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  1. C

    How to get into Controls / Automation / PLC´s.

    Evening! I´m looking into getting more into the Controls / PLC / Automation side of things. I´ve programmed a few PLC´s (Siemens) from scratch and a HMI. Some knowledge of Servo Drives (fault finding, setting basic parameters), programming VSD´s, designing / construction of control panels etc...
  2. P

    UK Installing 2 gang socket where boiler controls were located

    Hi all, First time poster and keen DIYer here. Seeking some advise/info about my current situation, moved into my house 4 years ago and straight away needed a boiler fitted (changed from a gravity fed system to a combi and had it relocated from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom). After this...
  3. S

    Domestic Boiler controls price work in and around London areas

    Looking for anyone interested in taking on some boiler control installations combi/ S/Y plan heating circuits Between £200-£300 a day all in around north/east/west London Price work Must drive And have small experience in central heating controls/ Boilers and testing Feel free to call or...
  4. T

    No such thing as "IT CANT BE DONE". Dimmer not working as requires in my lighting controls :(

    Hi everyone, I've come here in frustration and would be so very grateful to who ever can help me.. The lighting controls are required to: Dim hallway lighting (9 x GU10 LED) after 10pm untill 6am to 50%. The rest of the time NO dimming is required. To complicate this, these lights are...
  5. Dave Walker

    Line voltage central heating to smart controls

    I currently have a 2 zone line voltage controlled central heating system and would like to convert it to use smart controls. I want an open system that I can integrate to openhab, so not Nest or Hive. I'm not sure where to start, any advice?
  6. 10linepoet


  7. Jason Philip

    Smart Home / Lighting Controls options

    Hi all, just curious as to know what are the preferred brands to use for smart home lighting packages. I use lutron and wattstopper in my job, these are both great but pretty pricy. but for residential re-wires, what brand can you recommend, good ones not junk. Thanks.
  8. C

    Double socket in the kitchen, one switch now controls both?

    Hi, Any advice gratefully received on this. We have a double socket in our kitchen (used for the kettle and toaster mostly). On the other side of the wall in the next room is our shower. Went to switch the kettle on the morning, with the kettle plugged into the left hand socket, and it didn't...
  9. J

    not quoting for boiler/ufh controls

    Evening evening! I find I am losing potential builders/devoloper clients by excluding controls from my quotes (basically I have never learnt- so always shyed away from doing it) is it really that differcult to do from scratch?! I know and have done nest wiring for combi- thats fine and if I...
  10. J

    Domestic Swimming pool pump controls

    Hi All, New to the forum. Have experience with some control systems but mainly experienced in sensor systems (pressure, temperature), control signals (0-10, 4-20) and data aquisition, dabbling in some automation. I'd like to connect my pool pump into a control system I'm building. The current...
  11. D

    First Fix Advice for CH, DHW & UFH Controls

    I have to first fix a CH, DHW & UFH System. The details of the system are below but my question is this, Q.What cables have I missed? so far I have, DHW & CH (radial twin&earth) Double Pole Switched Fused Spur with Flex Outlet next to boiler (4 core + earth) 2 Port CH motorised valve wired...
  12. C

    Lighting controls to work with

    Hello Everyone I may soon start some jobs that require more advanced lighting controls, there seems to be allot out there like Lutron, RAKO to name a few, so what i want to do is start with a system and expand my working knowledge with them as larger and larger projects come my way. I...
  13. H

    Hive Help - Hive with Potterton Promax 12 SL boiler

    So went and got myself a Hive since it was Screwies Deal of the Day. Just looking for some help wiring. So I've got a Potterton Promax 12 SL boiler ( and the original thermostat just had two wires with a third...
  14. E

    Upgrade to Smart Heating Controls on an existing system

    I rent out a holiday cottage in the middle of nowhere (Inverie, Knoydart..only accessible by boat) and would like to be able to control the system over the Internet , IPad /iPhone app. The controls would I think also need to be operated in the house , not using an app/Internet. The house has...
  15. N

    How to control second pump from Worcester Greenstar boiler?

    I've got a Worcester Greenstar 18i System boiler with integrated pump. The optional DT10RF controller has been installed. The boiler is used only for central heating. I've also got a Wilo pump with three-way blender mixer connected to the underfloor hydronic pipes. The three-way keeps the...
  16. R

    Control circuits

    hi lads Can anyone recommend any control circuit books? When i did my apprenticeship we touched on it but not to the extent it should have been in my work. Hopefully not going to get shot down for asking this as im only interested in educating myself on control circuits, as it is not something...
  17. S

    Delta Sol solar thermal??

    Anyone familiar with Delta Sol solar thermal controls? Just wired a Y plan, existing cylinder was removed and replaced with a center store cylinder - not sure if the controls and cylinder are compatible Any help would be appreciated?
  18. A

    BMS engineering/commissioning

    Hi all! I have been working in the BMS industry since I started and been talking to a few people on site, and was just wondering what views people had about an engineering/commissioning role, I have heard there is a lack of engineers recently and they earn good money. Is the pay as good as they...
  19. A

    Honeywell course

    Hi, Has anyone done that one day heating course for Honeywell? Think it's only £40 or so so has to be worth attending! Was just seeing if anyone's got any feedback about it Ad
  20. B

    Reference books

    Can anyone recommend good reference books on the following subjects Central heating wiring and controls Motor theory, wiring and controls Electronic components explained Much appreciated
  21. R

    Building Services Controls Course

    Hi guys, Prob going over old ground here but does anyone recommend a good controls course, I can fault find on a panel but its more knowing why, for example certain plant needs interlocking, sequences for startups etc. I know this prob sounds daft but any help would be great.
  22. W

    Central heating help

    i have no central heating experince whatsoever! ( although ive been sparkying for 10 years ) Ive currently got a immersion tank with a 5 core flex trailing from it and a boiler downstairs with no supply.. What do i do?!
  23. N

    LV MCC of G.E.C. Industrial Controls

    Is there any one here know the vendor who can supply the parts of LV MCC including new tier made by GEC Industrial Controls? I have one project in Thailand which they need to use the existing motor starters and require the new tiers of MCC to be extended. I did search many places in the...
  24. R

    I turned a job down - have I done the right thing?

    Potential customer is having a domestic gas boiler changed. Their installer does not do his own wiring. They asked me to wire up their new boiler system but I realised that it does not comply with part L about conservation of energy (as they do not have separate control of heating in the...
  25. S

    Occupancy Switch Wiring

    I'm going to replace a pull cord ceiling light in a bathroom with a ceiling mounted occupancy switch. I have no instructions for the switch or no wiring diagram but I appear to have 3 terminals (marked on the non visible PCB) - SL-L-N. I have the SL and the live in the current pullcord so is...
  26. sythai

    Richmond Grid 500 dimmer...thoughts please...?

    Evening All... Just seeing if anyone has used any of these before ? Richmond Lighting | Grid 500 If so would like to see how you rate ? And also trying to find out if there any other alternatives that go up to 500w for a comparison ? Many Thanks, Sy
  27. R

    remote access security lighting

    hi, I'm installing a CCTV system for a customer and they asked me if there was anyway of remotely controlling security lighting at there house. They can log on to the cctv system from any computer and control it and want to be able to do the same for the lights. does anyone know if this is...
  28. chrish_1977

    Customer getting in my face

    Hi all, i hope this is in the right section (if not i do apologise and will not do it again). I need some help with a very problem customer, I have carried out a c/u change and issued a EIC, then 2 weeks later I get a phone call blaming me for the boiler not working, called to the address and...
  29. A

    Help understanding heating systems

    Hi all, Not long took the plunge and set up as self employed after spending 9 years in the trade. The problem I have is I have never had to deal with heating systems. It is something I want to get my head round because at the moment if I get called out to a heating fault I would be a bit...
  30. L

    Can Thermal Cut Out on old water cyclinder cause RCD trip?

    Hi Guys, I'm after some advice please! My friend got back from holiday yesterday and when he switched his hot water/heating on (honeywell-slide controls - off,cont,once,twice) the whole house tripped (all protected by RCCB as main switch). I found the terminal strip where the thermostat, pump...
  31. R

    underfloor heating controls

    hi can anyone give me some tips on wireing underfloor heating pump and controls .....
  32. T

    Heating installs

    Not done one yet but was wondering about filling in paperwork for heating installs. Cables to pumps, valves, stats etc. Would each have its own readings recored or such?? Hows everyone else doing them ? Cheers All
  33. D

    job assesment

    Ive got a 7 hour assesment for a job coming up, its in a industrial manufacturing background. What sorts of things would you guys expect to come up in the assesment. Any ideas would be great as i would like to do a bit of swatting before i attend it. Thanks
  34. C

    Wiring for Central Heating Controls

    Hi All, :eek: I have to first fix some heating control cables, mainly to thermostats, and the heating guy's have all done a magic trick and vanished - so I have 3 programmable thermostats to wire for, my main question is - do the each of the thermostats run seperatly back to the wiring centre...
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