1. bigspark17

    Van lease, looking to contract hire

    Im looking to contract hire a new vivaro probably on a 3yr contract, im just wondering thoose of you who have leased do you have any advice? Im happy with the costing Vat mileage ect but worry about the costs should it (probably will) have a bump or scratch?! Getting quoted around £240+v with...
  2. P

    Electrical testers required urgently to carry out Eicr testing in stevenage and essex long contract

    Looking for electrical testers to carry out EICR testing in stevenage and Essex areas, high volume of works, price work, Applicants must be fully qualified, 2391 , must have own tools and transport
  3. R

    Van Contract Hire recomendations and info

    Hi, I`m looking to contract hire a van (Ford custom, Vivaro, Traffic etc). Looking for recommendations for the best companies to deal with. also the pro`s and cons of contract hire.
  4. C

    Electrical Engineer / Panel Wirer Needed for Contract Job Sussex

    Vacancy for the assembly & wiring of Energy Storage Systems required for an ad hoc/part time upcoming contract in Storrington (West Sussex) area. Duration of upcoming project is 6-8 weeks with the potential of being extended. The rate of pay is dependent on experience and qualifications. The...
  5. Rockingit

    Electricians Mate Mate / Improver required, central London for short contract

    Have 2-3 weeks work for someone who knows their way around conventional commercial installations but fancies getting stuck into being a part of something slightly more unusual with the potential for more similar projects over the year. Located near Paddington, good attitude to hard graft...
  6. T

    50yr old electrician looking for part time / contract work East Mids

    Hi All, I have worked in and around the building industry for most of my life, as either an electricians mate or renovating my own property. I recently qualified with C & G 2382 (17th ed), 2394/2395. Part p domestic installer. I am also a member of NAPIT. I'm looking for short contract work and...
  7. M

    Hive app

    Hiya lads i was speaking to a friend of mine that installs for british gas and asked me to install a nest control for him when i asked why he wasnt using hive he said that BG are going to start charging people for using the app unless they have a service contract. a couple of questions 1, has...
  8. P

    Umbrella Company - Good and Bad

    So I can get few long-term contracts and I was told I need an umbrella company. Seems foreign to me, but ok, I'll go with it. So many are out there saying take home 80%-90%, sounds good but which one to choose based off what? What's the good and bad? What to expect from them?
  9. Lou

    Sangster Electrical Ltd

    Sangster Electrical Ltd. were established 1971 and provide local and Highland wide support to long standing customers in the Whisky and Construction industries as well as offering emergency, maintenance, contract, process commercial and domestic works to single customers, firms and other...
  10. Pete999

    Scarey incidents on site

    I was about 17/18 working on a housing contract with an Electrician, the year? about 1965. During that time it was permissible to drop cables down the cavities on new houses, this was a high spec site 4/5 bed detached houses. The carpentry contract was let to a gang of Brothers from Bristol, a...
  11. S

    install sign off required poole dorset x 2 10 panels prior to 14th sept 2014

    please contact me for details , scaffold already up cable from roof to consumer unit already present tel 01202 280382 Mark
  12. S

    How many EICRs in a day?

    Hi all I have recently been offered a job carrying out large quantities of EICRs. The manager has stated that he wants 4 EICRs done in a day. The properties are small 3 bed houses all on the same housing estate. Is this possible based on a normal working day? He is offering a day rate of pay...
  13. V

    TorqueLeader Torque Limiting Screwdrivers, SETUP for DB USE

    Purchased these around 2 years ago for a particular contract where it was required, then didnt win the contract so have been sat in my garage ever since They are made by Torque Leader, which is a world leading manufacturer in torque tools, the design and finish is second to none, both...
  14. infinity

    Works Contarcts

    I require a works contract for some jobs coming up where we will be carrying out electrical installs for a main contractor. I want to make sure i have covered my back and have some comeback when it comes to payment terms etc. Someone has mentioned JCT minor works but I'm not sure its relevant...
  15. S

    private work

    I'm looking to pick up more private work In my local area I have handed out a few business cards and no luck so far can anyone else give me some useful suggestions to promote myself ?
  16. S

    Cost of a 4kw solar system

    Yes I know this is a how long is a piece of string question, and I may get shot down in flames but is 5-6 k a realistic price for a 4kw system at the moment?
  17. Brightspark2

    PLC Programmer/ Engineer

    Can anyone recommend an Allen-Bradley PLC programmer / engineer what ever you wish to call them. North west england area. Ideally with chemical process experience. Answers on a postcard (Or in this thread)
  18. bartkusal

    hoe does that work???

    After 7.5 years of employment I received form to sign to the amendment of contract, so basically all that nonce, that employment is better than self-employed in regards stability is down the window. Below is cut out of amendment. Not sure how is this ok??? The undernoted amendments have...
  19. TaffyDuck

    A Bastion of a job

    £36k a year to work in Afghanistan ! Taking the ****. Electrician Salary:£3k per monthLocation:AfghanistanJob Type:Contract/InterimDate Posted:11-Mar-2013 10:42Add to My ShortlistJob Title : Electrician Reports to : Electrical Supervisor Location : Afghanistan, on secure Military Bases Working...
  20. T

    job interveiw

    first post on solar forum as it's not what i do.have an interveiw soon from job advertised,all my qualifications experiance prefered.have a few questions if you can help me. 1. as a domestic installer with elecsa can i do solar for a company or do i need other qualifications? 2. will i be...
  21. S

    Want some Guidence?

    Hi 1st post so go easy!Have just won a contract for 4 x 1.5kw systems.So have got to get MCS approved. Any pointers or big no no would be helpful. thanks Paul
  22. S

    NICEIC Approved Contractor

    Hi all Just a quick question about the NICEIC approved contractor: If I register would I be able to use several electricians to install installations and then have a QS to test and sign off all the work done by them? If I am mistaken what scheme/organisation would I need to do this. The...
  23. Waterhouse1989

    Do I have to work away

    Ive just been asked by my boss to work away mon-fri. There has been no info about what were doin or where we're stopping or anything. We don't ever work away and when I started asking him about it he didn't answer my questions and was moaning at me. Do I have to go and can he make me go or can I...
  24. M

    free solar

    Hi All I'm rewiring my mates new house as a favour next week (so you'll have to do without the pleasure of my company!) He has expressed an interest in solar but can't afford it (He's a bit of an eco warrior!) I said I would look into installing a free system for him, naturally I would take the...
  25. S

    Design Pricing?

    Hi all, I have been asked by a client (QS) to provide pricing for design of electrics, and also pricing for the installation. I have no problem in pricing up the installation costs etc. But I have no idea of costing for the design of the system? Has anyone any ideas or rules of thumb when...
  26. D

    DNO consent

    We've had 3.99kW of panels installed so the installer had to get DNO consent. Should I, as the client, be provided with a copy of the consent?
  27. W

    Got large pv contract looking for teams, companies ,individuals for work nationwide

    hi guys just got large PV contract .work is nationwide if interested drop me a line stateing areas you cover if you are willing to travel . If your a company, team, or an individual as we will be taking on a few ourselves not sure of number yet tho will know by the end of the week get in...
  28. F

    Panels on FIT application in.

    Well after months of deciding on what equipment and company to go with I finally have solar panels on my roof (Sunday) 20x195w Linuo & 3.6 Aurora inverter. Thank you to all the people that post on here as the information gained has been extremely helpful in making my decisions and changing them...
  29. B

    Fitting solar free on relatives house

    My brother in law is emigrating to Australia next year and intends to keep his house here in UK and rent out. He says i colud fit panels and keep the FiT for myself.Is it worth doing?What are the pitfallls?Should i draw up a contract?Any info would be appreciated. House in question is bang on...
  30. S

    Employing trainee and contracts

    Hi chaps. I'm currently thinking of employing a 17 year old wanting to do his 2357. I've got his tutors number now so can give him a ring tomorrow for a chat but in the meantime does anyone know if he has to have an apprentices contract or can we employ him as an electricians mate?(very...
  31. S

    Which Form of Contract With Customers?

    Hi folks, newbie here. Unusually this is not a "please can you send me your Ts&Cs" question. I used to do contract management so know all about contracts, but this is about the practicalities and your experience of how domestic customers react to contracts. Would be grateful for your thoughts...
  32. yellowvanman

    Customer deposits

    For the REAL requirement of having to put customers deposits in a 3rd party bank account, how is this actually done? Is it easy enough?
  33. P

    Sole Trader-Taking On Extra Labour

    As the title reads, how do you employ someone to help at busy periods. Are there any forum members who can offer some guidance on how to hire temporary labour, I am a sole trader so seeking advice on insurances, payment and any other points that are required etc. Any advice would be grately...
  34. jon jordan

    xmas working and Emergency call out charges over xmas period

    :confused:hi guys could anyhelp me out with an insight into emergency callout charges over the xmas period my first one working for myself. you can pm me your rates my pm if you wish thanks :rolleyes:
  35. R

    Niceic Timescale and requirements

    Hi just looking for some advice, I am employed at the moment doing PIRs including writing the certs out. If my company ended up folding and I was offered to take over on the contract , They may insist that I be a Approved Contractor with the NIC. What sort of timescale would this take to set up?
  36. S

    business phone

    I've just set up my new business phone contract and can't seem too better the price anywhere happy days.:D I get 500 minutes any network any time(inc calls to Europe, USA & Canada) Unlimited landlines Unlimited texts Unlimited Internet & E-mail And a free HTC Desire for £22.66 (should be...
  37. O

    pricing new build

    ive been given some drawings for some new build apartments, its the first time ive done this kind of pricing because its labour only, should i be looking at it per item or should i be looking at it for the time it should take
  38. A

    Customer contracts

    Hi guys Anyone got a customer contract i can use to build up my own or advise me of points to put in a contract as there are so many issues to cover and i dont want toleave myself liable much appreciated andy007:)
  39. L

    Domestic Customer terminated contract before completion - any obligations re certification?

    A customer has terminated a job before completion. No disputes have been raised over the nature or quality of the work. The installation is not complete and has not been tested or certified. Do we ahve any further obligations in this respect? Thanks
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