1. S

    UK Driveway light

    Ive got a driveway light on armoured cable. The cable comes into the house under the stairs. Can I put a plug on this cable and plug into a RCD socket.
  2. C

    110V air purifier with a 100-240V adapter

    I purchased an air purifier printed 110V. It has a power adapter of 100-240V. Can I use the air purifier with a power supply of 220-240V? Is the adapter also a converter or transformer? I’m really confused.
  3. H

    Boiler comes on after time clock has been removed from wall

    Hi just looking peoples thoughts on this one. I went to check out a 3 channel hortsmann time clock. I found it to be faulty as the display came and went. It’s about 12 years old and apparently when the internal battery fails it time to change the clock as you can’t access the battery. Anyway, I...
  4. Dan

    OFTEC Self-Certification As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time?

    As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time? (Poll total results are publicly visible - but NOT the actual individual votes - those are private and cannot be accessed via the forum software once the vote is...
  5. buzzlightyear

    it comes round again like xmas.

    you know what it like the dreaded mot ,need to take the van in for the mot . I need to strip the thing ,just in case you dont pass ,one hour to strip ,throw every thing in the garage just in case the van does not come back on the same day ,I has taken me 3 hours just to put all the gear back...
  6. M

    air bag light comes on at strange times

    My niece has a 2004 Mazda Tribute with a strange air bag light problem. She can make a 40 mile round trip without the light coming on if there are no high load devices on, but if she turns on the heater or lights the air bag light comes on a few seconds later. To me this means the problem is due...
  7. Gary Tollison

    Consumer unit: which comes first?

    greetings. Just a quick question about switch order. Should the main circuit breaker be wired in first before the main switch, or is the main switch always first in line from the supply feed? Thanks, Gary
  8. N

    Domestic Trying to understand why smoke comes out of my monitor.

    So I have been renovating some old Steadicams. These run off V mount batteries on the bottom brackets which feeds power to the camera and accessories on the top stage and the monitor on the bottom bracket. Electrics is not something I know too much about but I’ve tried to do some research and...
  9. J

    2.5mm ring ref method 100

    Afternoon men (already bored of the football!) for radials circuits that are to be installed as 100,101,102,103-table F6 is your friend! but when it comes to ring circuits wired in 2x 2.5mm on a 32amp it always confused me a little! -I know that 20amps per leg is the magic number- so the...
  10. Lou

    Cwmbran Electricians

    We here at Cwmbran electricians are a local company that looks to provide our residents and business owners the professional services they need when it comes to electrical work. When performing a range of electrical tasks from installation to maintenance and repair, we bring nothing but the...
  11. leep82

    telephone line question

    A joiner friend of mine called me round to a job he's been doing to try and get him out the brown stuff. Basically he's put a laminate floor down and damaged a telephone cable that comes from the master socket and goes to two points upstairs. Aswell as this cable that comes from the master...
  12. W

    EICR Form question re multiple CUs at origin

    Hi, just a practical question re the filling on of a 'standard' Dom EICR form.. Take a domestic installation where alongside the main CU at the orgin sit 2 other DBs (later additions just feeding a couple of circuits each, all internal to the house) All 3 are sitting next to each other with...
  13. jackhammerJIM

    some decent power tools for sale

    makita 18v combi drill , drill has usual scuff marks , both batteries hold full charge , no case though , £100 makita 24v sds , scuff marks on the drill , working as good as new . both batteries are under 2 years old , hold full charge , powerful drill £200 makita 24v circular saw ,in...
  14. R

    regarding mcb and rcd

    if my rcd comes with overload protection still can use the mcb and how is the sequence can anyone help
  15. i=p/u

    Commercial type of breaker

    in a hotel i want to change an old brown mcb from 50A too 20A or 30A any of you know the bs number im after, i know long shot but it has the rating engraved on the top of the switch in white...
  16. Top Cat

    Problems uploading from tester since windows7

    I have a Metrel AlphaPat MI 2142 with a Belkin F5U103 USB serial adapter. Always worked fine on my old computer but now have new one with Windows 7, 64 bit (God know's what that means). anyway nothing "talks" to each other any more! Any ideas?
  17. S


    Carried out an EICR today few things noted down to do,there is a 10mm equipotential bond on water and gas services. BUT the gas is bonded at the meter under the stairs and 2 inches down it enters the solid floor. also in the lounge there is a small gas pipe that comes out the wall to the fire...
  18. M

    volt stick

    Ok i know some people dont like them and i know they should not be relied on but i find they have there uses especially for fault finding My old RS one has just broke, i have tried a couple of others and they dont seam as good. So does any one have any recommendations
  19. C

    Busted timer? Honeywell ST6200A

    ST6200A timer malfunction. When set to HW only, it seems to work fine. However when set to CH + HW is comes on for less than a second, then seems to trip (the display goes blank). Then it comes back on, only to trip again. It will do this a few times, and every time it will stay on a little...
  20. E

    Protool PDC 18-4 Combi Drill

    For sale, 1 year old (remaining 2 years warranty included), comes with charger, 1 x battery, 1 x 3 jaw chuck & 1 centrotec chuck and bit holder. Comes in a classic systainer which is brand new. Selling due to changing careers The full spec can be found here: PROTOOL PDC 18-4 TEC LI Cordless...
  21. E

    Milwaukee 12v Inspection Camera, Radio & 2 Batteries

    As per title description. I bought this camera 8 months ago and have only used it for the original job it was purchased for (lost downlight location) It is in great used condition and comes with a standard 1.5ah battery and a longer life 3.0ah battery. I also bought a Milwaukee radio which can...
  22. G

    Ring Circuit R1+R2 readings

    Still a relatively inexperienced so sorry if these seem obvious/dumb questions. I wanted to spur a double socket next to an existing double socket in a bedroom in my own house on the first floor, sounded like a good idea! EDIT: Isolated the circuit 1st!! My first worry. I loosen the socket...
  23. DaveyD

    Garage :: Plastic conduit from floor, suggestions please.

    Hi everyone Can I have your advise please? I have a domestic detached garage to wire up. Its a simple job. 1 x socket and fused down for a single light. They had a new roof on and want me to use existing supply cable, it comes from house CU that has RCD protection on its own CB up into the loft...
  24. C

    External Wall light PIR + Photocell

    Hi Anybody know of a brand that do a Lantern style wall light (to be sited outside the porch area) that comes on via a photocell at half illuminance - stays on all night & when detects movement comes on via PIR at full light level?? Been looking and B&Q seem only place I can find...
  25. RogertheBodger

    New Voltage Tester

    Need a new voltage tester, been looking at the Megger TPT220, but it seems like the T5-1000 comes highly recommended. The Megger has an RCD/FI test function that allows for the simple testing of 30mA RCDs, RCBOs and safety breakers. A test between phase and earth on a circuit protected by an...
  26. E

    Couple of naked Hilti drills

    Hi guys, I am selling a brand new Hilti TE7-A 36V Cordless SDS drill. It is the body only (no batteries or charger) but comes in a hard hilti carry case, has side handle, depth stop and I am also including a genuine Hilti 3 jaw quick change chuck (swaps in place of the removable sds chuck)...
  27. D

    Calibration in London???

    I have a Fluke 1651 multi tester and need to have it calibrated. Does anyone know somewhere in London that is reasonable or somewhere I can post it off too that offer good rates? New to the trade and hoped for some inside info instead of trawling the net for the best price. Thanks:)
  28. S

    Can a socket go on the front of a chimney breast over a gas fire?

    Hello folks, I've another question (sorry, feel a right useless twonk asking questions, but I did do a search before asking and the topic I found related to sockets on the side of a chimney). Can I put electrical sockets over a gas fireplace (the fire is in use on occasion), around 1200mm or so...
  29. A

    Domestic Plug socket, no power

    I've moved in to a flat which is two years old and fitted a 3 holed plug socket onto the unused wiring behind the kitchen units in order to install a dishwasher. Above the units is a switch and fuse. There is no power though and a voltmeter comes back as there being no current. All the...
  30. D

    Bosch GSR 10.8V-L1 driver

    Bosch GSR 10.8V-L1 I bought this about a year and a half ago and it’s been a brilliant addition to my toolbox. It’s extraordinarily powerful for its weight and size, very controllable, and the battery seems to go on for ever. There’s a very precise variable speed trigger, 10 stage clutch, a...
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