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  1. A

    My solar array doesn't seem to generate enough energy

    Hi, I've recently had a 4KW PV array fitted in March this year however I don't believe it's producing the expected results. Yesterday 29/06/2019 was the hottest day so far with cloudless skies and the system at noon peaked at 2.2KW. I would expect to achieve around my peak which is set at 3.8KW...
  2. happyhippydad

    Removing an electrical cable on customers property... that doesn't belong to the customer!

    Afternoon all, I have just been to do a quote for an elderly lady to remove a cable from under a stone driveway. Her neighbours jacked up her car and moved it off her driveway, then made a channel in her driveway, then laid their cable across her driveway to their garage. They gave her...
  3. littlespark

    "Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement"... No it doesn't

    Adverts are not the problem. I totally understand using them as a revenue stream for the forum, however the big banner ad at the top of the screen is starting to get ridiculous. Yesterday, I was told by the advert that Match Of The Day presenter Gary Linekar had been arrested, no details, but...
  4. MyWifeNowDave

    extractor fan issues (as in, it doesn't work very well)

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and I was hoping to get a bit of advice please:D I'm a plumber and I've put a new fan in my bathroom. The old one was ineffective and didn't clear the steam very well. What I'd like to achieve is to be able to run a shower without the walls and mirror steaming...
  5. J

    What routing techniques do CCTV installation professionals use that DIY doesn't generally?

    The more I think about doing a DIY CCTV installation, the more I'm coming to the conclusion that I'd be far better off getting it done professionally: they have years of experience, will consider routing cables impracticable by DIY enthusiasts, and will have the necessary expensive equipment to...
  6. EMMEC


    Guys . iv got an upset situation. My sister in law lives at deep north and she ordered an EICR for her small flat. there was to far me, and she was very hurry so ,she ordered an company " APPROVED BY ......" to do this task.. just to be sure if everything is ok, I asked her for an email with...
  7. S

    Hi, new guy here & some help needed with RCDs

    Hi, Just qualified City & Guilds 4555, 2393, 2382 and (EAL) 2394 with Able Skills in January and now a full time handyman - I have no intention of ever rewiring a house, just doing the smaller jobs. I'm looking to practice at home first and my garage needs a rewire. I'm happy with the...
  8. P

    Garage wireing

    im in a brand new build and paid for mains into the garage, I've discovered the builder has spurred off the back of one of the front room sockets, through the back of the wall to an external junction and to the consumer unit in the garage. If something causes a trip in the garage The consumer...
  9. rich bevan

    evening all im new on here. looking to get involved

    evening all. just qualified as an adult learner. done nvq level 3 and electrotechnical diploma. work for a local company. looking to do work on my own just small stuff to start with. not registered so what type of things can I do.? any help greatly appreciated
  10. B

    Cables In Parallel, Max Load?

    Hi Just wondering if someone could help me out with this one Basically I'd like to know what's the maximum load (single phase) a 4 core 6mm SWA could deliver if cores were connected in parallel SWA in buried under ground and the length is three hundred meters The cable used to supply a 3...
  11. sparky1508

    Switching non timer extraction fan

    Hi, Can't seem to find anything in the regs but I have been asked to fit an extractor fan in a small cupboard containing some IT equipment which gets quite warm and it's just to dissipate heat out of the cupboard. My question is, as it's a fan without run on timer I am using T&E to power it...
  12. P

    Strange activation with pir

    HiHave fitted a stienel pir on the back of a brick pillar to control some lights on drive way. Tested during daytime by walking by and driving van by all ok. Customer rang to say doesn't work when he drives by (warm car ) but works if you walk by. I went down last night and can confirm what he...
  13. yellowvanman

    RCD tripping

    Email from customer: Our Solar PV installation is protected by a 30mA RCD in it's own CU which regularly trips during the morning inverter startup at this time of year (when the roof is persistently very wet). We have a transformerless grid-connected Power One Aurora inverter, and I...
  14. dlt27

    EICR thoroughness.

    I have been doing An EICR report today with another electrician from my workplace. He has tested double the amount of circuits I have. Now I follow testing to the book however he basically said that he: 1 calculates R1+R2 and just measures zs as he says as long as it is ok what does it matter...
  15. M

    110v earth loop impedance

    My test meter only works on 230v.... So... Is there a way of working out the Earth fault loop impedance on a 110v supply that is supplied by a hardwired 110v Centre tapped to earth transformer? Anyone else come across this. I have some additional 110v sockets to fit in a workshop but need to...
  16. robd

    EICR SWA not buried.

    Hi All, Just writing up an EICR I did today, got a long garden with SWA feeding shed at bottom, armoured not earthed (code 2) but I also noticed for part of it's run, near the veg patch, the SWA is lying across the ground. It doesn't meet 522.8.10 so I'm guessing code 2 and a recommendation...
  17. A

    selling pv sol software

    hi there is anyone selling copy of pv sol or pv syst software. if so can you please let me know thanks
  18. D

    Replacing shower

    Was wondering how many sparks when asked to replace/install new shower do the complete job(plumbing work as well as electrical). I've quite happily installed the lot in my own house but I can't imagine my PL insurance covers me if i caused a leak in a customers property. Obviously the...
  19. Q

    Off peak immersion heating wiring query...

    I've been testing some flats that have immersion heaters, 2 supplies - daytime and off peak. The off peak supply is wired from the meter through a contactor then back into the mcb, with the outgoing supply to the immersion heater coming from the contactor. However, when the mcb is isolated, the...
  20. P

    Test switch for emergency light,

    Hi Guys, Been to do a pir today in an hmo house and all the emergency lights had test switches exept one,is it a problem?
  21. J

    3 phase colours

    When you are using 3 phase colours for live neutral and earth, should you use black or grey as neutral, I usually use black as it was the old neutral colour. I work self employed for various different companies and some say you should NEVER use black as neutral, others say only use black. I...
  22. S

    Wattson Solar Plus

    One of our customers has asked about monitoring his PV system for both generation and home usage. He doesn't have internet and doesn't want to spend a lot, so I have been looking at the Wattson solar plus. Does anyone have any experience of this and how well does it work? Can you recommend...
  23. X

    Need help, setting horstmann economy 7 - it's just not working

    Hi guys, First thank you for reading and helping out. Ok I got the above water timer, since last week it's just doesn't seem to be working. First off i set the time as per current time, i set the time as "summer." but it just doesn't seem to heating up the water and importantly it doesn't...
  24. D

    Urgent alarm help...

    Hi chaps, got a big problem here, cutting power in the house I'm working in sets the alarm off and the reset code doesn't work! (alarm hasn't been used for donkeys years anyway, it's an ancient piece of tat... Anyone know how to silence a Micromark 23022? Tried googling for manuals, but none...
  25. M

    Megger mft 1502/2

    Anyone own or have owned this meter? If yes what is it like Cheers
  26. 1

    Paperclip Software

    Am thinking of taking this on despite the fact that I'm not entirely comfortable with it being rented as a service and that my data is on someone else's server. its 1200 a year but saves me the hassle of updating the MCS manual and searching new master documents. On the plus side if they have...
  27. Rockingit

    placing cooker switches

    OSG says 2m max, but doesn't refer to regs and I've read 537 and nothing to be found. So: Got a customer wants to fit a lovely big range cooker in between two windows, perfect fit and will look great. Nowhere for the isolator to go except on an adjacent wall, around 4m wall length / 3m diag...
  28. B

    kioto panels-pvsol

    heh all, what is the deal with these panels, pvsol figures are amazing comparable to sanyo, i can find very little info and where to buy them, PM if you know a stockist or any more info thanks j
  29. G

    Testing Phase to Earth

    Anybody know of any testers that WILL not trip an RCD/RCBO when you test phase to earth? Apparently this one does not
  30. E

    Need Help Working Out This Question!

    The Following resistors are connected in series to a 240v supply, 10ohm, 20ohm, 30ohm, calculate to power dissipated in the 10ohm resistor. How do i do this, and how would i do it for the 20ohm and the 30ohm resistor? Cheers Ed.
  31. F


    a thermosatat is supposed to work as a switch and open and close as the temparature changes, so why does it need a neutral? can anyone help.
  32. M

    16th edition board

    Would a 16th edition board class as a fail on a perioic,all socket circuits on rcd side and all lights on non rcd side,as the customer does not want a new board installing.
  33. J

    supply to outbuilding

    Hi all, just a few questions on a supply to outbuilding a friends asked me to do. I'm hoping to use this an one of my elecsa assessment jobs. as you can see from attached pics is a 6mm 3 swa buried fed from a 20a mcb. rcd boards with 2x 20a radials and 1x 6a light circuits with 2x ncf's...
  34. J

    rules for joining nic, eca, napit

    Hi guys, Just a question on joining one of these. Can you join say nic if you still have a job? probably a silly question but i was thinking about going down the self employed route after completing qualifications but didn't want to just take the plunge and leave my job, go self employed and...
  35. M

    replacing a 4-gang switch

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and pretty new to electrics too, so please forgive any ignorance displayed :o. I have a question about replacing a dimmer switch. The old switch was causing the lights to flicker (I presumed it was a dodgy connection, or maybe just a broken switch). Either way...
  36. J

    Fluke 6500 access code

    Hi i've just bought a used Fluke 6500 PAT tester and realised the access code has been changed (the previous owner doesn't know the new code). Does anyone know if there s a reset code and what it is as the default 9999 doesn't work?

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