1. M

    Rewiring a 2 bed house to be rented out - SPD required?

    As per the title, if you were rewiring a small house to be rented out would you, or should you fit an SPD? Doing one soon and been screwed down on price a bit further than we would like ideally. However we have a quiet few weeks until a couple of bigger jobs start and it's local and empty...
  2. M

    New rented sector regs what’s your thoughts on this

    Housing Minister tightens up rules on electrical safety to better protect renters - Well they are going to bring English housing in rented sector into line with the current...
  3. pirate

    Update on Smoke Alarms In Rented Properties

    I know this was on a thread recently, but it's easier to start a new one, just to bring those of you in Scotland up to date. This is from the Scottish Association of Landlords today: "We are delighted to report that after a long campaign by SAL, the housing minister has announced that fire...
  4. P

    Rented property, TT system, No RCD.

    Over 2 years ago a friend rented a house, After a brief look, the dangers were apparent. At the mains a TT system with small bonding cables, and no RCD just a Henley block fitted where the is a shadow mark the size of an old voltage operated trip, then rewireable fuses. Round the house every...
  5. gazzamikes

    Difference between customer generations!

    has anyone else noticed this? the older generations are lot better and thankful than the younger ones? i'm only 22 myself and my apprentice is 17, and we've noticed a huge different in the ages. even got to a point we've removed ourselves from a local site recently because the 28 yr olds were...
  6. S

    Domestic Smoke alarms in rental properties

    Hey up all, finally actually STARTIN a thread as opposed to just reading them for once! Im sure this has been done before but thought id ask. Client is doing up an old 2 up 2 down terrace to rent out and got quite a few bits to do. Not a full re-wire just board change, extra sockets, bonding...
  7. L

    Pir years ?

    Daft question, brains gone, pir on rented house, how many years for next inspection?, 5 rings a bell somewhere, it's a long term tennant so no change of occupier will be done, 10 years for rented sounds wrong?:D