1. E

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Experienced Worker

    Has anyone on here had to go the route of completing the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker L3 C&G 2346-03? Trying to get a bit of an insight. How long does the course last? Can you take an assessor around to previous jobs you've completed to tick some boxes? Is there a written test to...
  2. S

    Experienced work C&G

    Hi, has anybody done the C&G experienced worker? What’s involved? What training provider did you use?
  3. J

    Retraining as electrician - EAL or C&G? Prospective employers opinions on course-trained elecs?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of retraining as an electrician, but I'm weighing up my options and need decent advice from experienced electricians. Bit of background: 1 - Just turned 27 2 - Currently working as a chemical engineer - Only way to progress my career is to move country to country...
  4. S

    C&G 2382-18 for EICRs

    I'm asking for a friend who is not sure whether he qualifies to carry out EICRs. Assuming he has the appropriate insurance and experience, would a C&G 2382-18 qualification fulfil the other requirements, i.e.: A qualification covering the current version of the wiring regulations A...
  5. H

    Next Steps from C&G 2330 Level 3

    Hey, In 2009 I got my City and Guilds 2330 Level 3 17th edition. At the time it was recession and I was in the south west so jobs were scarce and I was not able to secure any work. As a result I never was able to create a portfolio to do the NVQ and AM2. I want to revisit this now. Other than...
  6. M

    C&G Level 3 Project Question (Cafe ring final sockets length)

    Hi guys I'm a bit frazzled by the wording on the main project. So, we are told to keep the max circuit length down to 30m, tutors said that isnt physically possible so just try to keep it under 40m and they noted that the socket circuit was a bit of a mental one and that the 30m guidance set...
  7. R

    Novice starting a Level 2 C&G 2365 Course in September

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. So I'm 31 years old. Been in the same dead end job for 8 years now, which pays the bills and can go out once a week but little else really - and no real chance of progression. For the last few years I've been trying to figure out the best way to become a...
  8. B

    Is the EV charge point C&G 2919 easier than C&G 2391 Inspection and testing

    hi is the EV charge point C&G 2919 easier than C&G 2391 Inspection and testing? is it as mathematically complex?
  9. GBDamo

    C&G 2910-01 can it be failed?

    Just done this and to be honest I'm underwhelmed. Exam is a 60% pass mark, open book, multiple choice. 40 questions, you get an hour. It cannot be possible to fail this surely? I Know you can fail the practice but in reality that's only going to be through failure to safely isolate. Anyway...
  10. D

    UK Hiya, im doing the C&G level 2 unit 204 practical exam in a few days and i was wondering if anyone has any resources for me.

    i am preferably looking for wiring diagrams and such. if anyone could help, it would be highly appreciated. thank you
  11. Beezli

    EAL Level 2 vs C&G 2365 Level 2

    I can’t for the life of me find anywhere in the north west offering the C&G 2365 level 2 as an evening or weekend class, but then saw on the ECS card qualifications that they also accept the EAL level 2 as being the same grade as the C&G. A quick search shows Erudite Training in Stockport...
  12. lmi-pa

    Is C&G 2396 Electrical Design qualification worth anything in the real world?

    Passed my C&G 2396: Electrical design and verification course recently and loved every minute of it, however I am wondering if it was actually worth doing. I haven’t seen any adverts with it listed as a requirement or even as preferred. It’s a level 4 course so a bit surprising. Has anyone done...
  13. C

    Zs C&G 2391 question

    Hello everyone I'm Chris. I am taking the 2391 in February. This question is from the c&g main site under 2391 sample questions. Continuity of a ring final circuit has been tested as part of an initial verification of a new primary school. All the socket-outlets are connected directly to the...
  14. P

    C&G 2365 Level 2 w/ private provider worth the time/money?

    Hello to all, I am a 28 year old lad who has been in the building game since 16 mainly involving groundworks / extensions / full refurbishments for a small firm, gaining lots of hand on knowledge. I have done the odd fault finding / rectifying around the house, run cables for sparks on the job...
  15. B

    What is the difference between the LCL and C&G Part P qualification?

    hi studying for Part P and the exam board from my course is LCL, is this a problem?
  16. M

    C&G 2365 or 2357

    Hi I am currently doing the level 2 City and Guilds 2365 distance learning and looking to upgrade to Level 3, I can see there are a number of different Level 3 courses available. I wonder if anyone could tell me what the difference between the Level 3 2365 and 2357 are? Also do I need a...
  17. Lister1987

    C&G 2357 Design Tasks?

    Although not part of my 8202, I'm wanting to have a crack at the design tasks in the 5357 and L3 2365. Anyone got copies of the tasks?
  18. L

    Recently completed C&G L2 + L3 Electrical Install Diploma

    I'm currently looking for a Labourer/mate role however in the meantime I'm keen to get experience so what basic domestic service could I offer? I was thinking of leafleting locally offering upgrades on plug sockets. Any input would be much appreciated.
  19. J

    C&G 4141-01 tradeskills4U 5 days course

    Hi I'm considering taking this 5 day course via Tradeskils4U it's just to get a feel for electrics/ do my own DIY (swap a single socket to a double socket stuff) (whilst I'm counting down time to start my new office job, in Dec) My question is, to you need any experience to start this course...
  20. C

    C&G 2365 & The 'Express' Route

    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster. I’ve got a few questions surrounding those short courses you normally see everyone winging about but from a slightly different angle to that I’ve seen discussed elsewhere on the forums. I’m well aware that the courses offered by the likes of...