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  1. T

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Mate in/around Coventry/West Mids. Trying to get started in commercial.

    Hi, Currently studying C&G 2365 Diploma Level 3 & 18th Ed (on hold due to Covid19 situation, one week left), looking to get into commercial jobs as a mate. Ideal location in and around Coventry and Warwickshire/West Midlands. Have been working with a local domestic electrician since Sept 2019...
  2. C

    UK Can I sign off electrical work

    A friend is converting his garage into an extra room in his house. Il be putting in a new ring and lighting circuit. I’m registered in Scotland with the SJIB as an installation Electrician with only the basic requirements: approved apprenticeship, 18th edition. Can I sign off the completion certs ?
  3. G

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as a Electrician's Mate in the Essex/London Area

    Hi i am looking to take the leap into the industry by looking to work full time as an electricians mate in the Essex/London area, i have a small amount of experience in the domestic side and i am currently enrolled on a college course. I have both ECS electrical labourer card and my CSCS...
  4. A

    Electrician Recently moved to Sheffield area and looking for work

    I have recently moved from London to Sheffield and am looking for work. I have 10 years experience across domestic and commercial sites and have attained all level 3 qualifications including the 18th edition and inspection and testing (2391).
  5. P

    Too much work, how to cope with it all..

    Morning Chaps Just wanted some advice I’m a sole trader one man band electrician I’ve had my firm about 3 years and built it up slowly, recently taken on some larger projects like new builds etc for builder I know. I’m now in the position where I’m booked up until August. My worry is I’ve just...
  6. L

    Electrician Electrical improver looking for work Essex

    Hi all, I'm a 33 year old electrical improver based in Harlow, looking for work in the Essex area. I've done my C&G level 2 and 3 aswell as the 18th Edition. I also have an ECS card. Experience in domestic (void and occupied) doing 1st/2nd fixes. Ideally looking for something permanent so...
  7. DannyJS

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver Looking for Work - Greater Manchester

    Looking to pick up work as an Improver, based near Manchester Airport, available now. Mainly domestic experience, some commercial, working with 2 local firms but not getting enough work and I am used to working overtime so keen to make more contacts and find more work. Punctual, polite...
  8. J

    1 gang to 2 gang Converter - how does it work?

    Hi all, how does this work? Does each edge of the face plate just sit over the wall? 1589826658
  9. D

    New Zealand Work as an electrician in New Zealand?

    Hi there I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Got all my qualifications from a recognised 4 year apprenticeship. Also got my 18th edition. Me and my girlfriend were wanting to go over to New Zealand and experience working abroad. How easy is it to get a job as an electrician in New...
  10. W

    Electrician Looking for work as an electricians mate in west midlands.

    Hi there, I recently completed my level 3 diploma in electrical installations and bs7671 18th edition regulations. I am looking to be taken on soon as an electricians mate or trainee. My goal is complete my nvq portfolio and work towards my gold card. Any help/advice would be very much...
  11. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as electricians mate

    Hi I’m 22 years old currently looking for work as an electricians mate/improver/apprenticeship in London/Essex. Any kind of opportunity would be appreciated as I’m trying to gain as much experience as possible. I have a few months experience in domestic dwellings (pulling cable, terminating...
  12. T

    UK how to work out what breaker to use and why (level 3 hotel extension assignment)

    I have 10 7.5A lights in a room on a breaker 10x7.5a=75a so 75a ÷ 230v is something crazy like 0.3A so what am I going to use a 1A breaker 😂 another example I have 700w AC unit 700w ÷ 230v= something like 3.2A yet again ovs not gonna use a 4amp breaker for a AC unit??? What am I doing wrong...
  13. H

    Looking to speak to / spend a week observing an experienced electrician in London

    Hi, I am looking to observe an experienced car electrician at work to understand more about the trade and the day-to-day needs and requirements. This is for a personal project. I will be out of the way and quiet most of the time but will ask a number of questions. If this is asking for too much...
  14. A

    UK Qualified electrician to certify my work remotely?

    I currently have a free standing cooker hard wired into a single appliance outlet plate with a cut off switch nearby and a dedicated rcd in my CU (32amp rcd). I want to buy a built in hob and oven and then connect them to a dual appliance outlet plate using 10mm wiring. I’d look for a hob and...
  15. J

    Hi there, Fisher and Paykel dishwasher Dw60FC6X1, has a blown resistor on the control module. Can’t recognise the bands!

    Blown resistor, how do I work out what it was to replace it?
  16. M

    Electricians Mate Looking for Voluntary work in London

    Hi Electricians Looking to gain practical electrical experience in the London area preferably commercial but will consider domestic as well. I'm willing to travel and dont expect to be paid whilst learning. Please give me shout if you need a helping hand. I'm confident and competent person...
  17. W

    New Zealand should i earth my steel garage work bench to the power point next to the bench.The bench is constructed of timber but has a solid steel top,cheers

    Should i earth my garage steel bench top,it is constructed of timber but has a 3mm steel top,
  18. B

    Do the standard C&G's at Lvl 3 cover industrial work?

    Just wondering as i see a lot of people say there's a lack of industrial electric knowledge. If they don't, what is the follow on qualification after the NVQ3+AM2 that can get you into industrial sparkying, or would it be just a work-based thing with the same theory but bigger cabling etc? Thanks.
  19. A

    UK dispute over unexplained "extra work" charge

    Hi, hoping to seek advice from this forum re a potential dispute between me as private individual homeowner and my electrician. We agreed a £45+VAT charge per point system for a total refub of a 2 bed flat London. I have the points/work list fully itimised and that has been verified by the...
  20. Electrokids

    The Principle Work of Electrodynamometer ( Revision advice needed if some information are wrong)

    Electrodynamometer Electrodynamometer is a device that we can use for measuring volts, current, and power. But mostly this used for measuring power in the circuit. For the construction of electrodynamometer wattmeter we gonna need some important part for this stuff to work. Moving coil...
  21. Gavin John Hyde

    Is this hourly rate low for paye work?

    Just been discussing various jobs etc with some other trades and been sent this job ad from pertemps for electricians in Edinburgh... What's your thoughts? Seems on the low side to me... After tax. Ni etc you ain't got much more than what sainsburys pay to stack shelfs...
  22. Dan

    Can Electricians Go To Work? - Yes, if you're able to safely

    Some government guidance regarding going to work during the weird times we're in. 4. Going to work As set out in the section on...
  23. Lister1987

    Dental work and COVID #whine

    I'm in the unlucky position of having issues with my teeth causing agonising pain but being unable to have anything done about it without IV sedation. I've tried getting hold of emergency dentists but no luck at all and even when I do speak with them they can't do a damn thing; they explain...
  24. P

    Emergency light checks - Essential work?

    I have cancelled all my jobs, but I conduct monthly light checks on blocks of flats, so I am planning on still doing them because I don't have to be inside peoples homes or near them (at least 2 metre separation). Would others also consider emergency light checks to be essential works?
  25. K

    Self employed electrician with no work due to covid19 what are my options

    Self employed electrician with no work due to corona virus. I’m a 1 man business carrying out work for private households mainly but due to cancellations I find myself with no work for foreseeable future. What are my options. Can I contact HMRC and say I’m no longer self employed and then apply...
  26. M

    Ferrite cores, how do they work?

    My understanding of the theory is: Some devices (e.g.motors) generate harmonic frequency currents & radio interference. Add a ferrite core: the oscillating current generates magnetic flux; ditto eddy currents; ditto heat. So the core will absorb energy from the wire, if correctly designed it...
  27. Dan

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO.

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO. I'm trying to find the video and or article where PM questions were extended. Kids who live with parents at two seperate homes can still go to both homes...
  28. Markyd

    So are electricians classed as key workers or as doing essential work? (Domestic)

    Half way through a kitchen refurb,clients are moving back in at weekend because of lockdown and i need to get some sockets and the oven working for them is this classed as essential work
  29. Z


    Hi everyone, i'm new here, and i really need your help. I have a bmw 316 2013 with the rear left turn signal that doesn't work even if i simply change the bulb, so i have the fast lighting on the others lamps. I asked some electricians, someone told me that could be the rear electric module or...
  30. G

    Electrician Looking for work

    A team of x3 Sparks and x1 mate looking for work. We are fully qualified in most aspects of the electrical industry. We are JIB gold card holders and have SSSTS, IPAF, Pasma and First Aid. If you require a push on any jobs please feel free to get in touch. Cheers.
  31. GBDamo

    Worst places to work.

    I'd like to forward pubs. I have been doing reactive maintenance in pubs for four months now and they are by far the worst. Forty years of semi-professionals sinking their retirement pots into a pub has led to some of the most creative electrical installation. Today I was sent to a lighting...
  32. Cableguy337

    Wasted thousands doing level 2/3 can't find work

    Hi All this is not a sob story, but I am becoming very frustrated that I have spent so much time and money training to get my qualifications. And now that I am applying for work, no one is willing to give me a chance. After following the advice from more experienced sparks on here. I have...
  33. Sydney27

    Electrician Electrical Improver Seeking work Reading Berkshire

    Hello I'm an Electrical Improver with 10+ years experience looking for work in the Reading area. I do commercial and industrial the last year I did an Amazon centre, office refits, nhs Radiotherapy suite, Screwfix new build, Pet food factory, Data centre, Pharmaceutical factory, Mercedes car...
  34. J

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver / Mate based in Watford looking for work

    Hi, I am a 25 yr old electrical improver / mate with 3 years experience in new builds (inc. hospital, Intu Watford expansion, university accommodation) looking for work in the Watford area or within around 30 -ish minutes of travel. I have an ECS card, 18th ed., IPAF, and NVQ level 3...
  35. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for full-time work/experience as Electrician's mate in London

    My name is Johnson I’m looking for any jobs as electrician’s mate. If not available I’m willing to work for cheap or free to gain experiences around London. I'm happy to be an extra pairs of helping hand and ready to start (my location is in Woolwich common, Greenwich south east London SE18)...
  36. T

    Electrician Looking for weekend work in leicester

    Electrical Experience I am looking at doing some voluntary electricians work at weekends with a local electricians who needs a hand. I have completed all my level 2 and 3 electrical qualifications of my own back and I just need to prepare for my AM2 exam My qualifications are: City and...
  37. S

    solar work round

    Just a thought, and idea. suppose I charge up 10 car batteries during the day from my solar power (grid connected), then using an AC inverter pure sine wave, connected to a separate extension lead NOT connected to the mains supply to power my fridge freezer and TV. any ideas
  38. D

    Electrician Looking for electricians mate to work for in the dorset area.

    I am qualified to 2330 level 3, have a car, power tools and have just bought a fluke multifunction tester, i've been practicing circuits at home, you can email me on [email protected], I am eager to learn.
  39. D

    Stroma Certification Scheme Is there any way of getting around being registered to sign off work?

    I've bought all the power and hand tools, and am planning to start up on my own doing small electrical jobs for people as a sole trader with small steps, the problem I think i'm going to have is being able to sign off the work when i've done it, my friend at college is working for someone so...
  40. M

    Electrician Looking for Electrical work experience in or around Harlow, Essex

    Hi, Having completed C&G level 3 and AM2, I am looking for ongoing work experience in or around Harlow and am happy to do it unpaid. I do not have a van, only a car, but have my own tools and will buy more as required. I have completed the ECS exam and it is valid until November 2021, but...
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