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  1. D

    UK DIY Shocker!!!

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. So to detail my experience, I had a loose wire behind my electric cooker mains plug, so I tested the plug after sorting the wire forgot to turn off the mains at the box and yes as you can guess as I went to push the socket into the wall to screw in, two...
  2. H

    Looking to speak to / spend a week observing an experienced electrician in London

    Hi, I am looking to observe an experienced car electrician at work to understand more about the trade and the day-to-day needs and requirements. This is for a personal project. I will be out of the way and quiet most of the time but will ask a number of questions. If this is asking for too much...
  3. S

    summerhouse/shed supply earthing

    Hi guys, widely covered topic but still a lot a mixed opinions/interpretations. I have scoured the BS7671, on site guide and the internet is search of anything black and white. I'm not looking for somebody to tell me how to do anything, just some experienced opinions on what appears to be a...
  4. M

    Anyone experienced in vent axia twin fans

    Hi all Went a job this morning to check out vent axia Gemini twin fan...the ducting type that sits in loft and takes air from loft and vents it into bathroom as far as I can tell by piping this is all that it does. I tested upto unit on both switch side from light and the permanent supply both...
  5. T

    Persons experienced in steel conduit

    Good afternoon one and all Does anyone in the Dorset area have good experience with steel conduit? If so please could I pick your brains on a few things?
  6. D

    whats the most Funny/clever or dangerous meter you have experienced on the job?

    so I was just having a flick through here and saw some pretty dangerous bypasses here and there but I was wondering what is the most clever or dangerous bypass or unmetered connection you have came across im sure you must have some creative/funny or darwin award/how has your house not caught...
  7. I

    Experienced Improver Looking For Work

    Hi All, long shot I know but having just had a newborn daughter the firm I was subbed to let me go due to them running out of work. I am looking for something in Central London/Brentwood areas. I have worked on 2 luxury residential sites in Vauxhall SW London, 1 in Southall W London & large...
  8. W

    Electrician Looking for experienced industrial electrician.

    In west London. Must have IPAF, and tools
  9. S

    Electrician Looking for an experienced electrician to cover Electrical Reactive Maintenance in the London area

    We’re looking to recruit an electrician with background in reactive maintenance, primarily on the CIS scheme for a few months on a trial period before coming on Payroll. Excellent salary. Testing and Inspecting knowledge would be a bonus, must have a full UK Drivers License, Candidate will be...
  10. S

    Electrician Experienced Commercial Electricians required at Waterloo project

    Works are within lift shafts and include Installation of containment, shaft lighting and power. 12 months duration.
  11. pete1smith


    We are looking for experienced new build electricians to wire new houses and flats on the above developments. Price work - earn between £800 and £1400 for a 5 day week. Either full time or would consider 3-4 days per week. Immediate start available. Great opportunity to join a small...
  12. E

    Electrician Experienced maintenance electrician required full time.

    Small electrical contractor based in Vauxhall London, with a vacancy for a full time experienced electrician to carry out lighting maintenance on buildings throughout London. Immediate start with a van supplied and a steady pay ranging from £16-£18 per hour depending on level of qualifications...
  13. U

    Electricians Mate Experienced and mature electricians mate looking for work in the Bridgend area.

    Just a short post, I have recently been made unemployed again due to a short term agency contract finishing. Looking for work in either the HV sector or domestic/commercial/industrial areas. Experienced and reliable im in my 40's with own tools and qualifications and ECS card. Willing to travel...
  14. Richard Campbell

    Electrician Experienced Commercial Sparks Required

    We are electrical contractors based in Hertfordshire and are currently looking to bolster our labour force. Don't really want to go through agencies. We have a number of jobs in Hertfordshire & North / Central London starting or on going Experience in commercial projects essential Testing &...
  15. brs73

    Domestic experienced electrician london

    good morning i am looking for an experienced electrician in london van and phone supplied £22 p/h please follow the link below i am not an agency thanks in advance https://www.totaljobs.com/job/electrician/brs-electrical-job80177070
  16. brs73

    experienced electrician london

    good morning i am looking for an experienced electrician in london van and phone supplied £22 p/h please follow the link below i am not an agency thanks in advance https://www.totaljobs.com/job/electrician/brs-electrical-job80177070
  17. CDS - MGISD

    Electrician We are looking for an experienced, fully qualified, self-motivated Electrician Dom & Comm.

    JOB ADVERT - We are looking for an experienced, fully qualified, self-motivated Electrician to join our busy team. You MUST hold a City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in requirements for Electrical Installations (current IEE wiring regulations) 17th Edition Regs City & Guilds Inspection, Testing...
  18. Adam_92

    [Trainee] Needs help from someone experienced.

    I have a question on an assignment that I could do with some help Desribe, for each of the following symptoms, the most likely electrical fault. A) A fault has occurred on a lighting circuit when the lights are operated the RCBO protecting the circuit operates. B) The outside lights when the...
  19. Adam_92

    [Trainee] Needs help from someone experienced.

    I am stuck on a question for my NVQ just wondering if someone could help, Question is; Explain what documentation should be completed following fault recitation work? I know that "Where minor electrical installation work does not include the provision of a new circuit, a Minor Electrical...
  20. D

    Experienced practically, learning theory

    Hello all, I've worked as a sparky for 3 years before now only deciding to do my tests, got level 3 unit 301 out of the way pretty quickly but dreading unit 302!!!! Any tips on what to revise formula wise? Am I going to need to know every formula?? Thanks, Dan
  21. S

    Electricians Mate Electrician or experienced mate required Watford /London

    Hi , looking to take on electrician / electricians mate. Based in Watford with work locally and in and around London . Works are mainly domestic refurbs flats and houses. Ideally have own tools and transport if not based in Watford . Rates dependant on experience etc.. 07542942734
  22. IES

    Electrician Experienced Cable Pullers, Cable Foreman, Cabling Supervisors and Cable Jointers Wanted Teeside

    As part of IES' continued growth we are seeking to add to our highly skilled and experienced workforce. Long standing commitments with existing clients, early engagement agreements and preferred contractor status mean that we are very much in demand. With focus on our core values; Integrity...
  23. T


    Hi there I'm new here but I'm thinking of doing the 2394 course and just looking for some info on books or what other people have experienced as I'm not very experienced at testing
  24. T

    Doing work without a qualification

    Hi all. I'm an experienced electrician that can pretty much wire a house etc. The down fall is I do not have any qualifications. In today's world people say it is experience over qualification. I'm self employed but in the computer world as in I repair hardware. I hate it and wish to go back...
  25. S

    Periodic Inspection Report in Scotland

    I have been asked to carry out a PIR and i'm just wondering if i have to be an approved electrician. i have liability insurance and i'm qualified to 17th edition.
  26. Goody

    How much would you charge for a days work?

    Hi, How much is the current going rate of charge for a day’s work, without scaring off the clients, for the normal week days and weekends? Thanks!
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