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  1. C

    Wages we should be paid top rates

    In 23 years my total wage raise relates to 20 pence a year,is that sarcastically good,I don’t think so.
  2. L

    Domestic What’s the going rates for the below instalation

    Hi just starting out working for my self after 10 years on the rail and I’m at a total loss at what the going rates are I don’t want to go in to high .I have been asked price up to Run a supply to a Bar in a garden, but due to the location of the distribution board in the house It would be...
  3. T

    QS rates and tendering websites

    Morning all. Two separate questions if you could help. 1. My boss has asked me to become QS aswell as himself. Are any of you in the same boat? and did you ask/get a pay rise for it? 2. Does anyone use tendering websites? Been looking into them but sure on them....
  4. L

    Meter Calibration at responsible rates?

    Does anyone know a good, reliable and fast service? nearly forgot well priced too.
  5. K

    Subbys and the going rates

    hi As present it’s myself and an a apprentice, but Work coming in has taken to a new level,so I need to take on a subby just to try and keep clients happy, what should I pay the subby per day? I’ll be providing all materials and organising everything, and test afterwards so I can certify the job...
  6. pete1smith

    ELECTRICIAN required for new build work at Red Lodge and Buntingford. Excellent rates. Price work

    We are looking for electricians to join our teams at Red Lodge and Buntingford. Must be experienced in new build work - 1st fixing and 2nd fixing, reading from drawings etc. CSCS Card required. Fast moving sites - plenty of work. Electricians on these sites are currently earning between £800...
  7. 5

    Daywork rates

    Can any one tell me the prime RICS daywork rates for 2017 For a Approved electrician any help appreciated
  8. L

    Hourly Rates for employed spark??

    Hi guys, Just wondered what the average hourly rate is for a PAYE employed spark. Ive worked for local government for a few years and they are not the best for good rates of pay. Been offered a start for a private firm for around £13.50/hr. Is this anywhere near the mark?? Not...
  9. JackSparky

    Price rates etc £££

    Evening all :) What does everyone charge for a callout per hour, fitting sockets (int/ext), new fuse board etc. Just intriged to get everyones opinions!
  10. J

    Travel time rates/ millage rates.

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the standard rates for millage and hourly rate wile traveling for a self-employed electrician. I'm thinking first half an hour of travel charge nothing then full rate for anything after that + 25p per mile ? does that sound about right?
  11. M

    Do you NEED Level 2 AND Level 3 tech certs for JIB Gold Card?

    Hi, Due to my experience in construction and other Level 3 qualifications in Construction, i have been told that i can go straight onto a Level 3 C&G 2365 course. However i was reading elsewhere that you NEED both Level 2 and Level 3 to apply for a JIB Gold Card etc. Is this true? Or is Level...
  12. E

    Attention Subcontractors - what's your opinion on electricians pay?

    Not sure if this has been posted but its in all our interest as Im sure you'll all agree we are massively underpaid and have rubbish working conditions. Sparks link 4: Electricians Working Rights Initiative -...
  13. G

    What would you charge?

    Hello all, Have been on here for a while so be easy on me! I'm an electrician by trade and started out doing domestics and working my way up. This last year or so I've found my biggest contract (practically full time). Is on tanker ships carrying oil, I went on as an electrician but now do all...
  14. R

    New JIB rates

    I just got this sent to me if anyone is interested , applies from January 2016
  15. A

    Jib rates sounds too good to be true

    So i was just looking at the jib rates, and i saw this london rate for third stage apprentice with own transport is at £10.93 So If you work a 45 hour week the money you would get is £491.85!!! weekly!! thats £23,000 a year then in your final year its £11.53 45 hour week = £518 yearly =...
  16. S

    Domestic Some opinions/advice on pricing this 5 bedroom rewire would be helpful...

    Hi, I have been offered the 'opportunity' to rewire an unnocupied, empty of furniture and carpets 5 bedroom semi-detatched house. It has been extended and now has the following rooms: Bedroom 1,2,3,4 and 5. A Bathroom, Wet Room and En-Suite. A Hall and Landing. A Reception room and Lounge. 2...
  17. R

    Is this a joke of a job advert?

    Every now and then I like to look around at what jobs and rates are on offer and I found this today. Look at the rates...
  18. J

    PA Testing

    Hi just done the PA Testing course and was wondering what's the average price per item ?
  19. T

    Working away 5 days a week

    What rates should I expect to work away in UK 5 days a week? Flat rate + (ex amount per hour). should I expect to work 12 hours a day? If only allowed to work 8 what hourly rate is fair? £20 a day for food and Also accommodation paid for. Ps I'm on the books, JIB Approved. Cheers
  20. Farmelectrics

    new jib rates

    just a quick one what is the approved electricians rate in the new year think its £15 10p not sure though
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