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  1. A

    Any Electrical work experience available in Birmingham , West midlands area?

    I am looking to gain Electrical experience in the industry . I have completed my diploma level 3 2365 and will be completing my AM2 in summer time but l will require work experience to complete my NVQ and l am willing to work for free to gain work experience however if someone is willing to take...
  2. W

    Electricians Mate Looking for Employment as Electricians mate around Birmingham (west midlands area)

    Hi there, I recently completed my level 3 diploma in electrical installations and bs7671 18th edition regulations. I am looking to be taken on soon as an electricians mate or trainee. My goal is complete my nvq portfolio and work towards my gold card. Any help/advice would be very much...
  3. N

    Electrician Looking for work in the Midlands area

    Hey there, I am looking for work as an electrician's mate in the West Midlands area (I am currently based in Birmingham). I completed my Level 3 diploma in August. I also have an ECS labourers card and I am soon to complete the 18th edition and also IPAF. I have roughly 8 months experience in...
  4. A

    Which 2391-52 course recommended ?

    There seem to be so many courses available with varying prices for the 2391-52 course/exam. Some are £500 dearer . Any one recommend a particular one they thought was good / ensured you passed ? Apart from picking a local one, I am in the Midlands, I am not sure which would be the best and...
  5. DeanoRN

    Improver looking for work (midlands)

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has any opportunities available for an improver, i have all my hand tools/ drills etc..i have my 18th edition level 3 electrical installation from south and city collage Birmingham, also have my IPAF 3A-3B and ECS Card I'm currently working as a subby in hospitals...
  6. DeanoRN

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as a mate/improver. west midlands

    Good evening all, I'm currently looking for some work as a mate/improver around the west midlands. i have my own transport, hand tools etc. I have my level 2/3 electrical installation (2365) obtained from south and city collage Birmingham obtained over a period of 2 years, i also have my 18th...
  7. S

    Fire alarm courses in the midlands

    hi guys, I want to get some experience in installing fire alarm systems. Does anyone know of any courses in the midlands that do hands on training at all.
  8. James bishop

    Domestic Looking for electrical work experience Birmingham/solihull west midlands

    Hi, I'm looking for some work experience as a electricians mate/improver, I have completed my level 1, level 2 2365 diploma in electrical installations and level 3 2365. I'm looking for some hands on experience to build up my employability. I'm 20 years old young and energetic and looking for...
  9. DeanoRN

    Commercial desperately Looking for experience after completing lvl 3 2365. (west midlands)

    Hi all, ok before i start, i have another thread i made back in January but i have no idea how to delete it but since then a few things have changed so i decided to make a new thread. Anywho as the title suggests i am looking to gain experience in the commercial/industrial sector, i have just...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody recognise this tool thief from West Midlands?

    Was sent this video showing a van tool thief in the Midlands area. Somebody will recognise him... hopefully they catch the scum. cant upload just the video for some reason so shared a link to the page its on. Shameless thief busts open van with 'screwdriver' to steal £2,000 of tools -...
  11. B

    Best place to find work in the midlands/ south Birmingham area?

    as above, I’ve got loads of contacts over the years but all London based and none have any connection with the Midlands, getting a bit long in the tooth for working away now and change of circumstances mean I’ve got a chance to come back to south brum, as I’ve always worked by word of mouth I...
  12. S

    west midlands based sparky ?

    hi all Ive just started my level 2 & 3 fast track course full course is 10 months for both qualifications doing it on sat and sun as i work Monday to Friday as a HGV driver and transport manager once I've completed the course it will be time to get the experience working i have family who are in...
  13. J

    Desperately Looking for work

    Hi Guys I’m a relatively newbie (6 months experience) and desperately looking for work as a mate (or anything electrical) I’m based in Birmingham have my own tools and transport. It’s very difficult to convince anyone to give me a chance - no one wants to know. Any help would be much...
  14. fishkake

    Electrician Subcontractor for data cabling (Midlands)

    Hi everyone. I'll try to keep this short as I don't really want to open up to a big discussion, but I'm looking for advice on obtaining a subcontractor for mostly data cabling work. One question is regarding the certification required, if any, for low voltage or data cabling (and also the...
  15. J

    32mm Black PVC Conduit & Terminal Boxes Stockist West Midlands.

    Hi All Firstly, Wishing you everyone a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year. Can someone please advise me where I can purchase 32mm Black PVC conduit, saddles/clips and round terminal boxes, with rubber gaskets, as opposed to rectangular/square terminal boxes, ideally in the Birmingham/West...
  16. DeanoRN

    Domestic Looking for electrical work experience (unpaid) Birmingham/solihull west midlands

    Hi, Im looking for some work experience as a electricians mate/improver, i have completed my level 2 2365 diploma in electrical installations and i'm currently progressing through my level 3 at collage. I have some various domestic experience and i'm looking for some more to build up my...
  17. C

    Electricians Mate electricians mate jobs in the midlands

    Hi guys Know its a long shot but wondered if anyone has any vacancies for electricians mates/labourer jobs around the midlands... I have my 2365 level 3 and 17th edition along with an ecs card.. Up to this point my work has been in warehouse automation maintenance so not had loads of install...
  18. R

    Electrician looking for work nottingham/East Midlands

    Fully Qualified electrician, Time served apprenticeship NVQ level 3, 17th edition wiring regs, SMSTS electrical site supervisor. Full clean driving licence, Own tools. Previous experience 10+ years for large M&E company mainly Commercial and industrial and some domestic installs...
  19. N

    Midlands labouring work required

    I live in Wolverhampton, but have my own transport so I can travel anywhere round the midlands or further if required. I have my City & Guilds 2330 Level 3 and also working on my 17th Edition Regs. Would like to get back into the trade after a very long time in the fast food businessw. I do have...
  20. gazdkw82

    SWA 4x25mm x 27metres - midlands

    title says it all really. Took this out of a unit in daventry recently. Have no use for it and I'm not sure I can bothered to strip it. It's roughly 27metres and all new colours. Offers welcome. Based in Leicestershire
  21. SibertSolar

    PV AC & DC Work

    Guys, Anyone in the Kent area fancy quoting for some AC/DC electrical work on several 200/250kWp roof-mount PV projects for a client of mine? There is also a similar project in Yorkshire. PM me if interested and I'll introduce you, Andy
  22. R

    Wiring Central Heating

    Hi everyone, I've just popped over from the plumbers forum so take it easy on me... Could anyone give me a ball park figure to wire up a combi boiler, single channel programmer + wireless room stat in a medium sized 3 bedroom house including earthing to the gas meter + cold water stop tap...
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