1. Rockingit

    A short story about when CPD won't work...

    Just thought I'd share this quick sobering story that happened to me a couple of weekends ago.... Overhead 230v lighting festoon, LED golf ball ES, zig-zagging it's way merrily down a street in Central London used for market stalls underneath. Not my installation! High vehicle managed to...
  2. Retroelectric

    Estimate Or Quote For Smaller Jobs?

    Hi all, Just wondering what the general situation is with other people on smaller jobs, do you give a quote or estimate to the client before you do any work? I understand quotes for newbuilds / rewires etc. but smaller bits like replacing smoke alarms or adding a couple of sockets to a good...
  3. J

    Symbol meaning for design work

    Afternoon, can anybody please tell me what this symbol means? Many thanks
  4. R

    Electricians Mate Looking for work around North-East area, willing to travel.

    Mate with site experience, 18th edition, ECS, 2365 own tools and transport looking for work around the North-East willing to travel. If interested message me for more info. Thanks
  5. J

    Electrician Electrician Mate - Looking for Work

    Hello, I have completed the BS7671:2018 (2022) and Part P recently. Currently aiming to complete the Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings and only have two assessments left to do - Portfolio and 1 Day Practical Exam. Recently...
  6. S

    Looking for improver work

    Hiall, I'm looking for electrical improver work in South East England. I have 2 years experience in commercial, industrial and domestic installation and testing. Have my own battery power and hand tools plus own transport. Have CIS card, ipaf and 18th edition.
  7. L

    Best places to find work abroad as a UK spark?

    This has probably been asked 1000 times. I am just coming to the end of my apprenticeship and was interesting in trying to work abroad. I was just wondering where is the best place to look to find opportunities to work abroad? Are there any agencies which specialise in UK sparks working abroad...
  8. G

    What’s work and pay like in Belfast?

    Hi guys, looking for some feedback from electricians living in Belfast (carrickfergus) area. Looking at potentially migrating to that area within the next year so was looking to see what’s work like up there and what’s the salary like? I currently live in guernsey. I did a 5 year apprenticeship...
  9. D

    EWA (experience work assesment) for Part Pee ?

  10. Hodl T

    Contract work ND for PT/Or Hourly Contract possibly FT if right fit

    Hello fellow my fellow Sparkies I'm new here and go by HT! I am a Data Center engineer and build large operations in ND and am seeking to hire a Journeyman to come out on contract/ft/pt to make connections and terminations on the datacenters i build. If anyone is interested please reach out to...
  11. I

    Industrial certification required to work in usa or any other european country

    Please, what certification is required to work in usa or any other european country as a foreigner. I am an industrial electrician with masters degree in electrical engineering
  12. Pastory

    How does a photocell work?

    Can someone explain to me with a sketchy circuit as how a photocell we install in homes for fence lights actually works. Animation video or normal would be greatly helpful.
  13. EleElectric

    Other Looking for Work Experience

    Hi all, hope you're well I'm hoping to find an electrician around Leicestershire/Northamptonshire that would be willing to allow me to come out on jobs with them and generally help them out in anyway. Recently I have done a small bit work experience with an experienced spark but he is retiring...
  14. L

    About data point . Can this work

    One client asking me to replace two one gang existing RJ45 data socket . One of them have to replaced with 4 gang and another one gang replace with 2 gang. its two different office and before its was just one computer on both office . Now client wants to connect 4 different computers in one...
  15. H

    Is 187 hours of work reasonable?

    Our electrician has billed us for 187 hours to start 1st fix on 2 x bedrooms and 2x en-suites. He hasn’t completed 1st fix fully yet. He’s also put in 3 x double sockets and 2x cat 6 cables in other bedrooms. Is this a reasonable amount of hours v work? Mainly the work is just bedroom...
  16. B


    BH Electrics, is growing our team. Located in beautiful Port Douglas, Far North Queensland provides electrical solutions to commercial, residential, and government clients within the Port Douglas, North Cairns and surrounding community. Our award-winning company has ongoing maintenance and...
  17. M

    Gfci won’t work , wires are hot though.

    I need help, I’m trying to install a outside plug so I can charge my boat, I ran all the wire….checked wire outside and it works, once I shocked myself, second I put bare wires on heat gun and it came on. Everytime I wire plug up, I get nothing. I even had a second plug so I swapped them out and...
  18. Regi Barking Mad Barker

    Need Help Separating Swiches & Receptical to work independently of each other

    As the title suggests, I need help in trying to make the switiches & receptical work independently of each other. Circuit and photos are attached. So, the fan switich wont work if the light switch is not on and neither will the GFCI receptical. But the receptical will work independently of the...
  19. deamonata

    Advice for dealing with dodgy electrical work

    Hi there, We're currently having a new kitchen fitted and in the process we've had some new electrical work done. The electricains are comeing back on friday to install a new fuse as they didn't have a 16A one with them for the outside sockets (the cable is apparently not suitable for the size...
  20. C

    Work has gone quiet … Advice!

    Hi Just curious to see what people do if the work starts to go quiet. Not really happened to us before!!!!! We are general contractors, bit of everything (Schools, Restaurants, HVAC that sort of thing) - Do you ring round existing customers just as a ‘Hello we are still here’ sort of thing...
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