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  1. buzzlightyear

    Have got any test gear

    customer rings up have you got any test gear for a job , pops round and see this customer im trying to sort that out, that needs sorting , customer says i have not got any monies .and what about the DNO seals you have broken that was put in by a old timer wet pants .
  2. N

    Commercial Metal Halide still not working after control gear replacement

    So I've got incoming mains splitting (forking) off into 3 light fittings. They are HID metal halide lamps. The middle one (thats not working) is 70W, and the other 2 are 150W. I've replaced the control gear and bulb. It still just flickers blue and doesnt actaully start. It also buzzes at the...
  3. Richard Burns

    Lewden Control Gear Direct no longer manufactured?

    I have just heard that Lewden / Control Gear Direct have stopped producing their circuit protective devices as of 13th May, is this anything anyone else has heard of or can confirm? I have used a fair number of their consumer units and RCBOs and will be nonplussed if I now have to tell customers...
  4. D

    Lost my plumbing gear

    Was having a bit of a sort out today and just realised I have lost all my plumbing gear like compression fittings and rad valves etc I only keep them for odd jobs but had a nice little selection building Must have thrown them out by mistake Gutted :(
  5. C

    Switch gear / Panel board Rating

    The Incoming breaker model is Terasaki - S250-PE, 250 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 70kA, Category A breaker The outgoing breakers model is Terasaki - H125 NJ, 125 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 85kA,Category A breakers The bus bar rating is 65kA for 1s. How should this panel board...
  6. Moley

    Opinion on Netgear GS724Tv4?

    I'm looking for a change. I'm currently running a HP Procurve 2824. Nice unit but noisy and as it's in a bedroom it's a bit annoying. I've unplugged two of the three fans and it's not as noticeable as it was but I think it's time for a change. It's only a home network (probably worked that out...
  7. Leesparkykent

    Best place to buy PV gear....

    Just wondering where others are purchasing their solar PV gear...panels, inverters, mounting kits etc? I’ve got a run of it coming up and looking to supply the gear as I’ve been having dramas with stock and deliveries atm. TIA Lee
  8. Telgee

    Supply cable and switch gear

    hi there all ...a friend is having works done to there lord of the Manor House and are converting a barn to a 2 bed house also having a car port with 3 electric fast charge car chargers Car port is 70 metres away Barn is 100 metres away Supply is being moved in the house to new location out...
  9. EalingBadger

    Thames Valley police advertise huge haul of stolen gear

    Just in case any members might find this useful: Thames Valley Police seeks to reunite tradespeople with their stolen tools - http://news.thamesvalley.police.uk/news/thames-valley-police-seeks-to-reunite-tradespeople-with-their-stolen-tools-313503 (I had £10K of kit nicked just over a year ago...
  10. cprfenom

    Selling half a garage of gear due to taking employment

    Hi guys, Selling off a load of odds and sods mainly for domestic works due to going in to employment in the commercial sector. Includes racking, storage boxes, accessories and cable. Only thing is needs to be gone by the 18th.
  11. J

    Rusty VDE screwdrivers and tools

    Hello. I've spent the past few months Sticking a load of uni up And hanging ladder & tray up For submains etc to be pulled in Site was incredibly cold and wet as the work was primarily outside And my hand tools that haven't been used on the job have gone rusty What's the best way of cleaning...
  12. M

    New Gear box oil for electric motor

    Just had to pull off a damaged motor to be sent off (oil everywhere ) any ideals and I know it a very general question , what grade of oil to put back in when the motor comes back . Ta
  13. D

    Off the tools !!!

    HI Guys Im off the tools and in to design and management. I dont think my knees could take much more house bashing or my wife take another cut in the feed in tariff resulting in mad hours and destruction of loads of jobs. Im putting my old van stock on ebay just trying to shift it to people...
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