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  1. D

    Hello everyone, anybody know how to apply for the Birmingham nightingale hospital jobs

    They must need electrician to wire it all up
  2. M

    236-1 and 3

    I achieved my 236-1 and 2 between the years 1992 and 1997. I have just received my AM2 certificate. I have been working as an electrician for over twenty years. Can I now apply for a jib card with what I’ve got or will I need to do an nvq3. thanks in advance.
  3. N

    how to apply power to sunroof motor?

    Hi there, I have a 1992 Mercedes and what I'm trying to do is take my cordless drill (12v, 18v, whatever) and apply power to the sunroof directly on junkyard cars. I want to run the roof forward and back to remove parts from the various area of the sunroof system. The connector on the motor...
  4. B

    Which ECS Card to apply for?

    Hi, I have completed a, Level 3 NVQ diploma in electrotechnical systems and equipment [2357-13] now I’m looking to apply for my ECS, I’ve put in Installation electrician for my main occupation and approved electrician in grade, I’ve uploaded my certificates but it’s asking for 2391 test and...
  5. JK-Electrical

    Smoke alarm rules to apply to all homes in Scotland

    Kerching!!!:D I think it's only a matter of time before the rest of the UK follows suit. I do hope that the Scottish Government includes a requirement within the forthcoming legislation that the installation of smoke and heat alarms are undertaken by suitably qualified, professional...
  6. M

    Which ECS card can I apply for ?

    Hi fellow Electrotechnicians ! My current employer has decided we need to be carrying an ECS card to show our competences. I've printed off the Craft Card application form, had a bit of a read and am a little confused as to which one I can apply for. I did an apprenticeship and got a City and...
  7. EMMEC


    Guys . iv got an upset situation. My sister in law lives at deep north and she ordered an EICR for her small flat. there was to far me, and she was very hurry so ,she ordered an company " APPROVED BY ......" to do this task.. just to be sure if everything is ok, I asked her for an email with...
  8. E

    Ci - for cable calcs

    Also just revising: trying to apply a rating factor for insulation on a cable calc. Just in theory, it's not for an actual job. The cable will be clipped direct to joists above ceiling and is covered in >100mm thermal insulation. I cannot find the correction factor for insulation. Advice please!
  9. P

    New member

    Hi guy's, My name is Nuno and I'm an apprentice. Done my level 2 and 3 and just started my nvq level 3.. this month have the AM2 and let's seehow it goes... Hope to learn a great deal with all the experience shared in here. Thanks
  10. Adie moore

    do manufacturers apply diversity on their product info lables

    woh, long title, sorry. I ask because I have never clamped a cooker circuit before. I did yesterday, hob was labeled 6ka and when all 4 rings were on full, from cold, it pulled 31a for a good 5 minutes till the thermostats started kicking in. all well within the constraints of cable, but not...
  11. U

    Hi All

    Just signed up on here. Currently undergoing my electrical courses and hope to do my AM2 soon. Trying to put myself out there a little to gain some valuable knowledge from the wealth of experience on this forum. Looking forward to reading some posts. Uff
  12. J

    New to here

    Hi new to here. Not to sure how it all works
  13. S

    New member

    Hi guys Been wanting to become an electrician since leaving school but instead I went and became a cnc programmer, I hate the job. So looking at going back to retrain as an electrician
  14. G

    Advice needed

    Ill try make this as compact as possible so I'm currently 24 (25 in July) and I stopped going uni after my second year couldn't see myself doing it anymore, after a while of figuring things out i recently stumbled across apprenticeship specifically electrician one (preferred route) and courses...
  15. M

    Trainee section?

    Is it just me or has the trainee section vanished, I'm asking as I have a question that hopefully someone in that area can help me with :)
  16. D

    Hi everyone

    Electrical Apprentice working in the north east on a chemical plant. Already had some helpful feedback on a thread so can already tell it's a handy little tool.
  17. P

    HI - another new trainee...

    Hi - just started training on a level 2 Electrical installations course in Suffolk - thought I'd join as there are already many questions I am seeking the answers for, and have found several here already.... also joined because as nice as the video version of Dave Austin is, its a bit much...
  18. valleybilly

    NIC & Diversity to cooker/hob on single 6mm Radial

    Been told today by an nic chappy they no longer apply it even when conditions allow . Asked him for the reg and the reply was ( i dont know the reg but its in the red book ) .
  19. L

    Hello what ecs card do I apply for with a 2365-03

    I am currently working with a company and do not knw which card to apply for with a L3 diploma?
  20. D

    Hi all, new to the trade

    Morning all, just been looking how far you can take electrical quals and come across this site. I decided for a total career change 2 years ago so signed up for the c&g 2365 course. I passed level 2 last June, the science and principles was a bit full on at first. Not done any serious...
  21. M

    Nvq Responsibilities

    Hi Friends, Please can anyone explain the responsibilities of an Eal Nvq Level 3 college assessor. I have asked the Eal to provide this information by email and they have refused. Question. How often should an assessor attend site to monitor the progression of a candidate working towards his...
  22. K

    'State 5 sources of information which would help you design this installation'

    I have been given an assignment by college for my first week as a level 3 student which has to be in tomorrow. I have been unable to do it due to being in work the entire weekend and all of today(I know it's no excuse but you know..) and I am struggling a little with this question. I have...
  23. Simonslimline

    What happened to the trainee section?

    I am possibly overlooking something here! I cant seem to find the trainee section anymore, has my access been removed? Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
  24. I

    2394 help

    does anybody know the answer to, " state the three steps taken when a correctly carried insulation resistance test produces unsatisfactory results. & IP for a lighting switch 1.2m from the edge of the bath? & does a initial verification require an safe isolation\?
  25. Simonslimline

    @ New Trainees.

    Calling any trainees out there, If you don't already have access then i suggest that it is well worth joining the forums trainee section. A very helpful place to ask questions and get knowledgeable feedback from the mentors. Plus there are competitions running regularly and a chance to win...
  26. N

    Anyone working for Welsh Water?

    Just wondering what sort of plant you work on if possible please guys. Give me some sort of idea of what to expect if I apply for a job there. Thanks
  27. G

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB ECS Card

    I know this has been a hot topic over the years...so sorry if this has been covered... I have a NVQ 2, City & Guilds 2330 level 2 & 3, 16th Edition upgraded to 17th Edition, 2391 inspection & testing and I've been a Qualified Supervisor for an NICEIC approved contractors for several years... I...
  28. B

    DNO application to connect for heat pumps

    You are probably aware of these Forms A, B and C on the MCS site: Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Heat Pumps which we have to complete prior to connecting a heat pump. I want to put the application in early on one of my jobs because it is a largish heat pump and in a village and I want...
  29. JD6400

    Electromagnetic effects , star / delta motor wiring ?

    I occasionally come across reasonably sized ( not for some of you , I know ! ) star delta motors that have been run in 2 x 3core swa . Now after looking in to this in the past , it has been suggested that as they tend to be only on motors up to 30kw or so , and as the loading per phase will be...
  30. G

    struggling with 2365 assignments

    hi im currently trying to do my 2365 assignments and i am struggling very badly i need help as i paid 7000 to do my course to gain my level 2 and 3 within 5 months and i used my savings it feels like they just wanted the money off me as i have asked them for help and i am getting nowhere if...
  31. i=p/u

    In a panel

    In an electrical panel with feeder isolators what is there bs numbers. Ideunk
  32. S

    Relevant building or not?

    Hi, I have a 30kW project where panels are to be mounted on a warehouse style building that has no form of heating but has just had a 3 phase supply added to it for the purpose of running a large heat pump. The heat supplies two other buildings (main house and maids quarters) but they are on a...
  33. S

    Commercial Rules for commercial properties

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to rewire a shop but most of my work is domestic so Im not clued up on the commercial regs. Does my fuseboard have to have rcds protecting all circuits like it does in domestic, I dont believe it does does it.....? This is for a pizza shop so it has kitchens toilets...
  34. G

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Approved jib registration.......

    Hello fellow sparks, New to this forum and this is my first question... sorry if im in wrong category.. Anyways this my story . Ive got my C&G levels 1,2,3. 17th edition , Inspection & Testing 2391. 2399 Solar. Ive been registered with NAPIT for over three years and I have been inspected 3...
  35. S

    diversity on lighting circuit?

    Hi guys, was wondering if its acceptable to allow diversity to a lighting circuit. Customer has about 8 lights on the downstairs lighting circuit, but wants 12 spots putting into the kitchen. Now using the 100w per lighting point takes total current to 8.5A with all lights on at 100w. Now all...
  36. S

    Multi-installation FiT Rate

    The Phase 2A consultantion is not clear on the multi rate, i.e. above 25 installations. Does anyone know whether you would receive the higher rate for installations 1 to 25 (i.e. those registered first) and then the reduced rate for those instalations 26 onwards OR the lower rate for all of...
  37. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib apprenticeship completion form

    hi guys, Just recieved my final cert for my apprenticeship, now i need to send off for my jib card to become a graded electrician. Can some one point me in the right direction for the form cant seem to find it. Thanks
  38. C

    Going self employed whilst out of work. Possible?

    Hi, I've joined the forum because I'm worried about my dad. He is finding it hard to get work through an agency that were keen on him. The reason being is they now need for him to be registered as self employed. He's tried the tax office etc with no look and has been told he needs to be in...
  39. I

    Is a Display Energy Certificate ok for a community building?

    We have a client who has just had an Display Energy Certificate completed for a community building. I am about to advise that it should have been an Energy Performance Certificate for Feed in Tariff purposes. Is that right or can business and community centres use a Display Energy Certificates...
  40. R

    Just received this in my inbox from an agency I occasionally work for.

    My client requires an Electrical Tester to start in Manchester in the next couple of weeks for ongoing work. You must have 17th edition, 2391 and either ECS, JIB or CSCS. Work will be available on price work paying £30 per periodic test. Work will be on a social housing project and experience...
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