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  1. M

    Weekend Work/Experience Domestic

    Hi I’m currently doing my 2357 course which I have funded myself and awaiting to do my AM2 in two months but I’m looking for some weekend work and experience in domestic work. I currently work on commercial sites and have done a few domestic job but look to gain some more experience. I am...
  2. R

    Starting up to do weekend work

    Good Morning All, I'm after some guidance on what I need in order to start carrying out my own work on a weekend and evenings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am an apprentice trained electrician (from an engineering background though, so machine wiring etc). Previous to that I applied...
  3. S

    weekend work in crawley gatwick area

    Hi all been a sparks for years got 2 jobs looking for some weekend work for extra cash got a trip to disney to fund based in crawley/gatwick will to travel a bit any one no off any or worse case an agency. Ben
  4. littlespark

    Celebrity deaths..... what a weekend!

    Dale Winton, Avicci, and now Vern Troyer. Poor little bugger. At least they wont be showing those awful online casino adverts he appears on
  5. Paul Knight

    Newly trained looking for weekend work.

    Hi I finished my training last year and have done a few small jobs ie: Light fittings, switches, sockets etc but I'm looking to get experience in fitting Consumer Units and Outside dwellings. The course I went on was great for getting us through the exams but had limited practical equipment...
  6. C

    What do you need in order to carry out domestic electrical work.

    I am near the end of a apprenticeship(year 3) in industrial and commercial electrics and feel very competent in what I do, I would like to be self employed when I am qualified, and I was wondering if there is any way I can carry out domestic electrical work legally at the weekend for example is...
  7. Jon Ball

    Weekend / Evenings Electrical Work / Experience

    Morning I have just completed the level 2&3 2365 City and Guilds and looking at getting some valuable experience working / helping someone with Electrical work. I am hoping to find electrical mate work for weekends preferably but may be able to help evenings too? I am seeking more work and...
  8. B

    Looking for weekend work electrical mate/improver - SOUTHAMPTON

    Hi all, Currently living in Southampton working in the electrical industry. Would like some part time work on weekends as my current employer offers no over time. Experience in domestic, commercial and industrial. Have own transport. Any questions please ask.
  9. GMES

    Sunday Sunday

    Just had a late Breakfast ( Normally have it 9-10 oclock ) Grilled Bacon Grilled fresh Tomatoes Poached eggs Baked Beans Bread n Butter Mug of Coffee 3 Choc Digestives with 2nd Mug of Coffee God I love Sunday Mornings, What about you Lads!!
  10. M

    Your opinion about a training center

    Hello. I am a newbie that just started working as electrician's mate and I am interested about following an electrician course having the option for weekend attendance. Someone from a college that has the workshop in Luton called me yesterday to arrange an interview to check my eligibility. Is...
  11. A

    Any weekend work / help ?

    Hey people not sure if I'm posting in the correct section but here I go is there anyone here that has work or needs help on the weekend I'm currently working Monday-Friday and there's no weekend work where I am so would like to boost my days up as I'm not used to do 5 days a week usually I do...
  12. Amp David

    Weekend working

    Anyone else is SE work on the weekends. Have so many people who accept my quotes, then say you'll have to do it on a Saturday though. Do they just think its them who work Monday to Friday and actually have a weekend :bomb2:
  13. 1

    Domestic 3 double sockets and wall light?

    As the title suggests, 3 double sockets and a wall light.... As a customer what price would you have in your mind? You know nothing, you just want these 3 sockets and a light in your newly constructed conservatory :) Come on, it's the weekend. You know we have to play this game lol
  14. P


    Hi, im a NICEIC qualified supervisor for my company who are approved contractors and was thinking about starting a weekend business with a plumber friend of mine to see how it goes before taking the leap of faith. does anyone know if id have to be assessed again for the weekend business because...
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