1. HappyHippyDad

    The work always comes in doesn't it!

    Perhaps twice a year I get down to around 1 week of booked work and I get just a little jittery, not too much, just a little, but enough to make me start thinking about popping an ad in the local paper (if that is still a thing). Then, within a day or 2, or even a few hours, I have 2 or 3 large...
  2. S

    I Need Work Any weekend work for someone who’s in the military?

    Currently serving in the Royal Engineers and doing my level 3 DAO electrician course, i’m looking for weekend work (domestic/ commercial) around the devon/Somerset area to gain experience working as an electrician to help with my AM2 and when i decide to leave the army, as i want to be an...
  3. M

    I Need Work Electricians mate/ improver work

    Looking for work in either Kent or London. Level 3 qualified. Very hardworking
  4. M

    Electrician Jobs Electricians mate Work in Harrow

    Hi guys I am renovating flat in Harrow on the hill I need electrician mate to work to work second fix I need handy man with paint experience I need painter Please pass details to any one looking for work starting Tuesday This work for 1 week, After that starting in pinner for 4 weeks work...
  5. JasonB

    How to source Sub Contract Work

    Hi all, Is there companies or people out there that can help source sub contract work as im not sure where to start. I know you get recruitment companies to help you getting PAYE work places but i really want to get some sub contract work but didnt know if there is somewhere you can get a heads...
  6. M

    I Need Work Seeking Work Experience.

    I’m looking for a couple of days a week work experience I’m in my second year of Electrical Installations Studies at the Manchester College UK. Willing to work for free to gain experience. Able to travel across Stockport and Manchester.
  7. R

    I Need Work Looking for work

    Hi, I am looking for work or to work with a qualified electrician who is patient or is willing to have a helper who can become just as good in a short time; I have experience in the electrical field, working more in the electrical infrastructure: electric car charging stations, street lighting...
  8. J

    I Need Work Looking for weekend PLC/ industrial controls call-out work

    Hello, I'm interested in working PLC/ industrial controls weekend call-out work for any companies who need it. I'm based in the south of England. Primarily I work with Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs. Thanks, Josh
  9. K

    UK Will my electrical work need signing off?

    I have recentley added a porch to my house it did not require building regs due to my original door stopping in place. The electrician has installed a socket & light off my original socket & lighting will this work need registerng and signing off ?
  10. R

    RV plug using existing power run, will this work?

    we just replaced our hot water tank with hot water on demand (natural gas) and still have the old power run for the tank which is 30a 240v. I would like to use that power run to put a plug in for my RV ( 30a 120v). currently the run has a ground and 2 hot wires so I wanted to know that if I...
  11. J

    How to lan work two computer

    Hello How lan connect two computer to one lan internet
  12. strider6

    I Need Work Looking for work around South West London

    Hi there, This might be a bit of a long shot, but doesn't hurt to try. I'm based in South West London (Richmond/Twickenham) and I'm about 7 weeks into my C&G 2365 L2 course (602 exam soon) at the moment. I have some past commercial and residential site experience (~1yr) and have my own hand &...
  13. G

    I Need Work Electricians needed for project work in Toronto, Canada. **Immediate start**

    We are a UK registered Electrical company with a large contract based in and around Toronto, Canada. Are you looking for work? We have a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has an Electrical License with a valid Visa/Work permit for Canada. If this sounds appealing to you or possibly someone...
  14. N

    Bathroom extractor fan won't work but...

    I've installed a replacement bathroom extractor fan. Pic on the left is the old one. Pic on right is the new one. Wired the same way but the fan won't work when the bathroom lights are switched on. But if I put a multi meter on the Switched Live & Live terminals, it starts working. Is the fan...
  15. R

    I Need Work Looking for work around North-East area, willing to travel.

    Mate with site experience, 18th edition, ECS, 2365 own tools and transport looking for work around the North-East willing to travel. If interested message me for more info. Thanks
  16. J

    I Need Work Electrician Mate - Looking for Work

    Hello, I have completed the BS7671:2018 (2022) and Part P recently. Currently aiming to complete the Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings and only have two assessments left to do - Portfolio and 1 Day Practical Exam. Recently...
  17. S

    I Need Work Looking for improver work

    Hiall, I'm looking for electrical improver work in South East England. I have 2 years experience in commercial, industrial and domestic installation and testing. Have my own battery power and hand tools plus own transport. Have CIS card, ipaf and 18th edition.
  18. C

    Electrician Jobs Looking for Qualified electrician on a subcontract basis who is willing to work away ( Eicrs)

    I am a DI with a large customer base, due to the local licensing law being introduced many customers needing an EICR also large amounts of new installation work available, immediate start. accommodation available.
  19. B

    Boiler won't work off generator

    As a young man, I was an electrician, but now I'm getting on, I am strictly DIY. I used to have a cheap old 900W petrol generator connected to a dedicated twin socket which I used to run my gas central heating boiler (plus essential TV) in the event of a power failure. It worked fine, but...
  20. Hodl T

    Electrician Jobs Contract work ND for PT/Or Hourly Contract possibly FT if right fit

    Hello fellow my fellow Sparkies I'm new here and go by HT! I am a Data Center engineer and build large operations in ND and am seeking to hire a Journeyman to come out on contract/ft/pt to make connections and terminations on the datacenters i build. If anyone is interested please reach out to...


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