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  1. W

    Trainee Route into being a sparky

    Hi All, I'm considering a career change into being an electrician and wanted to gather peoples thoughts on what is the best route into the trade that delivers most bang for the buck. I've been offered an eight week course for £7000 in South London which will give me my part P and 18th...
  2. V

    Becoming a sparky (with on site experience)

    Hi Eveyone, Just like to get some advice on becoming a gold card sparks. Here is some background info and i would like some info on what i can do to become a gold card electrician. I started working with my uncle at 17 in 2001 for a housing maintenance company as a subcontractor, after a few...
  3. M

    @ 33 & 10+ years of various jobs with no end reward. Time to be a Sparky! Help please

    So I just got let go from my job last week as operations manager was in the role for 6 months, previously I was a transport supervisor at different company for 1 year pay averaging at 25k lot of responsibilities zero recognition. Now at 33 it’s kinda of daunting being out of work. Yes I’m...
  4. T

    NZ Sparky- Southampton Area

    Hi everybody, I have recently relocated from New Zealand where I am an experienced electrician. I'm looking for any type of work at the moment, but unfortunately I don't have my ECS card yet as I don't have my National Insurance number yet - a lovely catch-22 for you. If anyone has any jobs...
  5. T

    NZ sparky just moved to the UK

    Hi everyone, I have just settled here in the UK with my British partner. We are based in Southampton. I am a New Zealand qualified Electrician with 6 years qualified experience. I come from a broad background with my most recent experience in high end residential and commercial work. I am now...
  6. Nuno Gomes

    New Sparky - My introduction

    Hi All I´m recent City & Guilds level 3 qualifiedlooking for the opportunity to gain expirience and guidence to do my NVQ 3 and be a full qualified sparky. I have lived and worked in the UK for 3 years - studying English and working in several different jobs such as electrician mate, labourer...
  7. D

    Aussie Sparky new to UK

    Hi all, I have just come across to the UK and in the process of establishing myself. Currently based in London and been a qualified electrician in Australia for 10 years after completing a 4 year apprenticeship. I have completed the 18th edition, AM2 and have had my Aus qualification recognised...
  8. C

    Cat 6 connections by a sparky

    Had to cable some cat 6 cabling,while putting in ours,usual thing. Just use what you have,which was external cat 6. Can you 2nd fix them too. Bit of a nightmare really,with my glasses on it was hard to see connections,also in awkward places to connect. Also the quality of these data points can...
  9. Gary Tollison

    newly qualified sparky :)

    Hello. I'm near the end of level 3 Domestic Electrical Installer. All modules done, only 3 practical weeks to go, yay! BS7671 17th under my belt, 2392 inspection, testing and verification, along with other certificates. I'm 44*cough* years old, born and bred in New Zealand, with not much...
  10. H

    Am i entitled to call myself a sparky?

    Ok , so i completed 2365 level 3, and also 17th edition. At my place of work , I'm the go to guy, as well as another very experienced electrician, to do the electrical work. They don't seem to have a problem with me not having the nvq completed ( maybe naive) . I've had some issues with a new...


    I received a call yesterday evening from one of my regular customers requesting that I attend a ground floor rental flat that he owns to check the electrical installation which had received yet another soaking as the flat above had another leak from a newly fitted bathroom. Apparently the ground...
  12. S

    west midlands based sparky ?

    hi all Ive just started my level 2 & 3 fast track course full course is 10 months for both qualifications doing it on sat and sun as i work Monday to Friday as a HGV driver and transport manager once I've completed the course it will be time to get the experience working i have family who are in...
  13. A

    Hello Everyone.... Help if possible?

    Hello everyone I am completely new to this forum and to the trade in general. I’m 29 and currently looking at changing my career of which I plan to start college later this year to eventually become a qualified electrician. In the interim I’m looking for experience of which I’m willing to...
  14. P

    Hoping a Sparky can help

    i have just tried to install a bathoom fan with light xpelair with light 93087AW Xpelair | SSISFC Simply Silent Illumi Shower Fan Complete | 93087AW - https://www.xpelair.co.uk/product/93087AW/SSISFC-Simply-Silent-Illumi--Shower-Fan-Complete I am replacing old fan run from a light switch and...
  15. P

    Wanted - Trainee sparky job near Stevenage

    Hello again everybody, I'm 33 years old and looking to retrain from a mind numbing office job. I did some building work back when I left school and I've always wanted to get back into it. Well, at the ripe old age of 33, it's now or never. I have a loose plan in place to get qualified. That...
  16. C

    Plumber who is also an sparky, allegedly

    Hello guys A plumber done some terrible electrical work, one item had been securing jack chain to 25mm conduit with plastic cable ties. Can someone point me in the direction of an adapter that will hook around the conduit and provide a hook for the jack chain?
  17. Jim90

    Sparky of 7 years looking for advice

    Hi Guys, As above after qualifying from a full NVQ apprenticeship in my 20s and 7 years down the line I feel a bit bored in my current job. My past experiences include pretty much everything; domestic, commercial, industrial, controls (HVAC, BMS etc.), cctv, fire alarms, construction...
  18. Baker1988

    Settle a small disagreement with me and another sparky

    Hi just wondered if any one could settle this disagreement me and another sparky I work with are having. Basically do lighting circuits need rcd protection? The circuits I am on about are already existing (doing eicr?) and it is all surface mounted in pc trunking one of the circuits goes into a...
  19. N

    American qualified, help needed!

    Hi, My husband is American, he's 29 and (to American standards) is a fully qualified electrician. They operate on a 'time served' system, everyone takes the equivalent to 17th edition to be up on the wiring regulations and then just learns on the job. He has 9 years experience, mainly in...
  20. J

    Speedy Sparky Back Box Tool

    Has anyone used or bought one of these Speedy Sparky tools? At £19.99 it could be useful for those of us who do new builds.
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