywhere he can order it from with next day delivery,had a quick search but cant find any.
  7. R

    Advice on Level 2 2365 exam preparation

    Hello, So this year I decided to enrol in a Level 2 Electrical Course. The course is going well, some bits I am struggling with, but I think that is part of the learning process. As with anything, it's a bit daunting. Would anyone be able to give me some advice on exam preparation? I think its...
  8. M

    Level 2 2365. How long did it take to recieve your cert.

    Has anybody completed level 2 2365 as I have been waiting 8 weeks and still no sign of it. I have emailed c&g but they wonte tell me anything and my training provider hasen't heard anything I am doing level 3 at the moment but I have been trying to find work but I get told to let them know when...
  9. G

    Can I start an electrical company with only Level 2?

    Hi, I have experience as a sparks, and wanted to head it out on my own as self-employed whilst I undertake my level 3 on home study. What would be the deal on signing off work etc & could I undertake work? Many thanks, Gareth
  10. KeenPensioner

    C&G Level 2 Diploma Query

    How sad am I! Here in Scotland on New Year's eve I'm wading my way through the theory of "Testing Continuity of Protective Conductors" - Method 2 (Long Lead) from the C&G Level 2 Textbook on page 384. The question is: "The resistance of a long lead is measured at 0.89 ohms. The low-resistance...
  11. S

    Completed level 2 & 3 2365 now need NVQ 3

    Hi All, I've now completed level 2 and 3 2365 as a distance learner. Im now looking for a NVQ level 3 distance/online course, Im from the north east does anyone have any recommendations on a course please Thanks Stephen
  12. B

    Advice needed after finishing EAL level 2...

    Hi all, first post on here.. Howdy! I've been signed up for a month, but I'm looking for some advice from you guys. I've just finished my EAL level 2 diploma in Electrical installation. I've been doing this part time in the evenings over the past year. I've got my 17th edition and I've...
  13. J

    Resistance Level 2 - HELP NEEDED!!

    hey, I am currently completing City & Guilds level 2 and stumbled across the below questions and scratching my head... 1. Electric Fire element has a length of 10m, a cross section area of 0.5mm2 and resistance of 50 ohms - calculate resistivity of material used. Thanks
  14. P

    New to electrics, starting Level 2 in May

    Hello All, at the tender age of 33, I decided I would like a change of careers. So I quit my job and in May I start a four month full time training period at able skills. This will include Level 2 and 3 C&G and 17th Wiring regs and PAT course. I will then eventually complete 2394 and 2395 at...
  15. T

    Weekend courses

    Hi does anyone know of a college or reputable organisation that does training for level 2 2365 in or around Essex.many thanks