1. Gakure

    Qualification Vs Career guidance

    Hi all, a few months ago, I asked on advice on the best route for a career change from Electrical Engineer to an Electrician. I was advised to take some course and since then I have achieved the following certificates (see below) but I have little practical experience. However, I am lucky to...
  2. S

    Old qualification 236/ or 2360 how to check ???

    Hi all I'm looking to find out if my certificates are enough to get in to Napit or nic I passed most of my exams back in 1996 to 1998 I did my core course 2360 course but can only see Certificates saying part 1 should I have some saying part 2 ??? Also I have my nvq level 2 and my am1 I have...
  3. M

    Need information for qualification

    Hi all. Still I am confusing. I have got the attached document from UK NARIC. I do not know what professional title I have with this document in electrical industry? Apprentice, trainee, etc? Can someone tell me? What is the counterpart of this in the electricity industry : a standart between...
  4. T

    New member seeking qualification advice.

    Hello! I'm Tom! Thanks for any future advice in these forums and I hope my contributions will be of some help or amusement. For the last 8 months I have been working as an assistant for an electrician in Australia. Up until this job I had no electrical experience whatsoever, only labouring...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    !8th Edition - will it be a new mandatory qualification

    Just been thinking about the 18th edition thats being worked on. Understandably all the various schemes will make it a mandatory qualification to join one of them. At what point will all the various training bodies start offering the usual city and guilds courses in the subject? Also will...
  6. M

    I need some information about to work on electrical in England. I have overseas qualification and i

    I need some information about to work on electrical in England. I have overseas qualification and i have got a equality from UK NARIC but still i dont know what needed anymore..
  7. MerlinGremlin

    New Inspection and Testing Courses??

    Good Evening All Has anyone heard or know of the current 2394 and 2395 Inspection and Testing Courses being changed for new ones? The only reason I ask is that someone mentioned it today, but I've not heard nothing and can't find anything on the internet. Can anyone shed any light on this...
  8. P

    Emergency lighting qualification

    Hi, Was just wondering if there is any specific qualificatuon required if I want to in install emergency lighting in a new shop? Any help would be much appreciated Peter
  9. R

    Next qualification? Currently on level 3

    Hi, I am currently doing C&G2357 level 3 at college but finding the course is going slow and there isn't much coursework to do outside of the set hours. Are there an courses I can start before I complete my level 3? Looking at possibly a HNC/D but not sure if I need to complete my level 3 first...
  10. VincentW

    New to the world of electrics

    Hi All! I am of a later age, and have enjoyed (use the term loosely) a career in Operations / Logistics. As Im approaching 50, I am looking at taking on training within electrics in my spare time - evenings and weekends, having been bought up in that environment with my father being quite...
  11. S

    2391 now 2396

    Hello all, thanks in advance for any help. Does anyone know if city and guilds created a bridging course to convert your 2391-20 level 3 in design to a 2396 level 4 in design ?? Many thanks for any help here.
  12. M

    ECS CARD STRUGGLING! - 2365 qualification

    whys it such a nightmare getting cards took me 4 days for jib to pick the phone up. after speaking they said due to me not having a nvq i should get a experianced worker card... got my level 2 3 2365 17th edition inspection and testing 2394/5. nightmare.. now its saying i dont have a core...
  13. 1

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib Mcas Qualification

    Has anyone done the JIB MCAS (mature candidate assessment scheme) ? I have been in the electrical trade a good few years and wanted to finish off my training so I can get JIB'd. Been sent the knowledge unit from my training provider and hardly any of it is actually electrical related more H&S...
  14. I

    Total Harmonic Distortion Qualification.

    I've been looking for somewhere to get a qualification in Voltage and Current Harmonic Testing to help with Ultrasonic testing. I want to use this along with Thermal Testing to help with periodic inspection & testing on installations where its not possible to do any dead testing. I just can not...
  15. R

    claim my 2394 qualification through my 2357 apprentiship

    Hi there, This is my first time posting on here. I'm hoping somebody on here can help clear something up for me. I did my 2357 level 3 nvq apprentiship at leeds college of building. When they set out the course they told us that we would also gain our 2394 initial verification by changing some...
  16. T

    Seriously considering career change. Which route to qualification?

    Hi, First, apologies if this has been done to death. I am 28 and considering a career change to become an electrician, preferably in the industrial sector. I have over 10 years' experience as a computer programmer and fancy a change - I've spent way too much of my life sat on my bum! Always...
  17. J

    Qualification problems

    Good evening, If it’s possible, I would like help in some questions that I have in UK certifications. I’m a foreigner electrician with a certification in electrical installation concluded in 2012 and I used NARIC services to have it translated. According to them my certificate holds a dual...
  18. S

    Does my 20 years electrical experience count towards a qualification?

    Hi! New member here, nice to meet you all. Quick background story. I started work leaving school in 1995 as an electricians mate, 21 years later I'm still only an electricians mate. I've worked my way through a few companies and earned myself some excellent hourly rates of pay. The work...
  19. S

    EIC report and 2391 (or 2394/5)

    Can sparks complete and sign off teat sheet EICR's without having the city and guild certs 2391 (or the later ones 2394 or 5) If they have plenty of testing and inspection experience and know what they are doing and have the select BS7671 qualification will this suffice? Sorry for total Newb...
  20. P

    Recognition of South African testing qualifications

    Hi there Guys Need some help here. I came over from SA in October. I have been formally trained in testing and inspection and obtained my C&G Level 3 Electrical Installations and Level 3 building regs. I was a active contractor in SA and did hundreds of inspections and certifications. The JIB...


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