1. L

    BG Dryline boxes work of the Devil ?

    what is it about them ....gentle as hell tightening them up and the brass nuts rotate in the soft plastic !!! Never ever again . I needed to use 3 of them to replace a damaged Dryline box . Is BG stuff that bad ?
  2. P

    Self cerification of work but non member of ECA

    After a bit of advice as it seems starting from scratch and becoming a member of NIC or similar has mixed reviews on here.... Looking at starting up self employed again when on leave from work, after a few years working offshore. Im Getting my tester sent off to be calibrated and over the next...
  3. K

    Electrician Weekend Domestic Work

    Hi Everyone, I have recently completed my Part P, 18th Edition & Initial Verification course. I am looking for weekend work in an around Uxbridge (10-15 miles radius) for practical experience. I am generally good with most aspects of electrical installations and would be good as an electricians...
  4. N

    eicr certification -remedial work

    my company has just had a few EICR's on their flats carried out, a few c1's and 2's missing blanks on front of cu, top of cu not to IP standard. mcbs not rated properly. The company are withholding the certs until the work is carried out. Am I right in saying we are under no obligation to have...
  5. E

    Want to train/Domestic only/Notifiable work etc

    I am a 40 year old and want to re-train as an electrician but only work on domestic properties. I already have another business which runs itself and provides an income. I have no interest in working commercially or on building sites etc. I am currently taking the 2365 level 2, then level 3...
  6. timhoward

    IT system - how do RCD's ever work

    To avoid distracting another thread... @Julie helpfully said that an RCD can be used with an IT system to achieve disconnection after the second fault. I'm not understanding how. If both faults are between transformer and a load it just becomes a parallel path with negligible resistance, and...
  7. BulkWorkwear

    Comfort Fit Work Cargo Trousers

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  8. S

    Experienced work C&G

    Hi, has anybody done the C&G experienced worker? What’s involved? What training provider did you use?
  9. N

    Is this notifiable work ?

    Seeking some advice - electrician has done 2 jobs - are either of these notifiable as he says he doesn't usually supply a certificate 1) installing new electric radiators - swapping out existing heaters and connecting up new ones to existing circuits 2) installing a power cable from consumer...
  10. BulkWorkwear

    Disposable Nitrile Gloves from only £5.90 while stocks last

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  11. Leighd

    Does anyone know how to work this

    I’m at a loss here, underfloor heating in an apartment we moved into. If I turn on the switch on the fuse board it’s just on constant. Can someone explain this and how to work it ?
  12. G

    How does a D curve breaker work

    Hi all I have a bench saw which is tripping a 100amp breaker on a workshop spread. The question i have is how does a D curve breaker work? I know it has a longer trip time to deal with the start up of a motor. On this occasion a single phase saw with 14amp running load. Does the breaker stop...
  13. markythesparky

    Pricing for trench work

    Hi guys. We have been asked to price for some floodlighting and this will involve a substantial amount of trench work through a field and then six larger holes for columns. How would you guys price this and the other ground work involved in the sand blinding for the cables and concreting for the...
  14. S

    Will ev chargers work without wi fi and blue tooth connections?

    Have been asked to install a car charger(Pulsar Plus)where the customer is not going thro the grant scheme.Wondered if I need a cat 5 in the supply cable for a basic install. Thanks for any advice...
  15. ImpededLoop

    What kind of work do you do?

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I wondered what kind of electrical work everyone does? For me I'm self employed for 2 days a week and employed for the other 3. For both jobs I work in the further/higher education sector installing and maintaining most things electrical. The 3...
  16. R

    How EXACTLY do immesion heater tank thermostats work ?

    My first post after extensive Googling. I'm qualified as an elctronics engineer (retired) Posting this question here in hopes that an enquiring electrcian will know the answer. The last time I changed a tank stat, I disasembled the old one and kept the 18" brass tube and central steel thin rod...
  17. BiddeldyBwah

    Get 18th, Get testing and inspection, go to work?

    Sat contemplating life as normal and started thinking about this. Anyone can do the 18th and the testing and inspection qualifications. So is it not theoretically possible to do those and simply specialise in testing and inspection? I mean why go through installation courses etc if you can...
  18. B

    My lights stopped work

    My kitchen lights (2 brand new led lights) both stopped working. Tried flipping the breaker and replacing the light switch. Nothing worked. I took a volt meter and checked the wiring to the switch, I can't get a reading, it appears that there is no power coming thru the wires (I'm an idiot and...
  19. R

    Apprentices Looking for work around Liverpool, Wirral and North West

    I’m currently looking to move on from my company. If anyone has any roles available in the Fire and Security or as an Electrical Trainee in and around Liverpool and surrounding areas I have the following: • City and Guilds Level 2 2365 • City and Guilds Level 3 2365 • City and Guilds Fire and...
  20. A

    Electrician Looking for electrical work in the Swansea area

    Hi, I'm looking for full time work in the Swansea area. I'm already capable of doing full rewires on my own to give you an idea of my knowledge and ability. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, Andrew