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    Signing work off.

    Hello guys I am after some advice as regards signing off work the correct way / notifying relevant authorities. Current I am full time on the books for a large utility company in which I am the qualified supervisor and hold my 2394/95 testing quals. Previously I tested and signed my work off...
  2. I

    Testing and signing off mobile catering units.

    Hi all, A friend of mine wants me to help him out renewing/converting trailers and horse boxes to be used for catering of film sets or in the public. I've got all the info I can get from Section 717 but what I'm not sure about it to what level I need to test and how certifying comes into play...
  3. M

    UK Signing off apprentices test cert

    I have been asked to sign off my apprentices electricial test cert. We work in the portable building sector and carry out a pre delivery inspection and test report. Although somewhat capable when I am there, these will be cabins that I will not be checking myself just signing off his sheet. Is...
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    Signing off work

    Hello guys, I am 25 and a qualified electrician I did my level 3 at college and have passed my AM2 and currently employed full time for a company. I have had a lot more people contacting me for private work (fuse board upgrades). I am competent and can install and test the board and fill out...
  5. Z

    Question regarding signing off 32a ring circuit with broken CPC ring continuity

    I installed a kitchen ring recently. Went back to test after the builders had finished and found that the CPC is broken somewhere inaccessible, everything else tests normal. I’ve got continuity on live conductors, and even with the broken CPC, each socket is connected to the CPC and tests with...
  6. R

    HELP signing off work

    Hi everyone, Possibly a stupid question, I am looking at changing from a full time job to becoming a self employed electrician. I have my C&G Level 2, Level 3, and my NVQ3 +am2 (gold card). Apart from the obvious insurances, is there anything else I need to undertake work? I'm confused as To...
  7. B

    Signing off sub mains

    Hi all I've been asked to install 10 new sub main for 10 flats, that all have existing circuits and fuse boards. They just want new sub mains because they are moving the location of the fuse room. The question is do I really have to create 10 EIC Certs I use Nic Eic and they are a bit long for...
  8. S

    Control panel - means of isolation - position of isolator

    I'm currently signing off new machinery and the control panel isolator is on the side of the panel. I've always believed the handle should be on the door so the panel needs to be isolated prior to opening the door since the handle interlocks into the body of the isolator when in the 'on'...
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    price of testing??

    Hi all, thanks for all your help yesterday :) now I've established I can test and sign certs I have a query regards ££££:- I have quoted £150 to test a unit and supply a certificate. This consists of:- 1 ring main test 2 lighting circuits Radial circuit per unit. What do you think guys??? No...
  10. C

    Signing off work in southern Ireland

    Hi all and a happy new year, I have been asked by a familly member to carry out some domestic electricaL work, some new circuits and additions/alterations to existing over in Galway, Ireland. Does anyone now what the rules are regarding signing work off (if needed). Thanks :clover:
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    NIC how does it work?

    Hi Guys New boy to the forum and got some questions for you. I ve got my 2330 qualification and 17th ed. so it's a signing off question to start you off with. If i.m competent enough to do testing without the 2391 would NIC let me sign up with them? Also how can you do jobs that need signing...
  12. A

    signing installations off

    i have been working for a few years on my own now. i have been doing work for two letting agents, one of which is starting to build on a couple of sites soon. i will be offered the chance, i hope, to price for these sites but what do i need to do to be able to sign installations off? please...
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    Minor works form

    Just a thought - can a 'competent' person complete and hand over to the client a MWC without being registered with NIC etc?? I know for my EIC's they are completed by me and sent to my boss who then signs and sends to NIC. Just wondered if the MWC has to go the same route?
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