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  1. A

    Electrician Electrical Improver looking for work, C&G L3 + IPAF, East London

    Hi Im currently looking for work as Electrical Improver. Im based in Romford (Essex). City and Guilds Level 3 , NVQ L3 and IPAF, just waiting to do my AM2 to get me gold card. Kindly PM me if you have anything going Regards Ash
  2. B

    Is it possible to sit C&G exams without doing courses?

    For example, in the UK i know you can eg do an A Level at home (if for example you're homeschooled) and then simply sit the exam at a recognised examination centre, paying a small fee. Is this possible with the C&G?
  3. Pete999

    What does or is C&G 2361

    As per Title, I am unsure of the description on line
  4. R

    Can I do electrical testing with c&g 2365?

    Hi all. I got my Level 3 2365 a year or so ago and an now trading as a self employed electrician. I did my 18th edition recently. I've have never been able to get straight answers on what an electrician needs to do certain tasks, maybe because of the 'competent person' definition, but I have a...
  5. S

    C&G 2339 Electrical Power Engineering. Training

    Hi. I'm a domestic electrician with about 8 years under my belt doing Domestic Electrics only. Lately I've decided that I'd like to do more training to work on power distribution. Overhead lines etc. I've seen some online courses with a few practical sessions for around £3500. I don't mind going...
  6. J

    EAL or C&G Inspection and Testing?

    Evening fella's, I'll soon be enrolling on the inspection and testing course but ensure which is best. Both EAL and C&G are recognised and both offer the same end result. They are also both the same price although the structure of the eal course is better with the exams. Does anyone know of a...
  7. HJC

    EAL & C&G compatability

    Hi all, I completed my apprenticeship a few years ago with EAL being the awarding body. I’ve also recently passed the 18th edition however this was awarded by City & Guilds. I’m about to start the 2391 (c&g) course next week and was wondering if it matters which awarding body gives the...
  8. SJM1995

    Trainee Recommend a fast track C&G 2365 Training Provider

    Can anyone recommend a training provider to get C&G Level 2 and Level 3 2365 Qualifications in South-East London/ Kent area? Ideally looking for a provider that can do the course full time in the space of 16 weeks~. I've seen the likes of Not A Chance who offer this course, but are currently...
  9. C

    C&G 2392-10 Fundermental Inspection & Testing

    Hello All, Company I work for have at long last agreed to let me do the 2392 fundermental inspection & testing course (would have ideally gone straight for 2391 but my testing knowledge is limited and I know I would struggle with it) I now need to pick one of the many training centres which...
  10. L

    Trainee The best learner books to prepare for my C&G 2365 course?

    Hello im starting the C&G 2365 course in the next couple of months as soon as I've finished up at my current job. Anyone got any books to help with studies and to build up my knowledge prior to starting the course. Yes i know im a bit sad but i'm itching to get started! Thanks in advance...
  11. S

    C&G 5357 Lvl 3 Electrotechnical - Duration?

    Hi All I have been very lucky to be employed as an apprentice at a company who will be putting me through the C&G 5357. I have had paperwork and various internet sources tell me different timescales to complete this course, ranging from 2 to 4 years. Being keen and a fast learner, how quickly...
  12. M

    Hi, EAL vs C&G on 18th edition

    Hi, new member to the forum. Started on the 16th edition but haven't done any regs edition tests since the start of the 17th. As I changed to do LV & HV cable jointing. But still like to keep up with the regs. Looking at my local college they still offer the BS 7671 courses but not city and...
  13. L

    Apprentice who’s on the verge of completing C&G level 3 qualification.

    Hi guys. I go by the name links. I’m Currently studying c&g level 3 and hoping complete by early next year! All being well after my next two practical sessions in college (electrical design and inspection and testing) I’ll be heading for my am2. However, if there’s anyone can give me a little...
  14. M

    City and guilds 2339-17 help

    Morning. I am currently in the process of doing my city and guilds 2339-17 and was wounded if anyone had past papers or revision notes etc. Thanks
  15. RyanAspire

    C&G 2396, is this a worthwhile course? Alternatives?

    Hi guys, Relatively new poster here. I was wondering if anyone has done the C&G 2396, and thoughts on the course? I am looking to further myself into the design/commissioning side of electrical and wondering if this course is worthwhile? I want it to be challenging and push the limits of my...
  16. P

    C&G 2365-302 written exam

    Hi all, Been looking through the forum for any help regarding the 2365 - 302 written science exam, i have the test coming up and have been searching for old past papers or something equalivent, only ones i could find any been multiple choice, any help regarding this test would be appreciated...
  17. James bishop

    Electrical science 302 C&G help!

    Been doing some mock papers but got stuck on few questions that i even tried to google but they dont specifically dum down the qs/answer. anyway here are the questions i need help on. (Not trying to get you guys to do my homework or anything just some questions i need help on which i can't find...
  18. T

    Advise on c&g 2365 Electrician route please.

    Hi everyone. I am new here. I completed my L3 c&g 2365 in 2014. I have not practised since then and have decided to finish off what I started. I hope I have taken the right route... I just registered for ECS H&S and intend following up with 17th edition. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  19. Guffer

    Full Apprenticeship C&G 5357 Block Release

    Anybody know if someone up in Lancashire offers this course on Block Release ? Seems quite common on day release but when we are working all over UK to get the lad back for one day a week is nigh on impossible. Long time since I did my training and we had centres coming out of your backside...
  20. E

    C&G 2365/2357 Bridging unit

    hi, does anyone know if any colleges, north west, offer the bridging unit only? thanks
  21. KeenPensioner

    C&G Level 2 Diploma Query

    How sad am I! Here in Scotland on New Year's eve I'm wading my way through the theory of "Testing Continuity of Protective Conductors" - Method 2 (Long Lead) from the C&G Level 2 Textbook on page 384. The question is: "The resistance of a long lead is measured at 0.89 ohms. The low-resistance...
  22. S

    City & Guilds 2396 Exam

    Hi all Do we have anyone on here doing the C&G 2396 at the moment?
  23. KWJ41

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Qualified C&G 236 Parts 1&2 in 2003, updated to 17th from 16 Edition in 2009 - But not JIB eligible

    Hi - I'm new to the forum and in desperate need of advice. I'm a fully qualified electrician qualified under C&G 236 in 2003 (parts 1&2), I updated to 17th from 16th edition in 2009 and hold an up to date safety passport through the ECS. I've recently gone on my own after being employed for 14...
  24. mjtefc9

    EAL vs City and Guilds £££

    Afternoon guys, I am a Electrical project buyer, and CAD engineer. I am moving on to estimating and project management and I am enrolling on an Electrical installation diploma 2, to give me some more practical knowledge and confidence. I have been offered the EAL qual for £1295 and the C&G...
  25. Ironbones

    Give me your opinion C&G Level 3 or HNC/HND Electrical Electronic Engineering - give me both barrels

    Hi All I have gone through past post on this, but I want some input so give me both barrels. I am a full qualified heating engineer (gas and oil certified), I worked as a commissioning engineer for large biomass boilers (up to 2MW) these systems are heavily automated, I did this until I was...
  26. C

    New member seeking help on my level 3 C&G course work, any help would be much appreciated :)

    Hi all, Just doing my level 3 city & guilds and got stuck with a question (well more than one but there we go) on fault diagnosis and rectification: The question sais, A fault has occurred on the electric shower in a room. It was reported that - The shower was switched on - A crackling sound...
  27. Chainhurstman

    Just taken the C&G 2377-22/32 examinations ...

    Took the C&G 2377-22/32 exams yesterday so as to feel confident in PA testing the electrical equipment in our hotel. Don't feel any more confident than I did pre-exam, but at least I now have the qualifications and the IET book for reference! As the IET book focusses so heavily on the...
  28. C

    C&G 2919-01 Electric Vehicle Charging Course

    Hello guys I think with an ever expanding EV market getting more in depth knowledge would defiantly be beneficial, I would like to really get into the side arm of our industry. I am based in north London so would anyone be able to advise: what they found with the course was it useful? Can it...
  29. Andy C

    Is the C&G 2391 course making a come back?

    I have noticed on the C&G website that 2391 is coming back between April and June. Looking into it it seems that centres will be able to offer this qualification like the 2394/5 as single modules or combined. However I notice that the requirements are only a multi choice exam and a practical...
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