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  1. T

    UK Finishing someone else’s work

    Hi all new to the forum go easy, I’ve been asked to finish a job off (going to look at it tomorrow to see how visible the install is) just wondering how we go about this? Obviously i will test before anything would be done but what to do after just issue a PIC and tell the customer to notify...
  2. H

    Domestic plz answer

    Hi experts. i am a non professional unqualified hobbiest electrian only lean and work in do it yourself manner. my question is if Electic supply company disconnects both neutral and phase supplies to accomplish power cuts ?
  3. J

    Electrician Looking for weekend industrial work

    Hello, I'm 24 years old, and I work full-time, Monday to Friday, as a plant technician in a waste processing plant (I have been there for almost 2 years). I'm currently enrolled on the City & Guilds level 2 electrical installations diploma and will start the level 3 after finishing the level...
  4. S

    Can I sign-off work?

    Can any qualified electrician sign off EICR and EIR. can you do this without being part of on of the electrical associations? Also I am in Scotland incase any differences apply Thanks
  5. P

    Looking for someone to give me work experience or sponsor for an apprenticeship?

    Hi I am located in Blackburn lancashire. I am currently studying level 2 diploma in electrical installation. I have been told I need to either do a week work experience with and electrician or company to pass my course. or have a sponsor for an apprenticeship. if anyone can help me it...
  6. P

    Electrician Electrical Improver seeking work in South London

    Good morning all, I'm an electrical improver based in Bromley, South London and am looking for work in the surrounding area. I've got: 2365 Level 2 & 3 BS7671 18th Edition Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Own tools Full PPE ECS card Attached is a copy of my CV and if you have any...
  7. A

    Electricians Mate Seeking full/part time temp/permanent work Chelmsford,Witham,Maldon Essex.

    Looking for work in the above areas. I have the following; ECS card Installation C&G 2365 FAA level 2 first aid Six years electrical work experience Full clean driving licence Own tools 24 years old Currently out of work due to building company going under during covid Available immediately
  8. L

    Drilled through kitchen light cable repaired with crimps now none of my lights work up or downstairs

    My son was moving a cupboard for me & deliberately went diagonal from light switch to avoid cable. Then no bang or flash of light he just stopped & said I’ve went through a cable. After seeking advice on how to repair, we attempted to use cable crimps. Turned the power back on & not only did my...
  9. P

    Work experience Newcastle Durham area

    Time served electrician been away from the tools for a while.Just passed 18th edition and studying inspection and testing.Need work experience couple days a week domestic.No payment at all .just to help out a Sparky and pick up experience.
  10. D

    Sockets have live feed but don't work

    I know the title is super vague but I have details here is the problem/context.. I recently had my kitchen done (including the lighting) which has caused two of my sockets upstairs to stop working. The house's had a previous extension so some of a ring circuit up stairs is also down
  11. Mark Wright

    Electrician Best way to find further work experience with someone trustworthy I.e not a cowboy

    Can anyone give advice on finding work experience with someone who's not a cowboy, I'd love to continue this line of work it's been quite a ride but like many finding work experience is hard, i'd love to find someone who follows the rules etc and not fag breaks every 5mins. I did contact one...
  12. D

    Is everyone’s work pretty much back to normal ?

    work pretty much back to normal or still slow due to the pandemic...? my stuff has slowed quite a bit , got one or two things on the go , one or two quotes in but no where near as much post pandemic
  13. M

    How to certify work for inspection before joining Napit or Elecsa?

    How to certify work for inspection before joining Napit or Elecsa? Afternoon All, I am qualified to C&G 236 1 and 2 from along time ago! I also meet the criteria for both elecsa and Napit Part P schemes but I am a little confused by the requirement to get an example of my work tested and...
  14. H

    Electrician Mate looking for work in Swindon area to 1hr out

    C&G Level 3 CSCS 1 year experience, new builds (1st & 2nd fix), rewires, small works & site work, some test & inspec. Willing to relocate. Please PM me for email address for discussion, cheers. :D
  15. Simon-0116

    Eicr - who can do remedial work

    Firm we work for uses a national testing / safety firm for all health and safety etc. They have carried out a eicr and there is a few c2, and 1 x db change / further investigation noted. They say only they can carry out the work at extortionate prices. How do we stand. Do we do work and...
  16. C

    New member & want to seek advice

    Hi everyone, I am currently living in HK. I am going to apply the working visa next year and would like to become an electrician in UK (probably living in Manchester). I have no related experiences and skills in this field. As I did some researches, I would like to seek advice about how to...
  17. M

    U.S. Electrician looking to work in Scotland

    Greetings, I'm currently living in NY (way Upstate, above Albany). The wife & I are considering to take an extended stay to borders in Scotland. Obviously no time too soon because of COVID. We've visited for a few weeks at a time before & want to do a few months next time. Not being...
  18. John Matrix

    How is everyone doing for work?

    So after all this Covid 19 stuff. How are people doing for work? Are many people still off work?
  19. Stevetheaviato

    Did anyone struggle to complete there nvq level 3 because the company they work for doesnt provide the right kind of work ? Or is this corse simple en

    Did anyone struggle to complete there nvq level 3 because the company they work for doesnt provide the right kind of work ? Or is this corse simple and is there anything that was difficult in your experience?
  20. M

    UK Domestic work and Corona Virus

    Hi. I have been recently told by a friend that I will need to issue and sign a waiver to say I do not have Corona virus and get the client/home owner to sign it aswell to say they dont have it, Every time I go to a property. Is this some people have done or need to do from now on. Mainly due...
  21. Dan

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread)

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread) Firstly, Hi lads and ladies. Apologies it has been a while posting here. @Lou and I have been checking in every now and again to catch up with some things. I have 101 unread messages and 1,160...
  22. L

    Electrician Electricians mate/improver seeking work essex/london

    Hi All, I'm based in Loughton, Essex. Looking for the opportunity to work as a electricians mate/improver. I've got my Level 2 2365 and 17th Edition alongside my ECS card. I'm currently about to start home studying for the 2365 Level 3 and looking at doing the NVQ and AM2 in the future to get...
  23. M

    Solar farm work

    Looking for: -Skilled worker / electrician looking to get out into the fields to help with general maintenance - swapping panels, aiding fault finding etc. -Competent electrician (solar experience not essential) for fault finding, repairs, replacing inverters, upgrades, evaluation projects...
  24. B

    Can an outlet work if the wiring is fried?

    Recently we experienced a breaker failure. The electrician came by, replaced the breaker, and told us that the breaker had received a surge from the outlet of a device that fried the outlet and wiring. He also informed us that the whole wall would have to be removed to redo said wiring. The...
  25. RutlandFox

    WANTED: Electrician's Mate / Improver - 2 week's work - Ashbourne, Derbyshire

    I have 2 weeks' work on a house rewire in Ashbourne. Rate will be daily, to be decided depending on experience but essentially market rates. You will need to work unassisted some of the time - so I need someone who is able to pull cables and do first fix without getting in a muddle or running...
  26. D

    What battery and what LED will work best to maintain constant brightness for 10 hours?

    Hi there, Just to say I apologise for my lack of basic knowledge, this is something I am interested in learning more on! Anyway I am looking to build a UV emitting light system that shines continuously for 10 hours at least, compromising of an LED, a battery and a resistor I guess. The goal is...
  27. K

    Who can fix electrical equipment at work

    I am a cleaner and the neutral pin on my hoover plug got damaged. I don't yet know who fixed it but it looks like they have put a new cord on as it is a sealed plug. They have also took the oat test ticket off the old plug and stuck it on the new one. Would an electrician have to have done the...
  28. E

    Electrician Full/part time work wanted trainee liverpool

    Hi I'm 22, in Liverpool, full drivers licence, completed Level 2 Electrical Installations and about to complete Level 3 this next month. I'm looking for what seems the impossible ... practical experience and training on site, I'd appreciate any advice, help or a job offer! :thumbsup: Thanks
  29. jc71292

    Electrician Looking for work as a Mate - Improver - Apprenticeship --- Lincolnshire

    Hello Guys, I'm 27 and looking to get work as an improver / mate so that I can complete the NVQ. I have the City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 in Electrical Installations as well as the 18th edition. Prior to the pandemic I managed to work with a local electrician for just over a month, but...
  30. J

    Electrician Looking for work in the Ellesmere Port and Cheshire area

    Looking for work around the Ellesmere Port, Cheshire area Currently doing a level 2 night course and would like to get a foot in in the industry. Hard working and really keen to learn all aspects of the electrical industry. Any contact would be great
  31. C

    Electricians Mate looking for work in the electical industry to gian experience grimsby and surrounding areas

    looking for work in the electrical indstusry to gain working experience, i have completed level 2 and almost done level 3
  32. J

    House rewire - Certfied Work

    So I am going to get some quotes for a house re-wire, The consumer unit is 6 Ways. I am a but confused with the following: Now who informs the council after the work is done? The electrician or myself? Also what standards should I ask for? NICEIC or NAPIT
  33. T

    Minor work certificate

    Hi there, Quick question about a MWC. What is the general practice in case you do an addition to an existing RFC, in this case adding 4 spot lights in bathroom to a radial first floor light circuit or adding a socket to a what is supposed to be ring final. But then you realise there are some...
  34. A

    Electrician Looking for work in East london / Essex

    Hi people Hope you're all well. Currently looking for work around East London/Essex. I'm willing to travel a fair bit. I have my own tools, transport, ECS, IPAF and 2yrs experience on the tools. People I've worked with have always given me positive feedback. Im a very quick learner...
  35. M

    Electrician Electrician looking for work in the Banbury/Oxfordshire area.

    I have been working for an established company in Aylesbury for the last year and a half. The work was mainly domestic with a small amount of commercial work. I’m qualified to level 3 2365. I also have my 18th edition and ev charging qualification. I’m am competent in testing and using the...
  36. S

    Quality of work in new builds

    Hi guys, working round a friends brand new house at the weekend and discovered this in the meter box. Why can’t people do things properly? Also twisted cpc’s in common sleeving and no cable identification on 3C+E s
  37. A

    Electrician Electrical Improver looking for work, C&G L3 + IPAF, East London

    Hi Im currently looking for work as Electrical Improver. Im based in Romford (Essex). City and Guilds Level 3 , NVQ L3 and IPAF, just waiting to do my AM2 to get me gold card. Kindly PM me if you have anything going Regards Ash
  38. D

    UK Need to work on my home alarm system

    Hi all, I'd be most grateful for any advice please. We have a G3 alarm with an Accenta remote control panel. I'm doing some renovation work and need to extend some of the alarm wiring and, while I'm at it, replace the well-worn keypad. My question is this: can I work on the main control...
  39. O

    Connecting 2 pir lights to work together

    Hi, I want to install 2 led pir floodlights directly from consumer unit and for them to work together when either sensor is set off. Can I run a cable to the first light (L,N,E) and then from the first light to the second light the same (L,N,E) and then run another cable from L1 to L1 on either...
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