1. N

    A bit of advice (12 years since doing level 2 course)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe? I'm after a bit of advice. I carried out my level 1 and then Level 2 qualifications and passed 12 years ago now!! Unfortunately (And my biggest regret) is that I took a job on and never finished my level 3. I would love to gain a full...
  2. Dan

    It's been a while since I asked....

    .... how the hell are you? lol I've been on the forums day and night for about 8 weeks now. But haven't asked how you guys are much, if at all. So let's do it in one foul swoop. :D HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS AND GALS?
  3. Dan

    120 members deleted their accounts on there since we had the option

    120 accounts deleted since having the option. That's not bad. No bans I don't think. Once was extended for life. Can't say who. And 8000 I removed for not logging in for 2 years. So our new figures is under 15,000. We had 3000 login over 30 days. That's not bad. 20% of users.
  4. N

    EasyCert Issue since software update

    Hi all, wondered whether any other EasyCert users had encountered a problem when they saved a certificate as a pdf. Since the recent software update I found that the pdf showed a misalignment for the test equipment serial numbers - inserting a zero below them. I have contacted EasyCert and they...
  5. diyterry

    It's been a whole year since I joined the forum

    It's been a year since I joined the forum and I'd like to thank you all for your help, advice and criticism. I've learned a lot about new products which I wasn't even aware existed, electrical regulations and best practice. Thank you all for your time and patience.
  6. DavidSpark


    Hello, Quick introduction, My name is David and I work as an Electrician within the military, I've been doing that for the past 4 years. Worked within the industry with bits and bobs here and there since 2009, most of that time since then has been spend in education. Looking forward to...
  7. B

    Hi Sparks

    Hi, My name is Martin, I started electrical installations at the tender age of 14 helping my brother (dockyard electrician) where I caught the bug,since this I've held various electrical positions in various establishments and attained my certs going to college (day Release) I'm now 50 ( it...
  8. L

    Domestic Envirovent fan fault - Help!

    Hello, 3 months ago I installed the Envirovent eco dmev 100HT (humidity & Timer) Bathroom fan for a customer, and have been called back twice since to replace it! has anyone had any similar experiences? any helpful input would be much appreciated
  9. G

    What rcbo for wylex ns cu

    What wylex rcbo would fit the ns range of consumer units? I've seen nsb, nsbs and nhx... Cheers
  10. S

    Back to work

    Hello everyone, I'm back to work after having a 6 year break looking after my wife who was ill. As she's fit and well now and l can't stand being nagged all day l've resumed my career house bashing. I've been at it off and on since l was first issued with a hammer and bolster to chop boxes in...
  11. TomTrundle

    Megger MFT 1730 latest firmware no

    Hi Can anyone tell what the latest firmware no is for Megger MFT 1730 Thanks in advance best Tom
  12. J

    Industrial Trade Test for Dron Dickson

    Hey folks, just a quick question, I'm wondering has anyone done the Trade Test with Dron & Dickson before? I've been asked to go take the test, and I've got to admit, it's been a few years since I had my head in the books. I did well in my tests as an apprentice, but that was about 10 years ago...
  13. S

    loooking for work glasgow area

    Hi there basically what it is, is I am currently in a job which I have been since august however the pay is poor. I have been a qualified electrician since last may I understand that a lot of company's say about experience etc but I was wondering if you'd had any tips about what to do ? I don't...
  14. J

    Novice needs advice: Using a lower wattage voltage converter

    I think I have received some bad advice from electricians and want to ask here. I was ignorant and did not consider the specs of a Vitamix kitchen blender before plugging it into a 300-watt voltage converter. However, both the blender and the converter worked fine for many events and continue to...
  15. bigspark17

    British gas engineer

    got called out this morning to a rcd fault on a high integrity board.. identified this to the heating system (supplied via fused outlet).... frfom there i idendified dead short N- cpc to boiler.. opened the boiler to find this... considering that BRITISH GAS ENGINEER had been to fully service...
  16. A

    What reasons we are hiring a generator

    What reasons we are hiring a generator? Pls. share
  17. V

    Remove Email From MCS Database / Stopping Spam

    Hi Guys, I am getting fed up of all the bloody Trade Price list coming through on my email, and having to filter through them to all the time. Any idea how to stop this?? or how to remove my email from the MCS Database? I always respond asking to be removed from the mailing list, but it never...
  18. S

    Domestic Extending a spur from garage circuit to shed

    Hello, I would like to get some advice on extending a spur from our garage to the garden shed. Is this notifiable under Part P of building regs? (It is my understanding that extending a spur isn't notifiable in itself, whilst power to outdoor installations from the house is) I was thinking of...
  19. F

    How many kW have you installed in Feb?

    Well... Jan was really a slow start, but ever since the announcement on 9th Feb, it has gone a little crazy. How many kW's have you guys managed to install or get booked in before the 3rd of March?
  20. C

    Oak Shingle Roof on SIP panels, advice needed

    Hi all I have an install in the next few days on an oak shingle roof. Technically they are shakes - i.e. they are split oak rather than sawn, various widths, with a three ply overlap. They are laid on 25x50 battens nailed to SIP panels. The SIP panel is a bonded 18mm OSB/100mm insulation/18mm...
  21. T

    New job just got told i loose £20 less a day because my I'm just out of my time

    got inducted at a new job today its an underground job in london My agency they told me my rate when i got there and filled out all the forms i got pulled to the side by one of the companies supervisors doing the induction...because my Gold card was so fresh he asked me how long i have had it...
  22. R

    Cruiseship Work

    Evening All Just wondering if anybodys every worked on a cruise ship? its something id love to get into but have no idea how id go about it? Any information would be much appreciated, cheers Rosko
  23. B

    Applying for a job - statement of support

    hi guys dont know if this is in the correct place to put this or not but a bit of feedback would be appreciated. I am currently employed but i am applying for a posistion that really appeals to me and so does the extra few grand a year :) Anyway you dont need to send in your cv but fill out an...
  24. V

    16th edition boards

    I have about 70 wylex split load boards and 1000s of MCbs left in the container and my lads are still installing them at the moment since i cant get hold of any 17th boards and any rcbos, My question is, do i have to start fiiting 17th boards since the 1st of july or can i get away with the...
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