1. S

    6kw appliance - 3phase warehouse 13A twin sockets

    Hi Lads, You might think i'm a di*k already from the forum title but I desperately need some help. I've got a small business and if I wasn't skint, i'd obviously have an electrician come to advise me. I added some kitchen equipment to the warehouse - most of the equipment can plug in to the...
  2. J

    SPD for dis board change in warehouse

    With upgrading a TPN dis board in a warehouse- i am guessing I need to fit a 4pole SPD even more so with 18th edition out I will be installing a hager 12way TPN board with a 4pole incomer kit. Technical Properties SPN415D -...
  3. D

    warehouse aisle sensors

    hello to all happy new year to all, i have been asked by a client to fit sensors in the aisles of their warehouse, all they want is simple on when detection and off when no people or frork trucks etc , switching sections of an aisle as motion is detected, the loading is very low as existing...
  4. O

    External Floodlights - Warehouse

    Hi, I have leased a warehouse for about a year now and have had an issue with the external floodlights. There are about 12 in total that come on when its dark. Each one turns on, warms up, then at their full brightness turn off. This happens every 5 minutes or so. Each light does this but...
  5. L

    Industrial Warehouse lighting

    Hi, My name is Louis - I am new here and am struggling with a lighting query. Hopefully someone can help me. I have a large workshop which is rigged out with industrial warehouse lighting. We have high ceilings (approx 35ft) and the current lights are not suited to the building. The bulbs are...
  6. gazdkw82

    Lux level for warehouse forklift

    What's the recommended levels for a warehouse that has a couple of forklifts operating. 400-500 ok? It's my first real attempt at designing a lighting setup for an industrial unit so I'm a little unsure. I'm also having my first go at using relux and have picked a led light fitting from...
  7. R

    Swa in warehouse chased into concrete floor

    Hi, Had a look at a job today and there is an swa swinging from one side of the warehouse to the other providing power to machinery. They have had another electrician quote to chase the swa into the concrete base. I can't see how he can chase any deeper than enough to cover the swa. Where...
  8. T

    emergency lighting???

    I am installing new circuits in a warehouse/unit. Starting from scratch nothing in there to speak of. 10m x 10m square and 4m going on 5m high at front end. There is supply and DB supplying lights (flours) Within that empty space an office is going be put in at circa 3.5m x/4m Square. I was...
  9. L

    Earthing Arrangement?

    Evening All I did an install Saturday Night in a warehouse, as per quote by the office. The circuit i connected up was a panel heater cct in the conference room. The dis-board was fed from a MEM Panel Board and all test results satisfactory. I went to find the panel board in the warehouse to...
  10. S

    Warehouse 2G socket

    Hi guys, just quoting for a job in a warehouse (steel frame). They want a 2G socket in the middle of the warehouse floor between vehicles. No option of chasing out the concrete floor. So are there any products available to hang from the perlins or RSJ's somehow? Any ideas? Thanks, Ad.
  11. Cyberprog

    LED Lighting - Equivilent of Flourescent Tubes?

    Hey All, I have a client who's about to buy up the units next door to his current warehouse, and fit it all out similar to his current warehouse and move buildings (double the size). We currently use a pair of 5ft Fittings per aisle under his mezzanine floor but we're looking at fitting...
  12. V

    RCBO protection?

    Hi, I found 5 ring final circuits used for sockets, protected by MCB's instead of RCBO'S on a 3p board with no rcd, there are also 20 further circuits used to power hand dryers, under sink water heaters & panel heaters with no rcd protection. The site was only refited <12 mths ago?. Have put...
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