1. S

    Wiring up socket at bottom of garden

    Hi I want to put a socket about 40 metres down my garden , to run a lazy spa hot tub , I have bought 4mm armoured cable would this be sufficient and what mcb would be best a 20 or 32 amp
  2. bigspark17

    Box to go on bottom of street light pole

    Has anyone purchased or fitted a plastic enclousure that will mount to the base of a street light pole, ideally in kit format?
  3. Dan

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back. But thanks to those who contribute to the forum by way of Upgrading Their Account to a Subscribed Member it is now using the all singing all dancing enhanced searching feature, rather than just using the thread titles...
  4. Steve93

    4mm cable into the bottom of main switch.

    Eicr today had a 4mm T+E connected into the bottom of a main switch which went to a separate dB with 1 20amp rcbo. Then swa to a hot tub. That part is fine. What I’m unsure about is the reg I can say that the cables are not ok in the bottom of the main switch. The other dB is only about a ft...
  5. J

    inspection bend cover in outside plastic conduit - top or bottom?

    I have some 20mm black pvc conduit fitted outside for data cables. Should the inspection covers on the inspection bends and elbows be on top or underneath to be waterproof?
  6. 123

    Found this little beauty of and advert today, race to the bottom

    Ok, so it's from 2015, but seriously? Amazingly, the company still seems to be operating. @Risteard @Phil Thompson @Matthewd29 is this the kind of garbage prices we need to compete with? Company this advert is from is based in Lisburn.
  7. Doomed

    Race to the bottom.......

    Look at this e-mail we got and weep, do they employ trained monkeys? how can they quote these prices, I know it says 'prices from' but these are silly: If you're looking for expert Fixed Installation Testing (E.I.C.R) or PAT Testing Services you are in the right place. We work with some of...
  8. E

    All the top floor lights have all gone out but the bottom floor lights and plug sockets are fine

    Hi everyone, Yesterday my sister switched on the bedroom light and all the lights o the top floor went out! there are six lights in total and none of them work at the moment. The lights on the bottom floor work and all the plug sockets on both floor's work fine too. I know next to nothing about...
  9. J

    Double oven thermostat problem?

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help. I have a 2 year old Neff u14m62n0gb double oven. Last week it tripped the house out when using the main oven. On investigation the bottom element spade connector had become welded to the chassis, it had got free from its location tabs and come into contact...
  10. P

    French wiring book showing Type AC 40a breaker with N and L wired opposite

    Hi all. I've just had my house in France upgraded to single phase. I've bought a consumer unit as i only want a basic set up (minimal electric is used in my house!) and am going to put it in myself. I have a book which teaches you how to wire up. The consumer unit comes pre-packed with one...
  11. X

    Am2 correct installation of data cable

    Hi guys Ive never posted in the forum I'm a bit of a lurker and always been able to find what i need in a pinch thanks to alot of you guys out there. I have tried my best searching and can't seem to find any info on the data cable installation. Now i recently took my am2 exam and passed...
  12. W

    Invoice help!!

    Hey guys... I have just started my own company and I was wondering if anyone could help me on a invoice design. The type of invoice I was thinking of was a letter type... What's best?
  13. rolyberkin

    Kitchen First Fix

    How do people put in feeds to under cupboard lights? I would normally run T&E to a slim pattress or small white project box mounted on bottom of eye level cupboard to joint to the lights, interested in what others do?
  14. S

    Commercial Dado Trunking

    I have a job coming up installing 3 compartment Dado trunking. Is there a standard or spec for which cables go in which compartment. I would assume that power goes in the centre compartment and data etc in the outer compartments?
  15. S

    pv panels upside down?

    If running 2 rows of panels it is wise to have the connectors at the bottom on the bottom row in case they need to be unplugged in the future?
  16. S

    Spot the Fault

    Hard to see, but it's in the middle of the picture ...
  17. N

    Socket Height?

    Hi all, Just curious; I know the general height of a socket is 450mm to bottom but if it was lower (say 300 mm to bottom) would this be picked up by building control in a new extension (not new build) or is it just a case of using common sense providing appliances can be plugged in safely...
  18. J

    Kitchen socket heights ?

    what height do yous usually have your kitchen sockets, is it a set height or all depending on the kitchen thats being installed ?
  19. S

    House 3 phase really needed?

    Hi guys My 3 phase mains supply cable needs rplacing as its burnt out and very old. My question is do i really need to use 4 cables again as nothing in the house is 3 phase and the load is not split? There are 4 cables going into the top of the ' rcd' switch but only 2 coming out of the...
  20. B

    Industrial Rcd wiring

    Hi All I would like to ask if there is a right and wrong way of wiring an RCD / RCCB up. I was under the assumption that the supply was always wired into the top of an rcd / rccb, I thought that the monitoring coil that monitored the voltage was situated in the top of the rcd / rccb and that...
  21. J

    CompEX work?

    Sorry if I sound stupid but what is compEX work is it industrial based?
  22. D


    Hello, new to site. I am wondering what systems people use when pricing jobs! I mean particularly larger jobs such as an install for a three bed house new build first and second fix. I have previously worked out materials then gage how long it will take then giving me my price. Normally works...
  23. D

    Domestic 2 supplies, one board

    Talked about this on here a while back, but can't find the thread! Registering with ELECSA and going to replace my own DB for the inspector... I've currently got 2 15th Ed boards, one 4 way for the economy 7 and one 6 way for the standard supply. Thinking about replacing with a single board...
  24. A

    External pet immune PIR????

    Any one know of one of these... am googled out and could really do with some kip! Thanks as ever guys!
  25. R

    my bottom immersion nay heating the water during the night

    if anyone knows about immersion heaters ? got economy 7, but my bottom immersion nay heating the water during the night, its getting 240v when the off peak supply comes on but does not heat up! I took a resisitance reading getting 35 ohms off the live to neutral,! just to check I tested the top...
  26. K

    Small Skeleton Boards

    Hi, Does anyone know where you can get small compact skeleton board (I need dual load 8 way max). I have seen Wylex do some but these are two tall for what I need as trying to replace old wylex board in ex council house and am limited by the existing housing unit. Thanks
  27. P

    looking for work

    hi all, I have recently passed my 2382,2377 and acheived EAL level 3, i am looking for work in the darlington area as a mate to gain experience. is there anyone around that may need some help? thanks
  28. G

    PIR question

    Hi all, first post so take it easy people :) I've fitted low voltage lighting (MR11) to the runners up my stairs, I've fitted a Pir to switch them, the problem is that the only position that a pir an be fitted to pick up movement from the top and bottom of the stairs is on a wall at shoulder...
  29. O

    your preferred method for external sockets

    guys whats your preference when fitting external accessories (sockets particularly)? do you straight rear entry with cable and cake in silicone to prevent ingress do you fit the masterseal cable entry grommet are you a conduit man right through wall and into box sure there is a couple others...
  30. A

    Immersion heater timer switch

    Hi, I have a spur leading to a 3kW immersion heater as shown in the image below (circled in red). I would like to change this to a timer - so I can take advantage of economy 7. Can anyone recommend a good timer to fit? All I need is 2 hours per day, off peak. Thanks,Alex
  31. O

    FLUKE 1653B Serial Number

    I have just used a new FLUKE 1653B for the first time. No problems with the kit, but I have just come to complete the the test schedule and I cant fine the machine serial number anywhere. Am I missing something simple. I would have expected to have found it on the case or within the battery...
  32. S

    Fault finding issue help please

    I have installed two strings of eight panels on a single story building. The top row of eight seem to be performing well. But the bottom string performs only about half to two thirds of the top. Midday results yesterday which was sunny ....... String 1 240v and 1113w String 2 261v and 493w...
  33. B

    Domestic Faulty integrated fridge freezer

    Hi all Hope someone can assist? I have an integrated ariston fridge freezer model bcb 3111 that is just over 7 years old. The freezer functions normally. The fridge is cold but not cold enough for milk to stay fresh till it's use by date. I clump of ice forms near the top of the...
  34. G

    pressure pad switching

    Hi guys ive been asked to provide small lights on a staircase that turn on via a pressure pad on the bottom step and top step, 2 wayed. ive looked about online and cant find anything suitable, anyone know what i can do? cheers guys.
  35. A

    Recommended clearances for PV panels

    Hi It might be an old question, but I'm about to have panels fitted & wondered if there are any recommended measurements of clearances, ie ridge tile to panel & to eaves. Also my house is a semi detached, so is there a distance recommended from the neighbours roof ? I am using a MCS contractor...
  36. G

    MK Logic fused spurs

    Does anybody else have problems with the design of the fuse holder of an MK Logic fused spur? I hate the bloody things! They can be very difficult to remove sometimes and can easily be chipped when levering away with a screwdriver. Also, latching back in can be a real test too. I've used MK...
  37. Amp David

    Standardised DB labelling

    Is there an actual standard relating to 3 Phase DB labeling and numbering. I always start at the top left, down to the bottom, then top right down to the bottom. Have recently seen a few done starting at the bottom left then jumping across to the right, which to complicates things a little.
  38. D

    Domestic Help with light switch

    Hi, I am new here and am a complete noivce when it comes to electrical work I needed a new light switch which is to be used just to switch one light on and off. By accident i have picked up an intermediate switch! My question is can i use this as a one way switch? Or will i have to take it...
  39. G

    Wylex NHRS6604 Split Load Can It be make to Dual RCD

    Hi All After abit of help not sure if this can be done. Can you make a wylex NHRS6604 from single rcd to dual and if so how. Cheap Wylex NHRS6604 NH Split Load Board Kent Products
  40. W

    Starbreaker MCBs

    This is a really basic question. I have an old Crabtree Starbreaker c/u (dated 1992) that uses mcbs that slot in. Is there a recommended method to remove them as obviously I do not want to use unecessary force. The instructions tell how to intstal them but not to remove. Thanks, Paul
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