1. L

    Crank no start issue

    I have a right hand drive 2002 nissan xtrail t30 replaced a cam and crank sensor still no start issue
  2. M

    Horstmann electronic 7

    Had an old model horstman which died on me so I replace it with the newer model. Can't seem to get it to heat up anything, boost light won't light up either? 1x 18inch vertical immersion ( tested element came back 20ohm) Could it be the stat that's not working preventing this? My screwdriver...
  3. B

    Kit Car electronic Speedo Problem

    Hi sorry to bother yall but got a problem with my speedo finally been able to get out in my tiger cat e1 and all was well, speedo worked fine then it dropped down to 10 miles an hour when i was going about 50. its a digital one with a 2 wire magnet speed sensor fitted to the prop. Im hoping its...
  4. T

    Changing old wound ballast to electronic

    Hi , i have a t5 24 w tube and the old ballast has gone. The new electronic ballast i have to replace it doesn't need a starter. Do i just join through the cable where the old starter is or is there more to it? Thanks
  5. B

    Electronic ballast testing

    Can anyone help with me with regards to testing this electronic ballast, there’s 240v at terminals but I’m not sure how to see if the ballast is faulty. Thanks
  6. F

    Help regarding a Horstmann Electronic 7 timer

    Hi, I'd like some help on an issue I'm having with my Horstmann electronic 7 timer if anyone can help me please. Our electricity bills currently seem very high for this time of year, they're coming out at £80 a month for a 2 bed apartment, with both me and my partner being out between 08:30...
  7. GBDamo

    Testing compact electronic ballasts

    Currently in the process of changing lamps, all 32w GX24p-3. Every one has had to have the ballast changed. New lamps in, not working. New ballast in working. Ive phoned the ballast supplier and they report there are no lamp incompatibility issues. The customer is pushing back on cost, as...
  8. M

    Replacing Pneumatic old time switches with electronic

    Hello, I wanted to get an electrician to replace 3 x pneumatic time lag switches with electronic types. Currently there are 2 lights and 3 switches...If you press more than one pneumatic switch the light stays on until the last switch runs out. I wanted to buy the switches for the electrician...
  9. T


    Hi Guys, I hope you can help. I have searched the net high and low for a loop in/out converter for my kitchen halogens. I have uploaded a picture of the one I need to replace (not working - 10 years old now) - anyone know if these are still on production and where I can get one - or a similar...
  10. G

    City and guilds unit 308 electrical and electronic engineering sample paper

    Hello. I have an exam coming up shortly. Would anyone have a sample paper. It's the electrical and electronic diploma, unit 308. It's a written exam The course id is 2850-30 I can't seem to find any examples anywhere Thank you very much
  11. T

    Is the Potterton Suprima model 60 compatable with the Honeywell ST9400C 7-day Electronic Programmer

    Hi all, Thanks for all the forthcoming help :) I was wondering : Is the Potterton Suprima model 60 compatable with the Honeywell ST9400C 7-day Electronic Programmer? Thanks
  12. S

    Learn AC current and voltage by every electric machine or electronic circuit you know

    I want to learn how AC works and I have no idea what I should use as an AC source since I never used one.I only know of inverters but that's not really helping me in understanding RLC circuits....Are AC sources real?Are they batteries?I'm new in this and I can't think of a device or something...
  13. T

    Recacalcitrant electronic equipment v. the owner

    My rant today (as I am feeling somewhat sanguine and snowed in) is to do with various equipment that likes to argue with me. The tv...I watch a film and at the critical part the screen blanks off and asks if I am still watching, and will not continue with the film until I respond and say I am. I...
  14. D

    Does having your compex and/or 2396 design help towards electrical and electronic HNC?

    Hello all (first time posting so apologies if this topic has came up before) I am looking towards doing my electrical and electronic HNC through teeside open learning and have been told that you can use level 4+5 (compex,design) qualifications as a RPCL (recognition of prior certified learning)...
  15. polo1

    Horstmann Electronic 7

    Think I’m missing something here. Have been asked to remove a Horstmann E7 BX and replace with an Electronic 7. The existing set up is two immersion elements (top & bottom) in one cylinder, 24hr top and O/P bottom Now, the BX has connections for both the incoming off peak and 24hr supplies...
  16. L

    Electronic transformer box - halogen light fitting...help!

    Hi Can anyone give me some advice. My light fitting has stopped working after my husband changed the bulbs. I think the transformer has blown (bulbs put in were too high wattage) and I’m looking to change it. Can anyone advice me of a good replacement for an NRE-80 transformer please. Picture...
  17. happyhippydad

    Can anyone point me in the direction of an editable electronic EIC?

    Evening all.. I have an editable version of an EICR thanks to Murdoch and also a MWC thanks to Happysteve but I cannot find an EIC. I have looked at the Stroma ones and don't get on with them. Anyone? Cheers.
  18. Ironbones

    Give me your opinion C&G Level 3 or HNC/HND Electrical Electronic Engineering - give me both barrels

    Hi All I have gone through past post on this, but I want some input so give me both barrels. I am a full qualified heating engineer (gas and oil certified), I worked as a commissioning engineer for large biomass boilers (up to 2MW) these systems are heavily automated, I did this until I was...
  19. O

    12v LED lights/Lead acid battery help

    Hello all, this is my first post so please don't grill me too soon ;) So I've finally got mains in my shed after a few years of using 12v lighting and rolling the extension lead out when required. For a year or two, I have been running 6 x 4.5w LED clusters as main lights using a pair of 12v...
  20. P

    Commercial changing faulty arlen to new helvar ballast

    need to change faulty ballast to new helvar 58. not sure of connections as new unit has only four outlet connections don't want to be zapping anything? old unit (arlen 170) which btw was wrong unit has l.n.e. input and similar 4outlet terminals which feed each end of the fluro tube
  21. Lucien Nunes

    Help needed tonight / tomorrow in Cardiff testing equipment

    Calling anyone in striking distance of Cardiff equipped with a PAT tester and preferably electrical / electronic troubleshooting background. I need to PAT test some electronic kit tonight / crack of dawn tomorrow morning, but can't get there myself. It is specialised and expensive stuff and...
  22. S

    On site guide

    Has any one else got there new yellow onsite guide.had mine and got a piece of paper to replace a table in the book.WHat a joke payed all that money they could of sent bits of paper to update the last one.....
  23. rolyberkin

    Domestic LED Driver Issue

    Hi everyone I have some existing MR16 LED bulbs in 3 x Ikea spotlights, two of these are driven by a low voltage electronic transformers designed to power 4 x 20w halogens. I have three of these fittings, one of the older versions is fitted with a toroidal transformer. These lights consist of...
  24. M

    IR testing sensitive equipment

    Been having an argument over insulation resistance testing on ballasts with an 'experienced' electrician I work with and he is saying line-earth IR tests on a circuit with ballasts will always give you dead shorts. I don't understand how this is correct surely a line to earth test wouldn't...
  25. R

    BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Electronic Engineering

    Hi all, I understand this is a forum primarily for electricians, but I have searched the forum and seen that some people have already mentioned the btec level 3 electronic engineering certificate, and was hoping that someone could provide some feedback on the course. I am looking for get...
  26. S

    led and photocell.

    recentlly fitted 4x23w,1x50w flood,and 2x80w floods via a photocell outside. the photocell keeps failing after about 4 weeks and ive changed it twice already. does anyone know why as im confused. the cell is capable of switching 1000w so is easily suitable(so i thought).. thanks simon
  27. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC cloud

    At at tech talk before christmas the niceic were saying they were launching their own cloud to buy store certificates. Any more word on this? Think the date was to be 14th January?
  28. T

    best items on ebay

    just looking on ebay and came across these items just thought i would share with you although please dont all out bid me as i want the pre cut earth sleeving and a grommit.
  29. N

    LED Driver

    I have recently bought a reel of SMD LED strip lighting. I know it's suggested that you use an LED driver to power these but they seem very expensive. I was wandering if I could use a standard electronic transformer used for powering LV spotlights, as long as I meet the minimum load? I struggle...
  30. C

    Buzzung dimmer

    had a look round a friends where there's x8 12v down-lights witch all have individual 20-60va dimmable electronic transformers, these lights are switched by a 400w GET dimmer switch which buzz's quite loudly when they are dimmed but works fine if the switch is fully on you can also hear some...
  31. D

    switching ballasts

    can someone clear this up for me? is switching electronic ballasts more severe on contacts than switching magnetic? and also according to this spec Steinel it can switch 8 electronic ballasts max or 500watt of standard(low-frequency with cap) fluorescent lighting do i have that right ?for...
  32. S

    Stan in Afghanistan testing trouble

    Im in the royal engineers and currently in Afghanistan, I've just been tasked to carry out a test and inspection and do not have an on site guide or GN3, and I completed my 2391 2 years ago and not touched it since. Can anyone help me with electronic copies of on site guide or GN3 so i can...
  33. B

    Domestic multiple door bells

    Hi all I have a customer who want 3 door bells which are the standard ding dong electro magnet type.I have raised the voltage to compensate but can only get 2 to work. the trany is a 12Vdc 1A does any one know if the trany ampage is the disiding factor as the resistance to each bell is 5.25...
  34. W

    electronic dimmers

    hi guys Electronic Dimmer switch 2-gang from wickes Customer supplied the above, couldn't get it to work, thought a dodgy switch, so replaced with the same. But not working again. I replaced with ordinary 2-gang switch, no problem. I fixed 4 others electronic dimmers, all 1-gang in other...
  35. D

    LED and electronic transformers

    Subcategory - Lighting Hi, I have recently been experimenting with LED replacements for halogen 12 volt downlights. The instruction state NOT to be used with an electronic 12 v transformer, however I find they work very well using an electronic transformer if the load is sufficient, (ie...
  36. C

    wiring a 2 way switch

    Hello, first post here. looks a good forum. I am wiring a light on the outside of my house. I have the cable coming from the consumer unit, and the cable form the light. Both twin core and earth. The switch i have for it looks like this. L1 COM L2 0 0 0 What do i...
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