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level 2

  1. N

    A bit of advice (12 years since doing level 2 course)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe? I'm after a bit of advice. I carried out my level 1 and then Level 2 qualifications and passed 12 years ago now!! Unfortunately (And my biggest regret) is that I took a job on and never finished my level 3. I would love to gain a full...
  2. N

    UK How useful is a level 2 in electrical installations going to be in my situation?

    So I've been wanting to enter the electrical trade for quite some time, I'll try and keep my query as brief and as straightforward as possible : I'm 32 years old with no formal electrical qualifications, or industry experience. I'm essentially from an academic background, I've previously been...
  3. J

    Help with electrical work experience in Tyne and Wear.

    Coming to the end of a level 2 2365 course, starting the level 3 in September and like many others, I'm looking for work experience in Tyne and Wear. So if you can put up with a volunteer for while give me a shout. I have own transport and own basic tools. Source URL: The Welcome Forum -...
  4. T

    Tips/Material on passing 2365 202&203

    Got my test coming up next week on the science and regulations of LVL2 2365. Was wondering if anyone has revision tips or any resources good for these? Thanks
  5. N

    Advice for beginning Level 2

    Hi All, I am currently in the process of enrolling in a part time evening course to complete level 2 over the course of a year and just have some questions around this if you wouldn't mind answering. 1) What can i do to boost my experience during this period? - My current employer has...
  6. R

    Finished my Level 2 2365 Course

    So I have finished my Level 2 2365 course today and I am starting the Level 3 in February. I’ve throughly enjoyed my course. I came out with a Distinction. I am still looking for employment as a mate and just need all my certificates to send off for my ECS Card.
  7. H

    First step to becoming electrician

    Hi there everyone, first of all I would like to say what a good and helpful website this is, I’m Huseyin, I would like to know what do I need to do to become a electrician, for example to start work immediately ?(construction site or firm). So far Iv looked at Not A Chance level 2 and level 3...
  8. Jay 1987

    Currently studying level 2 dip elec anybody in wales that can help with work experience ?

    Hey guys New to this forum. Is there anybody in wales or surrounding areas willing to show me some basics? I’m studying my level 2 dip and would really appreciate a veteran to show me a rookie the ropes ?
  9. P

    New to the Trade, level 2 + 3 C & G 2365 + 18th Edition.

    Hi all, I need some advice on my next move. I took the opportunity to train towards becoming an Electrician and have so far got my City & Guilds 2365 level 2 + 3 and my 18th Edition. I have been looking at improver and mates jobs but they still seem to want experience. What is the best way to...
  10. C

    city and guilds level 2 2365 book

    A friend has joined the same course i am starting on thursday but has just been emailed to say his c and g book order has been cancelled due to no stock. Is there anywhere he can order it from with next day delivery,had a quick search but cant find any.
  11. R

    Advice on Level 2 2365 exam preparation

    Hello, So this year I decided to enrol in a Level 2 Electrical Course. The course is going well, some bits I am struggling with, but I think that is part of the learning process. As with anything, it's a bit daunting. Would anyone be able to give me some advice on exam preparation? I think its...
  12. M

    Level 2 2365. How long did it take to recieve your cert.

    Has anybody completed level 2 2365 as I have been waiting 8 weeks and still no sign of it. I have emailed c&g but they wonte tell me anything and my training provider hasen't heard anything I am doing level 3 at the moment but I have been trying to find work but I get told to let them know when...
  13. G

    Can I start an electrical company with only Level 2?

    Hi, I have experience as a sparks, and wanted to head it out on my own as self-employed whilst I undertake my level 3 on home study. What would be the deal on signing off work etc & could I undertake work? Many thanks, Gareth
  14. KeenPensioner

    C&G Level 2 Diploma Query

    How sad am I! Here in Scotland on New Year's eve I'm wading my way through the theory of "Testing Continuity of Protective Conductors" - Method 2 (Long Lead) from the C&G Level 2 Textbook on page 384. The question is: "The resistance of a long lead is measured at 0.89 ohms. The low-resistance...
  15. S

    Completed level 2 & 3 2365 now need NVQ 3

    Hi All, I've now completed level 2 and 3 2365 as a distance learner. Im now looking for a NVQ level 3 distance/online course, Im from the north east does anyone have any recommendations on a course please Thanks Stephen
  16. B

    Advice needed after finishing EAL level 2...

    Hi all, first post on here.. Howdy! I've been signed up for a month, but I'm looking for some advice from you guys. I've just finished my EAL level 2 diploma in Electrical installation. I've been doing this part time in the evenings over the past year. I've got my 17th edition and I've...
  17. J

    Resistance Level 2 - HELP NEEDED!!

    hey, I am currently completing City & Guilds level 2 and stumbled across the below questions and scratching my head... 1. Electric Fire element has a length of 10m, a cross section area of 0.5mm2 and resistance of 50 ohms - calculate resistivity of material used. Thanks
  18. P

    New to electrics, starting Level 2 in May

    Hello All, at the tender age of 33, I decided I would like a change of careers. So I quit my job and in May I start a four month full time training period at able skills. This will include Level 2 and 3 C&G and 17th Wiring regs and PAT course. I will then eventually complete 2394 and 2395 at...
  19. T

    Weekend courses

    Hi does anyone know of a college or reputable organisation that does training for level 2 2365 in or around Essex.many thanks
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