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  1. M

    Pvc flex underground

    Hi all just been to a job where a builder has started a job and left them in the lurch, they have run a 1.5mm flexible cable in a pvc pipe underneath a patio which then comes out through a wall for drive way lighting the run is 5metres, personally I would have done this in swa as In my opinion...
  2. K

    UK Underground Wiring

    Hi All I'm looking to run a 10/16mm SWA cable from the main house to the Garage. Currently the power supplied to the garage is with a twin and earth cable in some plastic pipe. The plastic pipe is buried under the conservatory and concrete in the garden areas. The plastic pipe is of...
  3. T

    Underground car park lighting

    Good evening all! Has anyone got involved with car park lighting? I’m pricing a block of 13 flats with under ground parking, I’m sure how to price it... whether to go for anti corrosive LED battens with microwave sensor and a corridor function so the car park is never in darkness or; Go for...
  4. G

    Under ground service to weather head or service head.

    What is common practice when hooking Armoured cable to a weather head. Do I need a aluminum weather head or is a threaded PVC one ok? Do I use a weather head with threads so my teck connector can screw straight I need ground bushings at both ends? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  5. U

    Apartment Underground Vault?

    Hello, I live in an apartment complex and there is this underground vault right by our bedroom and I was wondering if someone could tell me what it was?
  6. C

    underground ducting in short lengths

    Anyone know where I can get 32mm ID/37mm OD underground electric cable ducting from in shorter lengths, cheapest I found is amazon but everywhere seems to do minimum 50m, I only need 15m and rarely use it.
  7. M

    Understanding the electricity supply to my house (pole, underground cable, meter box, etc...)

    Partly cos I like to know everything... Partly because I'm a geek... And partly because we're going to have some electrical work done on the house which has made me curious.... I'd like to know more about the feed to my house... The power lines come to us through the garden and reach a pole...
  8. K

    Outhouse Consumer Unit and Underground Cable

    Hi, I am currently having my whole house renovated and I am also having a new outhouse built (brick/block cavity wall etc..). We want to put a small kitchen in the outhouse and so will need to run Gas and Electric etc... We will also be putting the boiler and unvented cylinder in the outhouse...
  9. M

    C1 for no SWA cable underground but is in high tuff

    hi just a quick question, I’ve been asked to re-test a block of flats which has just had an EICR done. Was and old board etc, had 2 new RCD boards fitted so no issues there! They have now quoted a lot of money to replace a cable which runs under ground (no idea how) in high tuff cable. This has...
  10. S

    600M Electrical feed to farm house underground.

    Good evening. I have been asked by a client to size and install an electrical supply from a meter position located 600M from the property and consumer unit. The client wants the supply run underground. Supply is 240v single phase 100A TNCS. Could anyone assist with size and cable type...
  11. M

    Containment on the underground

    I'm working on the underground and as you might know they are very fussy been doing "crinkle sets " to curve round an arch as they won't let you cut a v in the tray it must Be bent out to make it curve rather than cutting does anyone know of a tool that makes this easier or the best method , thanks
  12. D

    Domestic Underground Cable to Outbuilding

    Hello! The last few years, we have provided electrical service to our crib via an extension cord running from our detached garage (fed with 12-2 w/ ground 71 ft from the main breaker in the house) to the crib. We run a couple of 60 watt lights and a heater for our chicken waterer. I want to...
  13. GBDamo

    Underground cable Question.

    Hi All, To me 522.8.10 is quite clear, armoured or the like (concentric) underground unless in a conduit that offers protection equal to that of armoured. However just had a scouse wide boy "electrician" come back from a job with the armoured cable and glands he'd been sent with..."didn't need...
  14. K

    Fault on underground Sub Mains cable

    Hi, I am currently in the middle of completing a new installation in time for a Halloween event at a local activity centre. Over the weekend, while I was not there, it seems that they have lost power to the sub mains distribution panel. Unfortunately I didn't have my Megger to hand yesterday as...
  15. T

    Parsons Green underground tube bomb exploded.

    Again we offer condolences and prayers to peoples families who have lost a loved one, Father, Mother, Daughter and on the list goes. I wonder how much more we should sit back and offer condolences. I suppose it will be until there is only me left.
  16. Emmett Jenner

    finding fault in metal underground conduit

    hi there, first post on here. I've got a shed in my garden which I connected to one of the feeds to a wall socket in the house. I hooked it up in June and it worked fine until about a week ago. The power went off in the house. I turned it back on again. About a week after that it went...
  17. T

    Suggestions for best way to wire underground supply please

    Morning all. I'm after some suggestions please - I'm at the very early stages of a new build for a customer and just planning ahead for getting cables in the ground before the foundations go down. There's a new PME supply cut-out which has been brought into a (very small) shed, and the plan is...
  18. S

    Underground street lighting duct types

    Hi All, I am currently preparing a document where i need to know the duct types used in street lighting electrical design. Could someone help me with the street lighting duct types and sizes normally used in UK. Preferred sizes are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. If not could you guide me to...
  19. S

    Underground street lighting duct types

    Hi All, I am preparing a document where i need to understand the street lighting duct types used in UK. Could someone help me with the street lighting duct types and sizes normally used in UK. Preferred sizes are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. If not could you guide me to someone who could help...
  20. haptism

    Pratley underground boxes

    Hi, anyone used the Pratley underground boxes before ? How do you rate them ? Ive never used one but have found a few negative reviews on other forums. looking at a job yesterday where 3 SWA's need to be jointed underground, the joint may need to be accessed in the future for an additional...
  21. R

    Installation of recessed uplighter in driveway

    Anyone every installed uplighters in tarmaced driveway ,great idea but terrible to install ...iv been presented with some uplighters but the design is rubbish ! They have 40mm space before it hits the ground .... Meaning that an underground joint must be made if useing swa cabling ,im driven...
  22. T

    eicr buried cables

    doing an eicr and have swa going into outside enclosure into terminal block into 10mm twin and earth then into plastic trunking going underground to outbuilding located about 15 meters away. outbuildings electrics are then split using fcu's for lighting electric door an alarm etc. i am...
  23. 1capybara

    can I use HO5-VV-F in PVC conduit underground?

    someone said i cant use fine stranded cable underground in PVC conduit. the "F" in HO5-VV-F stands for fine stranded. I cant see any 17th ed regulation why it cant be used underground in PVC conduit. what do you think?
  24. M

    split concentric installation

    my question is straight forward, can split concentric cable be installed underground, ie say outside buried to a large shed because i was ubder the impression that it was like armoured cable, thanks
  25. T

    Access To TT systems Earth Rod for PIR?

    Hello fellows, Just wanted to get your thoughts on this... I'm working on a property with a TT supply in the hills, I have tested the Ze at 13.5 Ohms, very healthy Earth Rod I thought. Only problem is that its been concreted over through the years so all that now exists is the earth cable...
  26. M

    London Underground Agencies

    Does anyone know who the main recruitment agencies are for London Underground work... Many Thanks
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