1. R

    Being Slow at Work - Advice for an Apprentice.

    I was speaking to one of our Apprentices today who has been with us just under 3 years and is coming to the end of his apprenticeship. He said whilst I was away on holiday they gave him a ‘test’ which involved doing a full installation of an intruder alarm. You have another engineer there just...
  2. S

    Electricians Mate Mature level 3 re-trainee seeks improver/mate full-time, part-time or adhoc work

    Recently, I've successfully completed all C&G 2357 level 3 knowledge units, having re-trained from the software industry. I'm now looking for experience with commercial and domestic work to get a foothold in the industry and complete the NVQ portfolio. At present, I currently hold the...
  3. H

    Electrician Looking For Work as Electricians Mate - Rochdale, Manchester/ Greater Manchester Area.

    Hi Everyone, Looking for an opportunity as an electricians mate, with the aim of gaining my NVQ and AM2. I have recently got my Level 2 & 3 2365 Diplomas, also have 7671 18th edition, Building Regs, and 2392 inspection and testing certs. I have my own basic tools, a driving licence and vehicle...
  4. B

    2 x portable work cabin

    Hi everyone need help pls I need to power 2 x portable work cabin The meter people came today installed new supply with one meter 25 meters away from the 2 cabin Each cabin have 3 heaters sockets lights My question is what size Swa cable can I use Cable length 35 meters from meter box
  5. B

    Electricians Mate Looking for work Hants/Surrey

    Hi, just completed my 2365 levels 2 & 3 and I’ve got my BS7671 qualification. So I’m looking to start out as a mate to gain experience so I can complete my NVQ and work towards AM2. Based in Liphook in Hampshire on the Surrey / West Sussex border. I’ve got my own tools and transport and am keen...
  6. Rockingit

    So how do these work, then?

    Curious about how these work - LED’s behind the knobs on my gas BBQ, except there’s no energy source apart from the passing LPG - anyone have an idea?
  7. S

    Is work slower than normal?

    Gosh, I've been asking a lot of questions today, this one's a big ask. I don't know about the peaks and troughs of working in this industry but it feels like things have slowed right down in the last few months, compared to last years work. It's slowly ticking along, rather than being swamped...
  8. Alan Landlord

    remedial work after EICR.

    hi i had an EICR report done for a property i let. It had a number of C1 and C2 observations. I got a different electrician to come in and correct these as well as replace my old fuse board to a consumer unit. Following the work, he is giving me 2 additional C2 observations that were not in...
  9. C

    Level 2 work available

    I'm currently doing a electricians course and plan on getting my level 2 this year. I'm just wondering what work would be available for me when I get my level 2. I ideally don't want to be on apprenticeship wage as I can't afford to live on that. I will also be going for my level 3
  10. Grangewood

    NAPIT Registered Electrician in England can I install in Jersey (Channel Isles) and Register work.

    I have been invited by a family member to Jersey, for a bit of a holiday whilst also installing 3 EV Chargers I am a qualified installer in England / Wales. I have checked to ensure my qualifications will allow me to conduct work in Jersey but cannot get a definitive answer. I obviously would...
  11. J

    Can you sign off any work with a 30ma RCD.

    Hi, my question is. If I have an old wylex consumer unit with NB type 2 breakers (not 60898). Or let's say any CU for that matter. If it's protected by a 30ma RCD, will that pass the cert?. Or for example will the use of old mcbs not be up to standard. Thanks
  12. B

    work trousers for trainee electrician

    any recommendations for work trousers, preferably 35 quid and under?
  13. W

    Can the company I work for sign off my work?

    Hi guys got a question to ask: In Scotland for reference. My mate recently bought a house and he is wanting me to do an EICR, new Consumer Unit, new shower and extra sockets. I have been qualified for almost 3 years, however I am not approved. My question is can I carry out this work myself...
  14. JasonB

    Electricians Mate Looking for Mate/Improver work Hampshire, West Sussex Portsmouth based.

    Hi, I am based in Portsmouth 44 years old and just finished lvl 2 2365 and starting lvl 3 in September. 18th edition booked also but i really keen on working in a electrical role whilst doing lvl 3. Mechanical engineer by trade and fancy a late life change.. Have some install experience...
  15. F

    Work Abroad - Middle East

    Hello there, The job I'm on at the moment will be coming to an end shortly and the company won't have any work close to my home afterwards. I quite like the idea of going to the Middle East but i can't see very many jobs, a few for hotel maintainence. Has anyone worked in this part of the...
  16. J

    Electrician Looking for work as an apprentice/mate in Dartford, Kent area.

    Hi, I've recently done a Level 2&3 Electrical Installation course, and since come to the quick conclusion it's not worth the paper it's printed on. I know lots about hysteresis, and not very much about wiring up a house! I'm looking to work with a spark around the Dartford area so I can learn...
  17. Knight499

    Mate/Labourer/Trainee Work

    Hi All I’m looking to get into the electrical industry. I’m 41 years old and after a 17 year career in IT (and a huge change in personal circumstances) I’m looking for a complete change of path and a new challenge. I don't like the idea of attending an “intense” course at a training facility...
  18. L

    Signing off others work

    Evening all. Is there a stigma of signing off someone else’s work? If you came out and tested and all was ok…are you happy to sign off? Anyone who strictly would not entertain this? I don’t have the test and inspect certs so am unable to do this but don’t want to run into a problem once...
  19. L

    BG Dryline boxes work of the Devil ?

    what is it about them ....gentle as hell tightening them up and the brass nuts rotate in the soft plastic !!! Never ever again . I needed to use 3 of them to replace a damaged Dryline box . Is BG stuff that bad ?
  20. P

    Self cerification of work but non member of ECA

    After a bit of advice as it seems starting from scratch and becoming a member of NIC or similar has mixed reviews on here.... Looking at starting up self employed again when on leave from work, after a few years working offshore. Im Getting my tester sent off to be calibrated and over the next...
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