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  1. D

    Not to sure what I'm being asked by 'a schematic diagram of the controller connected to a conveyor'

    Hey, I'm a bit confused to what I'm being asked for a question that is: Task 6 As an alternative to the AC system in task 5, you have also been asked to produce a...
  2. C

    What electrical work can a non qualified person be asked to do in a school?

    My husband is a caretaker at a primary school. He does all jobs they ask him to do (sometimes without the training he is supposed to have first as for instance, he argued the gutter needed unblocking and walking up a ladder is common sense) as he likes to please. They have recently asked him...
  3. I

    UK Sign off

    I have been asked to get my attic conversion electric tested as a pat tester am I allowed to test and sign off.?
  4. Dan

    It's been a while since I asked....

    .... how the hell are you? lol I've been on the forums day and night for about 8 weeks now. But haven't asked how you guys are much, if at all. So let's do it in one foul swoop. :D HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS AND GALS?
  5. LeeH

    Industrial Asked to bond a sink (table)

    I have been asked to ‘bond’ some tables or industrial sized wash bins by the engineering supervisor here at work. People stand and work out of these. Simple structure with water that’s filled from a hose. Q “can you bond these tables, and what do you think?” Me. “Well, seeing they are not...
  6. GBDamo

    Asked to give second opinion.....

    Customer thinks first spark is over egging the pudding and it's not really that bad. Opened door took pictures and closed door, yes it is that bad. Not a bad days work, 5 hours travel, 15 minutes taking pictures, 15 minute write up.
  7. Rick Ellmore

    Am I being asked for a Ze reading before any work?

    Hi Guys and Gals, currently I am finishing off my NVQ & i'm being asked the question on One file "Check the safety of electrical systems prior to the commencement of inspection, testing and commissioning".... Is this just fancy wording to say check Ze before you do anything else? Any advice...
  8. Dave Jenkins

    Asked to provide an Electrical Installation Certificate after 2 years as a statement of safety

    Hi all, I've been asked to provide an EIC some two years after the work was completed. I did a cert at the time but the client claimed not to have received it. He now wants a guarantee of electrical safety. OK so no problem getting a copy of the cert. It was a paper version but even so, I did a...
  9. O

    Got asked to move a socket .....

    Got a call from a customer saying they needed a socket moving as they are removing a wall ....... well actually its 2 sockets - the one to the left of the picture and the one you can see... Both pieces of conduit have 2 x 2.5mm in them! I didn't expect to find this in a 70's house ...
  10. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Backdating an invoice?

    Hi everyone I would appreciate your thoughts on this one. I had a call from a customer who has recently purchased a house & the cooker hood extractor fan has given up. So we agreed on a time when I could pop around and have a look. Right at the end of the conversation he asked me if it would...
  11. Pete999

    Judge Rinder

    I was sat in the living room minding my own, when the Wife came in all excited (no not that sort of excitement) you smutty lot. Quick she said turn over to ITV and watch this idiot, turns out the Posh Lady was having some building work done, and she had to get an Electrician in to repair a...
  12. Hellmooth

    Most recent board change.......

    Came across this today, made me wonder what profession the installer was from!
  13. M

    CU Main Switch fault

    Hello all, I've got an unusual fault on a cu main switch in a Wylex split load board. I was called to a property with no power. The main switch was in the off position and both rcds and all breakers were in the on position. There was a leak on the toilet but no water through the electrics...
  14. U

    horstmann electronic 7 not heating water when set up to do so

    Hi, I got my boiler control changed last week as the old one stopped working. The current one doesn't seem to be heating the water when I set it a range of times. It does heat the water when the BOOST button is on, but that's not enough for me. I believe I have an immersion heater and I am not...
  15. C

    Am i the only one who gets these customers?!

    I cant be the only one... Just had a chap call me asking for a quote, He is apparently building 2 studio flats above his shop. Asked him to forward me the plans to which he replied he had none - but its ok because he knows what he wants (he was on a roll now), 20 double sockets in each, a...
  16. T

    A Q about minor work cert???!!!

    Hi everyone, im new in the electrical field. the scenario is someone asked me to reconnect main ins a RCD wires. but he asked for certificate for that. I only reconnected to wires. I did take Ze,Zs for 2 breakers after the RCD, RCD tests, Main Bonding, Main cutout, earth arrangement details...
  17. R

    Commercial 3 phase

    could someone please help me with calculating current in a balanced 3phase system as im more on the industrial side of electronics with being a railway engineer in a balanced 3 phase wye delta system the sourcehas an abc phase sequence and VAN =120v 4o* V RMS. the line and load impedencies are...
  18. S

    UPDATE- to job offer (thanks to all that chipped in!)

    for any and all who posted response to http://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/electrical-forum-general-electrical-forum/101690-job-offer-opinions-info-please.html yesterday in the post arrived the info, job pack and contracts,....setback, they accidently sent me one for fully qualified...
  19. E

    Design software

    Can anyone recommend a good electrical cables design software. Does not have to be free.
  20. S

    Number of C3,s on a EICR

    Been asked to do remedials on a condition report.Its a large tile warehouse with several 36way boards and was given an unsatisfactory result.There were no C1,s,but and about 6 C2,s,which I have rectified(wrong size mcb,s,holes in enclosures,no cpc to light switch).There remain about 9...
  21. K

    Bloody customers

    Why is it always sparks who get down graded. It's radiclous, train for so many years to work to a strict regulations and in the end we get asked can you change 1 double socket for me? I live 20 miles away. Can you do it for £10. Yeh sure darling I will definatly leave my missus and kids at home...
  22. S

    Hot Water Cylinder Installation

    Hi all Just a quick question. Following the installation of a replacement hot water cylinder in a tenanted property. The tenant is demanding an Electrical Installation Certificate a Periodic Inspection Report & an entry on the Electrical Equipment Register So wanted to know if the members would...
  23. darkwood

    Callouts you should never have been called to!

    Just been called out to a customer saying the hot water is luke warm at best and been like that a week now, so after asking a few questions over phone to save a trip I decided I needed to go out and check it out... It was a simple set-up on inspection supply to a mechanical 2hr boost timer only...
  24. G

    Are XS Training still trading?

    thought they advertised here.? Cheers gRAND
  25. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC and ECS card on site

    Hi Guys Need some advice regarding site work. I have just been asked to provide an estimate for a contract for all electrical work on a new development of 8 houses. Being an NIC Approved contractor will I also need an ECS card or is my NIC sufficient? I also have 2 blokes working for me who are...
  26. M

    Personalised workwear

    Hi Do any of you find that company name on clothing apart from looking profesional actually generates any work, difficult to judge i know but anyone had any definite results from this sort of advertising.
  27. A

    risk assessments and method statement?

    Hi all I've just been awarded a contract for pat testing in a massive stadium. They have asked me for risk assessments and a method statement. Ive never been required to do these for any of my other clients which do include local authorities. Can anyone shed any light on these and if possible...
  28. C

    Star Delta starter Fault...

    As part of my oral exam (oo err!) for my marine engineer license we get asked electrical questions.One such question that's been asked is " What would happen if a Star Delta Starter didn't change over and continued to run in Star and what would you do if it had to keep running in star?" Ie part...
  29. B

    Ring main fault

    Need help A property I recently done an EICR on has a fault on the downstairs ring main. The fault is an open circuit on the r1. To shorten the story I managed to believe the fault is under the floor and may have possible joint boxes. But the client has sold the property and didn't want to...
  30. rustynails

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Assesment

    Does anyone know if Elecsa are really strict on you not keeping copies of BS761 certificates? It'll be my second year with Elecsa in Jan and wanted to know what might happen if I don't have copies of every certificate I've given over the year, would it be a non-conformance and you get asked to...
  31. S

    Complete solar roof

    Hi, Any ideas what sort of system is used to completely cover a roof? Is this permitted in uk, as this was taken in France! Thanks
  32. ipf

    Re Garage installation

    Not wishing to add my twopenneth to a terminated thread, but along the same lines. I was asked by an ex industrial client to install a couple of extra sockets in his brand new, 4 bed house, really nice joint, out in the sticks. Getting ready to move in. No prob doing the job really, the garage...
  33. D

    Aerial socket question!

    Sorry folks, technically it's not the right thing to post in this forum, but I figured my question fits in here better than elsewhere! Need to add an aerial socket in a bedroom. Got a new run of co-ax chased into the wall and the new socket installed, with the other end coming out in the...
  34. B

    Job interviews

    Hi, can anyone give me an idea of what questions are asked at job interviews for a domestic or commercial electrician and what answer you'd give or expect? much appreciated, Bryn
  35. D

    unidentified circuits

    Hi all, I have just started a new job, and have been chucked in the deep end. The previous electrician had added many new circuits to a few huge distribution boards but left all the circuits unlabelled. I have been asked to identify all unknown circuits, but have been asked not to turn any...
  36. E

    16a socket

    Hi all, hopefully just a quick one. Been asked to install a 16a commando socket in commercial premises for table saw. It will be on a dedicated 20A radial cct. Although the appliance is rated at 15A, it does state to allow for currents of up to 18A for start-up. So my question is relating to...
  37. L

    radial socket with 2 sockets

    Hi, Been asked to make a diagram for a radial socket circuit for the office with 2 sockets. kinda stuck... if anyone has any images would greatly appreciate it. also asked to produced one for a ring circuit for the workshop with 3 sockets. thanks.. uk regs
  38. L

    radial socket with 2 sockets

    Hi, Been asked to make a diagram for a radial socket circuit for the office with 2 sockets. kinda stuck... if anyone has any images would greatly appreciate it. also asked to produced one for a ring circuit for the workshop with 3 sockets. thanks.. uk regs
  39. S

    Earthing arrangement testing procedures for a substation !

    Hello Everyone , Thanks in Advance for any help given it is very much appriecated ! I am mainly a domestic electrician working on houses , Recently we have been asked to do the earthing arrangements for a freestanding brick built substation for a single transformer ! Now lets get this straight...
  40. Andy78

    magazine advert scams

    Just got a couple of calls this morning both from blocked numbers, both trying to sell me advertising space in magazines, both had a scouse accent, different magazines ( one a police magazine, one a cancer charity ) When I asked them for a number to call them back on they both gave me mobile...
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