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  1. T

    What kind of qualifications do you need to be able to work as an Electrician or be hired by a company?

    What kind of qualifications do you need to be able to work as an Electrician or be hired by a company? this could be from your personal experience what helped you get the job without the help of knowing someone who works for a particular trade. What would be the best route to be able to get...
  2. D

    Work experience

    Hi, ive just started doing a course doing an electrical course through NTC. The question, is there any company/ individual/s looking for someone like me to work for them that’s just for the experience and not looking to be paid for it.
  3. T

    Price work rates

    My employer recently wanted me to work to a price rate rather than an hourly rate what do you guys think to these prices £35 a test and £30 to replace a consumer unit i think theyre absoloute mugs
  4. T

    Electrician Work as a mate/improver in London. Own tools and transport.

    I am 27 years old, based in London, with aspirations to qualify and work as an electrician. I apply myself well with a strong work ethic and problem solving abilities, and have a serious desire to learn and succeed. I recently left a job with EDF where I worked in metering...
  5. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for work around Stoke-on-Trent area

    Hi, I’m currently enrolled in my final year of the City & Guilds 2357 course and I’m looking for some form of employment within the industry. Preferably full time as a mate/trainee but anything will suffice for experience at the moment. I have several months of experience working part time as a...
  6. gazdkw82

    Process for certifying work

    Got a job for a friend in motion. Consumer unit change. Bonding is good and system had been tested so I'm confident no problems will occur with the introduction of RCD protection. My question is, what's the process in getting the work certified. I'm qualified but not registered with a scheme...
  7. J

    Electrician Electrician in the Nantwich area, looking for work. (18th & 2391)

    Electrician in the Nantwich area, looking for work. (18th & 2391) Own van, tools & PPE
  8. D

    USA 230v european motorized pencil sharpener in 110v usa outlet bogs down

    Have a 220v (wired for Sweden) motorized pencil sharpener (Boston X-acto model 41). Since its a motor it does not work right, bogs down in 120v usa power outlet. What do i need maybe a transformer?
  9. R

    I'm looking for work.

    I'm looking for work in either the domestic or commercial sector. I have 10 years experience I'm qualified to City and Guilds level 3 17th edition have a ESC card and am working towards NVQ level 3. I've been very fortunate having the oppurtunity to work for a small reputable local company which...
  10. D

    Hello I work for a company in the UK and have done for 15 years, as of this year I’ve been told the following.....

    Hello I work for a company in the UK and have done for 15 years but as of this year I’ve been told that the type of work we will be undertaking will change and I will need a certain type of card to get on site ( perilously just certificate). Now I am being told I have to source these things my...
  11. R

    LED don’t work

    Trying to replace 12v halogen downlighter with led but the replacements don’t work.
  12. Paul Whybrow

    Electricians Mate I'm Looking For Work

    Looking For Work as an Electricians Mate in Kent or London, I have my ECS card have completed 2365 level 2 and 3 also have done the 18th. I have ipaf 3a/3b and asbestos awareness. if anyone knows of anything please get in touch, I have references and an up to date CV. Thank you in advance
  13. C

    Electricians Mate Work wanted

    Looking for electrical installation work in West Sussex, surrey. Got some office refurb and domestic experience, currently in the final stages of logic level 3, looking to complete my portfolio and progress to bridging unit ASAP.
  14. R

    Allowable electrical work by non-registered person

    In terms of the Part P regulations, am I as a DIYer (that is to say non-registered electrician), allowed to replace the dimmer module in a light switch myself and replace the transformer on low voltage lighting with a new one? I will not be installing any new equipment and neither will I be...
  15. R

    Head Torch & Work Light

    I’m looking for a decent head torch and work light. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  16. A

    Looking for Electrical Improver Job

    Hello I have recently obtained my C&G Level 3 and ECS card and i’m currently looking to find some work. Called a few agencies but nothing as of yet, also applied on totaljobs etc but nothing. I’ve worked in domestics and a little in commercial but want to step foot in the field properly so I...
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  18. F

    Anybody looking for work in Wiltshire??

    Work available in Wiltshire please contact us via this thread.
  19. L

    Which sectors work in evenings?

    Hi chaps, which sector in the electrical industry work evenings? Domestic sector which im fairly familiar with work day time, at times running into evenings which is not feasible for me around my current job. Why im asking this is, I'm looking for evening work but all the jobs on indeed and...
  20. B

    Can’t work out what’s going on

    Old 2D light today being changed to LED. 2 black cables going to neutral and 1 red cable to live. turned off light switch and removed old light and the 2 black cables were still live and all other lights on this circuit all knocked out. Can someone explain what’s going on
  21. M

    Other Work offered

    Freelance Event electrician/General handyman wanted for 5 days in May 2020 at Ragley Hall near Redditch 27th to 1st June. Large event with trade stands etc. Must be fully insured with experience. Setting up power to trade stands and lighting. Tackling faults as required. If you can drive a...
  22. D

    Citroen c4 Grand Picasso Drl’s

    Have a 2012 c4 Grand Picasso and noticed recently that the bright drl’s aren’t working but they work as dimmed side lights, checked configuration menu to make sure they are on which they are selected. Wondered what the problem is, could it be a faulty relay? Or is it something else? thanks in...
  23. Pete999

    Got invited back to where I used to work today

    As title got invited to spend a day back where I used to work, be nice, chew the Fat and meet some old friends, let you know how it went, if you're interested.
  24. A

    UK Unregistered electrician's work to be checked by his registered colleague

    Hi, I am in the middle of completely refurbishing a two storey house (in London, UK) including re-wiring the entire house (new wires, sockets, new circuits, new consumer unit). My builder (let's say "Jack") said he has an electrician who can do the work and I would get the certificate at the...
  25. J

    EICR report and £900 remedial work - seems fair?

    Hello, I felt hot sockets in my house. I called an electrician who said the fuse board was dangerous - just by looking at it. Horrified was the word used. He carried out testing and did some other work. £120 for the report £140 for bonding to gas and water services £80 for T&E cable to front...
  26. M

    Electricians Mate Looking for work in Greater Manchester/North West area

    Hi guys I'm a recently qualified C&G Level 2. I have my 18th edition on the way in the next few weeks. I have a CCNSG AND IPAF 3a/b card, happy to drive anything on the ticket. I don't have a full collection of my own tools yet, but I've got the basics and I'm buying more all the time as a...
  27. C

    Other Looking for work experience

    I'd appreciate some advice on retraining in electrical installation and maintenance with no experience. Just about to pay to do c+g level 2 at a training centre In Nottingham every Saturday. Then onto level 3. 18th edition etc. Is there any electricians in the Derby area that would help me gain...
  28. B

    advice on getting work

    hi peeps, ive been asked to quote for a job that the insurance company has said they are giving to one of there team (nfu mutual) it turns out they are using a local firm who do not have the best reputation locally poor work standards etc ive been on call outs after they have rewired to repair...
  29. A

    Electrician Looking for Electricians with mates to work in the central london area.

    Got some contracts in central London locations that need competent electricians that are able to work with the main contractor and supervise themselves and their time. Good rates paid for the right people. Full time. Going forward there will be continuing work through out London.
  30. N

    How to find work after obtaining Level 3 Diploma?

    Hey guys, Sorry to bother you all and any information you give me will be greatly appreciated. I have recently completed my Level 3 diploma in electrical installations. I now wish to find work as an electrician's mate. However, I did not realize you needed an employer reference to get an ECS...
  31. J

    Electricians Mate I am looking for work as a electricians mate

    Currently work 4 days a week in sales to fund my training, and I am doing one day a week at a lighting company gaining experience as a electrical trainee/mate, I am looking for either work on weekends around this or to go full time to replace my job in sales and work and study at the same time...
  32. C

    Electrician Level 3 2365 looking for work experience , Walsall area.

    I completed my level 3 C&G in Electrical Installations 2 years ago and have had some work experience with a local electrician mostly doing home re-wires. I am hoping to find work with an experienced electrician who can help me to develop my knowledge and skills further.
  33. L

    Recommend tin snips for commercial work

    Hi, any recommendation for tin snips? Regards.
  34. R

    Electrician Looking for work as a Trainee

    I am currently looking for work as a Trainee, I am currently based in Liverpool. City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Qualified. City & Guilds 2365 Level 3 - Currently Studying at In Phase Training. Full Clean Driving Licence with Own Transport. Own Hand Tools & PPE ESC Electrical Labourers Card I am...
  35. A

    Rose circuit bedroom wiring mayhem, 3 blacks dosnt work!!!

    After purchace of three debanhams lights and sucessfull fitting of 2 the third has caused me some unrest due to an ensuite bathroom within the circuit. 1) Presented with three reds and three blacks i wired the three reds togther. Wire 2 blacks into a sucessfull bedroom switch leaving one...
  36. H

    Level 3 2365 & 17th edition looking for a start in the trade. Swindon area, 40+ miles range

    Hi, as the title says I've recently finished my Level 3 course, I'm based in Swindon but have my own car and I'm willing to travel up to roughly an hour or so for work. I usually do up the electrics when it goes wrong in my parents house which hasn't been more than a light switch or rose, but I...
  37. Dan

    Do you do jobs for cash, and then not declare it with the taxman? (voters in the poll are private!!!)

    Do you do jobs for cash, and then not declare it with the taxman? (voters in the poll are private!!!) Just wondering, as it's 2019, whether there are still guys doing jobs for cash. As a web business, all my business is paid by BACS in full up front before anything goes ahead. Or Google, who...
  38. K

    Electricians Mate Sparks Mate looking for work / London

    Hi all, I'm 30 year old based in Walthamstow looking for work as Electrician's Mate/Improver in London and surrounding areas. I have got City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 and 18th Edition, ECS Electrical Labourer card, driving license, hand tools, power tools, ppe. Ability to install twin and earth...
  39. RutlandFox

    Best place to advertise for help on a job

    Hi all. I have a couple of jobs coming up that I will need a helper to help out with - general electrical stuff like pulling cables, cutting channels, drilling holes, stuff like that. Where is a good place to advertise? And what is the going rate for a jobbing sparky (eg NVQ level 2) or similar...
  40. S

    Winning commercial work

    Guidance on how to win more commercial work. We are a small electrical contracting firm Who have a lot of domestic contracts that serve us well. We are looking to gain more commercial work in the following areas:- hotels, gyms, public sector organisations. We are aiming at local medium sized...
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