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  1. J

    Electrician Looking to an recruit for a FT position- Manchester/Cheshire/Merseyside

    We are looking to recruit a full time Electrician and/or year 3 apprentice or Electricians mate who has experience of the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors. Must be able to complete inspection and testing competently. We are based around the Manchester/Cheshire/Merseyside areas. If...
  2. G

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as a Electrician's Mate in the Essex/London Area

    Hi i am looking to take the leap into the industry by looking to work full time as an electricians mate in the Essex/London area, i have a small amount of experience in the domestic side and i am currently enrolled on a college course. I have both ECS electrical labourer card and my CSCS...
  3. A

    Electrician Recently moved to Sheffield area and looking for work

    I have recently moved from London to Sheffield and am looking for work. I have 10 years experience across domestic and commercial sites and have attained all level 3 qualifications including the 18th edition and inspection and testing (2391).
  4. J

    Electrician Electrician in the Nantwich area, looking for work. (18th & 2391)

    Electrician in the Nantwich area, looking for work. (18th & 2391) Own van, tools & PPE
  5. P

    Electrician Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.

    Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.
  6. A

    Electrician Looking for Electricians with mates to work in the central london area.

    Got some contracts in central London locations that need competent electricians that are able to work with the main contractor and supervise themselves and their time. Good rates paid for the right people. Full time. Going forward there will be continuing work through out London.
  7. P

    Electricians Mate Mate / Trainee looking for a start in Reading or surrounding area

    I’ve passed my 2365 level 2 and starting Level 3 in September at Guildford College .. looking for a start with someone if there’s anything available .. I have transport and most tools.. doing my ECS test on the 20th August .. I’m a hard grafter and looking for something permanent preferably ...
  8. Dan

    Background for text area is BLUE if you are in a private forum

    I know it's hard to differentiate between the forum categories now. This software puts the forum name in the biggest font on the page, but as soon as you scroll down a bit to the reply area, you don't know what forum you're in and whether it's public. So now if you test posting in the arms...
  9. j1mbodrea

    In the west London area, looking for work as my last company is too far away

    Based in Hammersmith and looking for work ????
  10. H

    Mechanical and Electrical jobs around Aldershot area

    As the title, does any one know of any companies in and around the area potentially taking blokes on or a bloke in this case? Reason for asking is, one of my oppo’s has been dealt a shi’ite hand and is in need. Any help or avenues of approach greatly appreciated.
  11. JD6400

    Electricians wanted Aylesbury / Buckingham area

    Electricians wanted for varied work. Both local and ( optional ) stay away. Short term subbies with a view to long term. Flexible hours / days possible. New builds / barn conversions / high end stable yards / grain stores and other agricultural / testing and inspection / some commercial ...
  12. BenFromBurton

    Looking for Work in Staffordshire and Derbyshire area.

    Hello I'm Ben, I'm currently doing my NVQ Level 2 + 3, 18th Edition, 2392 + 2394+2395 Inspection and testing and initial verification, Commissioning, Certification. BPEC Part P Defined scope and Full Scope. AM2 At the end of all of this. I'm ex Royal Signals with electrical experience(General...
  13. T

    NZ Sparky- Southampton Area

    Hi everybody, I have recently relocated from New Zealand where I am an experienced electrician. I'm looking for any type of work at the moment, but unfortunately I don't have my ECS card yet as I don't have my National Insurance number yet - a lovely catch-22 for you. If anyone has any jobs...
  14. L

    2365 design assignment, pool area and cafe, hotel

    Hi this is the electric car charger, is this suitable? Can anyone point out anything I've missed. Also what is the best way to draw the circuits onto each drawing. Any suggestions are great fully appreciated
  15. M

    Level 3 2365 and 17th edition electrician looking for work in the oxford area.

    I have recently finished my level 3 2365 electrical installation course. I also have my 17th edition. I am relocating to Banbury in January so I am looking for work in the oxford area. I worked for a small domestic firm between 2006 to 2010. I then had the opportunity to try and play golf...
  16. M

    Looking for work around Liverpool/Wirral Area

    Am living on the Wirral and looking for work as a Mate. Have 18th Edition and ECS Card as trainee. Am very practicle, come from a welding/fabrication background, done pneumatics and electrical work on HGV Trailers and not scared of a bit of hard work. Just need a chance, very reliable.
  17. E

    Looking for training advice in South Wales area

    Hi everyone, New to the forum. After some advice if possible. I completed a BTEC level 2 in electrical engineering a few years back but went down a different career route before taking it any further, I’m now looking to get back into the industry. Any advice anyone has on how to go about this...
  18. David77

    Electrician's Mate based in Reading seeking work in the N.Berks area.

    Good evening all, I am seeking any work opportunity to help me make a career change to become a fully qualified electrician. To begin achieving this goal, I will be starting a Level 2 electrical installation course in 2 weeks time at Langley College. I have my own transport, am ready to start...
  19. CBHH

    JOB OFFER: Searching for 10 electricians in greater London area

    Hi all! I am new to this forum and have signed up because I am looking for 10 handymen/electricians in the area of London. The job is fairly simple. Our client has installed hundreds of small cell boxes throughout the city of London (from North to South, East to West) and I am looking for...
  20. M

    Domestic Traniee electrian looking for work in or around the oxford area.

    I am currently finishing my level 3 2365 at college. I currently live in London but will be moving to Banbury, Oxfordshire in December. I completed my 17th edition in February and have 3 years experience in domestic electrical work. I’m willing to undertake any aspect of electrical work. Also...
  21. R

    Smoke alarm in common area of flats?

    Hi, I have a common area above a shop which is a small hallway leading to 2 flats. Each flat has 3 smoke alarms, one behind their front door, kitchen, hallway, these are hard wired back to their consumer unit. The common area has 2 emergency lights installed but i have seen nothing on the...
  22. S

    weekend work in crawley gatwick area

    Hi all been a sparks for years got 2 jobs looking for some weekend work for extra cash got a trip to disney to fund based in crawley/gatwick will to travel a bit any one no off any or worse case an agency. Ben
  23. B

    Best place to find work in the midlands/ south Birmingham area?

    as above, I’ve got loads of contacts over the years but all London based and none have any connection with the Midlands, getting a bit long in the tooth for working away now and change of circumstances mean I’ve got a chance to come back to south brum, as I’ve always worked by word of mouth I...
  24. S

    Looking for 50+ Journeyman Electricians in the Nashville Area, Hiring Immediately!!

    Position: Electricians/Electrician Helpers Location: Clarksville, TN (45 min NW of Nashville) Duration: 6 month long contract, hiring immediately! PPE and Tools: Required Pay: Journeyman Electrician (No license needed) : 2-7+ years of experience, $24-$27 Helper: $14 - $23, depending on...
  25. Stephen Hossack

    New to the forum. Can anyone recommend a electrical agency around the London area

    Hello I’m Steve, new to the forum. I’m looking at getting back into the electical trade. I did c+g 2361, 2362 years ago. I’ve recently got my ECS card. Have done lots of bits and pieces in the past, and am now working as a gas main layer. I’ve had enough, and want to become a electrician. From...
  26. U

    Electricians Mate Experienced and mature electricians mate looking for work in the Bridgend area.

    Just a short post, I have recently been made unemployed again due to a short term agency contract finishing. Looking for work in either the HV sector or domestic/commercial/industrial areas. Experienced and reliable im in my 40's with own tools and qualifications and ECS card. Willing to travel...
  27. Jet Electrical

    Full Time Electrician Wanted FY Area Blackpool

    Full Time Electrician Wanted Around St Annes, Blackpool and other surrounding areas - please see attachment for details
  28. B

    Electrician EICR Needed BB7 area.......

    Anyone on here near? Not looking for cheapest price, after a decent report. Not for me personally, but for a friend. I can't as I'm snowed under with work an will be working out of the country again shortly.
  29. seedelectrical

    Electrician Looking for a 17th Approved Electrician with Testing & Inspection: NW Area, based on a Wirral.

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, We are looking for an electrician who has the criteria to help grow our company: • BS7671 17th Edition Approved Electrician. • C&G 2391 Testing/Inspection. • ECS Card. • Clean drivers license. • Experiance with intercom systems. • Commercial and Industrial...
  30. R

    Electrical Work Available - Chesterfield Area

    Hi, As above, plenty of work available, for all abilities including new starters/improvers. Message me if interested. Cheers
  31. C

    Hand dryers in toilet area

    Hand dryer in a disable toilet,states on hand dryer instructions needs to be 1.500 m away from sink,it’s impossible due to design of toilet. Hand dryer spec from architect & metallic,is it really necessary to fit it that far away.
  32. G

    Looking for new build price work Hampshire area

    I’m looking for some new build housing price work in the North Hampshire area, Basingstoke, fleet and surrounding areas. I have 15 years new build experience and all tools and qualifications. Please pm me if you have anything. Cheers
  33. S

    Electricians Mate Electrical Labourer/Mate - Looking for work in Bedford/ Bedfordshire area

    Hi Guys, I have a strong desire and passion to get my foot in the electrical industry. But most jobs are requiring an ECS card or experience... however I can't get either of those without having a job first! I am studying electrical installation, 1 day a week at Bedford College. I have been...
  34. M

    Domestic Trainee electrian looking for domestic work in London and surrounding area.

    I have just finished my level 2 2365 and will be starting my level 3 in January. I’m 33 years old and have 3 years experience in domestic electrical work. I have a clean driving license and am willing to travel for the right job. If interested in employing me please contact through the forum...
  35. jaydub

    Electricians Mate Electrician/mate/improver WANTED Bury St Edmunds Area

    Due to a huge rise in work load I am looking for someone to help me out. If you are confident with your ability to chase, cap & box and are currently training to be a spark get in touch. Please send any CV's or correspondence to [email protected] The ideal candidate will be...
  36. Pete999

    P.P.E. anyonegot a Decent PPE outlet in their area (not intended to be an advert)

    Had a look around my local store yesterday, some very god deals on wor wear, safety equipment, and you get free chocky bars even if you don't buy anything, well worth a visit if you have an outlet near you BACCA is the name
  37. C

    Electrician required in Kent area

    we are looking for a full time electrician for a wide range of domestic electrical work and also some possible Comercial installs. Must have cscs or ecs card £15-£18 per hour Please send details if interested and for more information
  38. A

    Electrician Electricians Required (London Area)

    We are looking for Approved electricians, electricians and electrical improvers/mates for contracts throughout London and surrounding areas, rates depend on experience. ECS cards required on most sites, immediate starts. Please call Adam on 07813 906249.
  39. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody had tools stolen in Wiltshire area?

    Wiltshire police have recovered a huge haul of stolen power tools and other bits and bobs stolen from vans and vehicles in the Wiltshire area... They also recovered a stolen caravan from the same site.... Police followed a tracking device in a guys tools to find them. It would not be...
  40. MikeD

    Electrician looking for work in London area

    Just completed my 2391-52 and am looking for any electrical work to build up my experience as I've just switched fields to do electrical. Have own vehicle and tools. London/Kent areas please. I have: 2365-02 Level 2 2365-03 Level 3 2382 - 17th Edition 2377 - PAT testing 2391-52 - Initial...
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