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  1. B

    Greater experience/knowledge

    I chose Gas/plumbing because my wife said she didn’t want me to be a spark, yet I now have to deal with certain electrical aspects of my job, and I do enjoy it. What I want to know is, how does one build up on knowledge and experience in electrical work. I don’t want to become a full time spark...
  2. B

    RCD trip time greater than 300ms

    Got sent this, RCD Failed x1 greater than 300ms maybe if they changed the supply at top of RCD, currently have neutral on the left and line in the right , also the RCD is fed from 63Amp MCB is that all good just feeding an RCBO 30ma board
  3. CBHH

    JOB OFFER: Searching for 10 electricians in greater London area

    Hi all! I am new to this forum and have signed up because I am looking for 10 handymen/electricians in the area of London. The job is fairly simple. Our client has installed hundreds of small cell boxes throughout the city of London (from North to South, East to West) and I am looking for...
  4. S

    Iz not greater than In

    I'm doing some calcs for college and need a little help. So, Iz has to be greater than In, but I'm not achieving this. My totals watts for a lighting circuit is 354w So 354/230=1.54 Ib=1.54A In=6A for lighting CPD Correction factors of:- Ca - 0.91 Cg - 0.7 Iz = 1.54/(0.91x0.7) = 2.4A...
  5. M

    Whats this mean on a rcd test

    I think i know but want to make sure
  6. U

    Why dont we use 1/2 amp fuses anymore explained

    If the appliance has 0.5 sq mm cable, the UK plug should (maybe "must" because of the wording in the Plugs and Sockets Regulations) be fitted with a 3A fuse, or 5A if high inrush. If the appliance has 0.75 sq mm cable or above, the UK plug should be fitted with a 13 A fuse. Before you get...
  7. P

    Slightly high Zs on large ring circuit

    Hi all, I did a PIR yesterday at a largeish house (150m2). there is only 1 ring final circuit for all house sockets. Zs was 1.25ohms, vs 1.16 permitted maximum value. there is an RCD so additional protection in theory although the RCD did not disconnect at 5x 30 ma test. I will obviously...
  8. Y

    RCD problem

    Hi All, I am having problems finding a fault and would appreciate any ideas, I have got an RCD on a ring main and on some sockets all tests are great but on some sockets the RCD is tripping at greater than 40 ms on 5x test any ideas?
  9. J

    help with testing

    hi guys! im doing testing in work with my boss in preperation for my am2. when i do insulation resistance test on my lighting circuit it comes back with a test result of greater than 500 megohms but when i reconnect the circuit into the mcb and earth and neutral into the terminals i then tested...
  10. B

    Max neutral/earth voltage

    Hi guys, It's been 10 years since I was a sparky so I am out of date with current regs. Can anyone tell me the max permitted neutral to earth voltage at a spur. I think it is 1.25v. Please help!
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