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  1. A

    Dishwasher works on some outlets

    Hey, Just got a new dishwasher and I went to plug it into it’s outlet and it’s doesn’t turn on. So I tested the outlet with the garbage disposal and it worked just fine. Tested a few other times and they all worked. I tried the dishwasher on different outlets and it worked on all of them. How...
  2. B

    UK Seeking some advice from qualified electricians or someone in the know

    My partners ex husband installed a trunking strip in the office of the house. There are x4 double sockets x1 single socket and multiple data connections. This is all ran off 1 outlet from and existing double socket. The plug is rated at 10A. Just curious what legal requirements are for this. She...
  3. D

    Power goes out in certain outlets

    Power went out three times. Once in Master bedroom and twice in the living room. Breaker not tripping and the reset on the outlet will not fix it. It's a total of 4 outlets
  4. A

    Outlets and lights on 15 amp breaker.

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I bought a house. I'm mapping the electric circuits. When I got to the living room outlets I had one 20 amp breaker remaining. I turned it off, the living room outlets stayed live. Replaced the breaker, just in case, no change. I turned off each breaker, one by...
  5. B

    Reverse polarity at socket outlets

    Had some line/neutral reverse polarity today at a job instead of tripping RCD/MCB it’s just melted socket outlet how come RCD/MCB didn’t trip? RCD tested fine??
  6. Bobby34

    Removing socket outlets

    Hi guys and girls, A client is moving their kitchen into another room that currently has a few sockets in it. The sockets are currently on a ring final circuit that covers every socket in the house. They've asked me to add sockets for the new kitchen so I am going to run a new kitchen circuit...
  7. sparks1234

    Marking up socket outlets

    this concerns commercial installations not domestic Is it now law according to new regulations to mark each socket with a circuit number
  8. a-z electrics

    Shaver skt with double outlets

    Anyone know if you can get a bathroom rated shaver socket with two 230v outlets (for 2 toothbrushes). Or alternatively smaller units? Or would it be ok to use both 115V and 230V skts simultaneously with two toothbrushes? They are such a lump arent they.. why can't they be smaller like the ones...
  9. oracle

    Irish socket outlets

    Been on holiday in Ireland for a week and every socket outlet in the flat is single unswitched. It's not an old flat and I realise it's acceptable I'm just so used switched sockets.
  10. gazdkw82

    Socket outlets On-site guide 18th edition

    I've searched and cannot find a breakdown of the A1,A2,A3 socket arrangements. Any ideas?
  11. P

    Two Pin Socket Outlets???

    Can anybody recommend a two pin 230V socket outlet suitable for charging electric toothbrushes? The nearest I have been able to find is a dual voltage shaver socket, but I don't really need the 110V as I don't use an electric shaver. The socket will be mounted within an enclosed airing...
  12. Strima

    Kitchen Island Socket Outlets

    I don't do a lot of domestic however SWMBO has decided she wants the kitchen sorting out next year. Part of the design is for a kitchen island and I'm looking at options for socket outlets. I don't really want any sockets at the end of units as the risk of kids snagging the cables etc are...
  13. John Lundrigan

    plugs and unswitched socket outlets used as isolators!

    Table 53.4 shows that plugs and unswitched socket outlets can be used as devices for isolation while carrying load current!. Functional switching can also be carried out in this way as well. Is this really a safe procedure? Am I interpreting this table incorrectly. Thanks Jonel
  14. loulew

    Opinions on USB Socket Outlets

    Just curious about everyones views and opinions on USB Socket outlets. I'm being asked more and more lately from customers about them, seems like they are starting to become very popular very quickly but i'm not quite sure how reliable they are just yet. I've fitted a fair few from leading...
  15. MerlinGremlin

    Do socket outlets in a Pub need to be RCD/RCBO protected!

    What are peoples thoughts on this, should socket outlets in the general public areas be RCD/RCBO protected? I believe they do and have put them down as a C2 on a recent EICR but recently got a phone call to say it's a C3!
  16. B

    2 gang socket with usb watch for them

    Horrible 2 gang switched socket with usb. Its very flimsey and has 2 earth terminals on the back for each socket that ARE NOT CONNECTED (by not connected I mean to each other each individual connection goes to one earth pin only) so watch for them. No suprise its from china on Ebay. White...
  17. mrhorse

    Amendment 3 RCD question...

    Hello everyone, Just getting familiar with the changes to BS 7671 brought in with Amendment 3. I have a question regarding Regulation 411.3.3 in particular. The Regulation states that an RCD should be provided for socket-outlets with a rated current not exceeding 20A for all installations...
  18. W

    Commercial Help explaining cable installation!

    Hi all I need help getting my head around wiring. I'm doing an assignment and in a large workshop I'd run swa. But am I correct in saying swa dosnt terminate in socket outlets and high bay lighting. My question is would I have to convert it to flex or twin and earth and if so how? Thanks
  19. J

    ring circuit why ?

    why do people use a ring circuit? i understand that the cable for example 2.5mm twin and earth can carry more current in theory another reason i can think of dont know if its why is the circuit may require a heavy use of socket outlets e.g an office using computers etc... but what other reasons...
  20. Resu

    European Sockets

    Hi all, my mum runs a B&B and has a lot of issues with European guests forgetting adapters, etc. and was wondering if fitting a European socket in the house would be ok? I'm yet to confirm the actual voltage in her house but can't see anything wrong otherwise? She's provided adapters in the past...
  21. T

    6 gang socket outlets

    I have a customer who would like 6 adjacent socket outlets installed in a kitchen. Obviously I can install 3 double socket outlets, but for neatness she would prefer one six-gang outlet. I think I've seen this in proprietary kitchen systems but can't find a generic one. Any recommendations?
  22. B

    Bathroom Hairdryer

    Hello All Wise and Wonderful Persons!!!! :rofl: (only joking!) I am currently working in a house which is being complete refurbished. Whilst walking through the job with the client, he asked if it was possible to have a power supply for a hairdryer within the basin unit in the bathroom, so...
  23. R

    Domestic Radial Circuit

    Recently i have wired a small dwelling house. I have used 2.5 mm Wire for a radial circuit of 2 double and 2 single sockets. (probably the cable length of 35 m) I am a bit conscious to know whether it will work for longer time. or i will need to make it a ring circuit. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST?
  24. C

    socket heights(Scotland)

    I am looking for some advice regarding socket and switch heights in an extension where the 2 bedrooms have been extended and some of the existing sockets kept and the switch kept. Basically the building inspector has pulled the new socket heights up and I asked him to relax this as it is an...
  25. S

    Outdoor 32A 3ph sockets

    Hi guys hope you can help! This might be a stupid question but in your opinions do 32A 3ph IP67 sockets to feed some outdoor jet wash units at a car wash require RCD protection? Doing a quote for a bloke who's shall we say a bit "careful" with his money. The integrated ones are about £300...
  26. A

    IEC C13 sockets on a UK faceplates?

    Does anyone know if anyone sells 1 or 2-gang faceplates fitted with IEC C13 socket outlets? These are the unshuttered 3 pin outlets found on many electronic equipment items, with a rating of 6 or 10 amps. I ask because I have put four 1.5 kVA UPS units in the cellar of my house where it is...
  27. M

    A3 radial circuit ????

    Im currently training as an electrician through ATL but i have actually been to college and done my level 1 and 2, plus had on site experience to a cirtain degree. my friend has asked me to put a new circuit from the consumer unit to his loft as he is converting it, he wants 2 socket outlets to...
  28. N

    Domestic Protection by RCD

    Hi all, Just a quick query on RCD protection. Looking at 3.6.1 of the OSG it states that RCD protection is required for; ii)socket outlets in domestic installations. - SO ALL SOCKETS SHOULD HAVE RCD PROTECTION? (unless specifically labeled as fridge, freezer ect...) iii)for circuits of...
  29. I

    commercial kitchen

    Hi all, Just wondering (as a guideline) what the IP rating should be for a commercial kitchen (switches, sockets, etc)? Thanks.
  30. G

    socket outlets

    Hi just a silly question but I have to ask this . On socket outlets which are for general use it says that they have to now be 20amp and rcd protected. Does that mean that 32amp socket outlets for general use have to be down graded ?
  31. 1capybara

    where RCDs are required, section 411.3.3

    Section 411.3.3 says: " In a,c. systems, additional protection by means of an RCD in accordance with Regulation 415.1 shall be provided for: (i) socket-outlets with a rated current not exceeding 20 A that are tor use by ordinary persons and are intended for general use, and (ii) mobile equipment...
  32. G

    Light Switch Inside Bathroom

    Am I correct in saying that a light switch (or even a socket for that matter) can now be installed inside the bathroom as long as the circuit is protected by an RCD and also it is outside Zone 1? Thanks for feedback
  33. G

    Install RCD Or Not

    Hi Just got off the phone with a very confused customer. Who is looking to have 8 sockets added to there living room. Board is old style wylex. I said that they may need to have a rcd installed to which I got the last electrician was just going to put it down as a advisory on a mwc. Now I have...
  34. L

    Sockets under Sink ?

    Most new kitchens you seem to have no option but to install sockets (for wash machine/dish washer etc) under the sink in the base unit. I do not believe there is any reg's restricting this but some kitchen fitters i come across still seem to think it is taboo (though they do it anyway). Am i...
  35. R

    100 mA rcd on tt system?

    HI, I've been asked to do a pir on a domestic installation, Means of earthing is a TT system using a 100 mA (not s-type) rcd as the main switch, covering all circuits. House is a rental property...Is there any real problem with this with regard to regs? would appreciate any advice thanks.
  36. B

    Lighting circuit calculation help

    Hi everybody, I've been asked at college- when installing additional lights to a house, whether it is necessary to install a seperate circuit when the existing lighting circuit already contains 10 lighting outlets. I know as a rule of thumb it's 10 lighting outlets per circuit, but what...
  37. D


    Commercial greenhouse - panel has a 4 pole 40A 300mA rcd feeding 3 x 3phase 16A socket outlets with 25A 30mA rcd's built in. Under 17th edition is this 300mA illegal. Customer wants local RCD's for ease of nuisance trips.
  38. R

    TP&N Socket Outlets

    Going into a job with another electrician. Putting in some 3ph circuits with socket outlets suppling some sort of cooking equipment in a kebab shop, Am I right in saying that these outlets should have a localised means of isolation? Or would isolation at db suffice? Ref to the BRB would be nice...
  39. K

    New sockets existing ring

    Hi all, ive been asked to add 2 extra socket to the ringmain in an office, the office is on a 32a mcb. all cabling is surface so will i need an rcd/rcbo if it was a new circuit i agree i would then need one, but do i need one for just adding sockets of existing circuit?? if yes this is...
  40. N

    Socket Outlet max demand with diversity

    Hi all, I know this is true: Power - 100% of the first ring circuit + 40% of all other circuits But in real terms, lets say I have three ring final circuits, one with 5 double outlets and two others both with 3 double outlets: Is the max demand therefore 10 x 13A + ((12 x 13A) * 0.4) = 192.4A...
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