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  1. G

    Canada Help w Switch on Hobby Project

    Hey Everyone I just wanna start off by saying I dabble in little bits of electronics for prop making - just lights and sounds and stuff, motors, pretty basic stuff. I bought a switch a while back with the intent to use it and did not... I was wondering if someone could help me with putting it...
  2. C

    Introducing. Van (Ambulance) to Camper Project

    Just introducing as per the automated message - very swish. Am converting an old 1989 Transit Ambulance to a camper at the moment and sure I will run into a few headaches with electrics. If anyone has any tips of experiences to share that would be great. Thanks
  3. H

    Electrical Pool cafe project

    Have any one don pool cafe assignment. Please i need help. much appreciate.
  4. R

    Question 2 on Design Project

    Hello, I am just starting my project. I have uploaded the questions. Questions 2B & C Socket for the kettle - each of the tables. Socket for TV - next to the Kettle, as I assume it's not wall mounted. Two single sockets for Laptop/phone to each side of the bed FCU - by the main entrance...
  5. R

    Level 3 Project - Advice

    So I’ve completed my Level 3 302 exam and got a Distinction. I’m just starting my project now. It’s a Pool, Hotel Rooms and Dining Room/Kitchen. Seem okay so far. Any advice from people that have done it?
  6. A

    Commercial project in Dewsbury

    We are looking for an electrician and a mate for a job in Dewsbury. It’s a commercial project, nothing too taxing, lighting inc DMX, power, CCTV, fire alarm etc. There’s about 4 weeks work, but we will have another project starting in about 6 weeks then on going work from then. You’ll need CIS...
  7. K

    Domestic Electrics Revamp Project

    Long Post Warning Lots of Questions: Thank you in advance for your patience and advice: Hi All In the next few weeks I'm planning to have a fair amount of electrical work done. The main project is revamping the electrics in the garage. At the moment the garage gets its power via a 2.5mm twin...
  8. M

    Brighton project seeking gold card electricians

    Morning all, We have a new project starting next month in Brighton and will be seeking labour for the project. We will be looking for gold card electricians who are strong at installing containment. Up to 18 months work available for individuals starting at the start of the project. Work...
  9. S

    Approved Electrician, distanced learning. Installation project

    Afternoon gents and ladies. I didnt do my distance learning during my apprenticeship due to me being a complete idiot so I am doing it now, anyone done it recently? Or ever? Fancy helping me out as I am at breaking point.
  10. Baddegg

    Pub project now under way............

    As per previous thread a wile back the pub build is now under way and upto roof level,just wanted to check my proposed electrical feed if I can please? Earthing is TN-S not TNCS previously thought,(customer has now cleared the meter cupboard!) Anyway loading in the pub is as follows 1 x 32a...
  11. G

    Food dryer project

    Hi All, With some trepidation I am throwing this one out for comments / advice from members. I have been asked by a customer to provide 3 phase supplies for some 'machines' that are under development by my customer. The machines are basically cabinets for dehydrating food items , that have been...
  12. S

    Steely Dan Project - Jeremy Stacey

    Got a chance of a freebie/guest list/decent table, anyone know much about the set up? JEREMY STACEY'S STEELY DAN PROJECT - http://www.606club.co.uk/events/view/jeremy-stacey-s-steely-dan-project-2/
  13. S

    Experienced Commercial Electricians required at Waterloo project

    Works are within lift shafts and include Installation of containment, shaft lighting and power. 12 months duration.
  14. S

    Next project, my own house

    Had a meeting with my architect so will be drawing up the plans and submitting them to the Proletariat Planning Department that controls the local area, was thinking something along these lines for the rear, different interior, layout and patio but I like the outline of the extension, thoughts...
  15. N

    Tesla Project

    Very good! I would like to tell you about a really interesting project that I have seen there on the web. The project goes more or less in the construction of machines that can work with free energy; some time ago, the Tesla company wanted and tried to build machines that were able to use free...
  16. E

    a summer project to get stuck into

  17. D

    Electrician needed for small commercial project (Manchester)

    Hi there, I am looking for an electrician to do works on a small unit (700sqft) that I intend on turning in to a small restaurant. I am at a crossroads currently regarding the power supply and I am looking to either bring in a new 3 Phase supply (£3900) or run a convertor until the building's...
  18. A

    Sonoff Alexa Motor Control Project Help

    Hi all, I have a TV lift which will go up and down using a remote. I want to add the Sonoff Mini switch so I can raise and lower the lift by commanding Alexa and google. This should be possible although I am a bit of a novice and it is unclear where this needs to be wired in In the photos you...
  19. F

    Larger commercial projects

    Hi, im at the stage where im moving on to bigger projects, and am looking at some advice when dealing with larger main contractors etc. I worked for a company doing mainly commercial installs then went self employed and since being self employed have mainly done Domestic and small commercial...
  20. J

    Electricians required for project in Acton, London.

    Hi We are looking for electricians with commercial/industrial experience for a fit out project in Acton, London. starts 18th September for 8 weeks. more work possible there after. if interested please contact me for more info Thanks Ryan
  21. P

    Hello and project question?

    Hi there To start with, I am not an electrician but I hope that you are willing to help?, I am currently fitting out a shell of a room, i.e battens, insulation, sockets, plasterboard etc. Before I insulate I need to lay the electric cables for both sockets and lights, the room has not had...
  22. C

    Detailed project proposal template

    Hello all, first time posting. Can anyone point me in the direction of a detailed project proposal template for an upcoming production line installation I have been asked to price. Its quite a complex project and I don't think the usual 2 page quote is going to cut it with the customer. Any...
  23. D

    HNC electrical engineering project help

    Hi, I'm currently in the 2nd year of my electrical engineering HNC and trying to complete my project but feel like I'm going in circles. My premise is that I'm replacing 35 fluorescent lights that are energised for 24 hours per day for LED fittings and a new switching arrangement containing PIR...
  24. H

    Sub Contractor Electricians

    Hi, We are looking for elf employed / sub contract electricians for an on going project. We have a backlog of work that needs to be cleared by the end of March and then we will have a steady flow of work on this project for the next 1 to 2 years. The work is in retail premises fitting new...
  25. uksparks

    2396 Design Course

    Hi, Long time no post... been very busy and simply not had time, actually its probably been since last summer, you know, got married, then kids started school in September, the Mrs says put that sodding phone down etc.. Anyway, I am about to book on the 2396 Design course. I know roughly...
  26. M

    TIS Multifunction Tester for sale

    hi, apologises if i have posted this in the wrong place, first post. I have a TIS Multifunction Tester for sale. £500 ovno. Excellent Condition. Comes complete with test leads a new calibration certificate upto December 2017.
  27. U

    Building Earthing works

    hi there, I am oscar , working as electrical engineer in a seaport project. I'd like gather some information about building earthing work. Here, it is first time, in that project i saw earthing system both in lean concrete and raft foundation(in some buildings). Both of them don't make any...
  28. toplightco

    Toplightco Ltd

    Deltalight, Eutrac, LEDS-C4, PSM, SLV and WOFI as well lamps and lightbulbs from Osram, Syvania, Megaman and FN. Lighting Design Toplightco is a London, UK based lighting company that brings quality, value and experience to your project. We design lighting for retail shops and stores...
  29. Worcester

    Battery Battery Storage Gets A £1m Boost

    Utility Week ? WPD backs battery storage RES announces £1 million UK energy storage project Read more: RES announces £1 million UK energy storage project : pv-magazine
  30. M

    PVSol expert - design for 1 installation

    Hi Guys, I can use PVSol advance but have the requirement on a single project for a 3D design to prove the favoured roof for the array, I have good architect's plans for the project and wondered anyone knows of a company offering a design service for installation's or if somebody reading would...
  31. S

    working abroad

    Anybody out there had experience of dealing with Fluor when working abroad ?
  32. tazz

    End of Londons Icon

    London government has anounced new project for 2014, to make Big Ben digital, A government spokesman stated that London needs to keep up with the likes of the Technology of the Westend and other major cities in Europe. The face of Big Ben is just too old fashioned, he continued, and this is now...
  33. O

    "Free" project management type software?

    Being a little lazy and a cheap skate here. Can anyone recommend any software that is free for managing projects or cheap stuff?? Thanks
  34. O

    2.5mm in lighting circuit

    Is there anything in current regulations preventing the use of 2.5mm cable in domestic lighting circuits as it is usually 1.5mm.
  35. H

    Solar plant

    Hi everyone, I need a solar plant project on-grid with autocad thanks.
  36. J

    Solar Pv Slate Roof Tiles?

    Hi lads Looking for some solar pv slate roof tiles for a project coming up and i havent been able to find a great deal online or through current wholesalers? There seems to be a limited variety on the market, yet the US seems to have masses available. What are the best ones to look at? Price...
  37. S

    Oilcareers.com jobs!??

    Hi, After searching a dozen!? Jobs at oilcareers and many other recruitment sites I'm beginning to wonder if anyone ever got a job through these pages? ... not just one's friend's friend .. but for real! I am not looking for electrician jobs directly, but more an electrical engineer or project...
  38. R

    Pilot drills in bundles?

    Anyone know anywhere online where I can get a cheap bundle of pilot drill bits, like 20 or more? Nice one!
  39. S

    enhanced section D installation project

    Lookin for help, its the approved installation project for becoming approved electrician. Car workshop, with 20 booths, canteen, office. That much work hard too explain it really lookin for somone that has done it doing it for help
  40. S

    Installation project (approved)

    Hi there, sitting the approved installation project online. Been years since at college. The project is a car workshop with twenty booths, canteen, office etc has anyone else done this or know of anyone doin it looking for help ie answers

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