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  1. Zdb

    Computer earth leakage value (mA)

    I know every computer/equipment type will have a slighty different earth leakage stated by the manufacturer, however I was wondering what people use as a "rule of thumb" value when designing ring final circuits in offices intended to be used for computers. I was thinking 1.5mA per computer inc...
  2. Spoon

    Computer memory. RAM.......

    In the past I was told that for RAM it was better to have 2 memory cards rather than one. e.g. have two 4GB cards rather than an 8GB card. Is this still the case?
  3. Mike Lee

    Domestic Type A or AC RCCD for a PC computer PSU?

    Hi, I have a small problem of a type AC Disjoncteur differential (I believe it is an RCCD in english parlance) tripping occasionally, it happens about twice a month. I believe it to be caused by my computer power supply, I have come to this assertion due to it being the only thing switched on...
  4. abbeyhouse

    computer adapter switch

    A while ago I got a freebie from E.ON. A 3 way adapter. Middle socket for computer. Two side sockets for peripherals. When computer is switched on and draws current it switches on the two side outlets. When computer is switched off the other two sockets are switched off automatically. All fine...
  5. D

    PC-Case conducts energy

    Hello there! First of all, i am not an electrician and i am absolutely new to this. I have a Problem with my PC and am seeking for advice on how to handle it. I hope this is the right place to post this Thread, if not please let me now. I just built a brand new Computer with all new components...
  6. telectrix

    An Organised Computer Station.

    as tiltle
  7. Jackflash

    EICR computer programme

    Recently i've been carrying out a lot of large commercial EICR's. Whats the best programme out there to use?
  8. D

    Hi from Bristol

    Hi guys. Scott. Based in Bristol UK. Initially after an answer to a question, and then in the short to mid term maybe recommendation for work if we go ahead with some house mods. More of a computer person, so happy to help out there if I can. Is it really only tuesday?
  9. Sonia Norman

    2394 exam

    i took my 2394 exam tonight like a numpty I drew a tnc-s when they asked for a tN-s I did describe that it was terra neutral separate earth and still drew the wrong one! Anyone know if that's a definite fail for the whole exam. It was a 15 point question so I'm thinking I'm screwed!
  10. B

    I'm not an electrician but I some clever heads together

    Hi everyone I have the strangest problem that no matter who I ask in the trade they seem to scratch their head and tell me to buy a surge protection unit. I have bought a million surge protections units Just sayin Here is the problem and some of things done over the past three years to try to...
  11. H

    CCTV - An un-maintained system by a non-accredited installer would not stand up in court?

    As some of you know I currently work at a school while training. They've asked me if I'd be willing to take over maintenance of the CCTV system here. Not a problem, or so I thought, until someone told me that an "unmaintained system by a non-accredited installer would not stand up in court if...
  12. happyhippydad

    Straight wired and crosswired Ethernet connection?

    Evening everyone.. I have just been experimenting with a cat5 wall plate on one end of the cat5 cable and an RJ45 on the other end. The RJ45 connects to my router and the wallplate is situated in the office. I then connect a standard Ethernet cable (RJ45 on both ends) from the wall plate to...
  13. B

    Fuse keeps tripping

    This is a commercial residence with flat upstairs. The problem started two days ago at about 11pm the power to all the sockets downstairs and exhaust hood stopped working. We hadn't done anything unusual as we were using computer, when all the sockets stopped working. So we then went to the fuse...
  14. Q

    Tool insurance exclusions

    Alright guys I'm looking to take out tool cover and read this in the exclusions... 'DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM’ shall mean any computer or data processing equipment or media or microchip or integrated circuit or any similar devices or any computer software or computer firmware.' I don't know if...
  15. R

    Stuck on a underpinning knowledge question!

    Hello Folks. Situation is I'm doing the online 2356 and have to do some underpinning knowledge questions, but I feel I may be over thinking this one.... "Why would an induced overvoltage occur and what damage may occur if this happened while working on an un protected computer?" Now is it as...
  16. C

    New PV Installation - Memory Card Type Thing

    I've just moved into a new build house with a PV installation, the sales office have given me a credit card sized, but thicker plastic card with a detachable small memory card type thing. They have said it should go into a computer and contains my mcs certificate but it's too fat to fit in a...
  17. M

    Domestic tt earth voltage

    Hi If I disconnect earthing conductor and put a voltmeter between the earthing conductor and the earth rod how many volts should I expect? None I would have thought. However I get 60V with nothing plugged in and 110V with computer plugged in. Caravan on tt system fed from tncs property - ( no...
  18. A

    Domestic Dual Wall Socket Overload?

    Hello, I am an IT Tech and not an Electrician so please excuse my ignorance... I have three monitors, one 860W computer and multiple other devices including printers etc.. plugged into 2 x 7 UK Power Socket Extension Cords which can be found by googling the following: Belkin Conserve Smart AV...
  19. S

    RCD not Resetting

    Hi there Local church TT system, CU with RCD as protection as main switch. Had a problem with the dishwasher tripping the RCD when running a intensive program, but that is a other issue. the main issue is when the RCD has tripped, you cannot reset it. There usually is no power on the...
  20. i=p/u

    Commercial Adding meter to cafe circuits

    As above been asked if we could put the cafe on its own meter but I'm nearl certain it has other circuits on same dis board. Cant get look until Monday. And know maybe need to move circuits around ( crimp and adjust ) to own board, is there any other way ?? Just asking.
  21. D

    Best certificate software

    Hi, I'm looking into buying a certificate software, as im not a massive company and it wont be producing 50 certs a week im looking for a cheap one. i would like some advice/recommendations on what to go for. i have been looking at the castline or amtech both basic ones are £199 which i can...
  22. Top Cat

    Problems uploading from tester since windows7

    I have a Metrel AlphaPat MI 2142 with a Belkin F5U103 USB serial adapter. Always worked fine on my old computer but now have new one with Windows 7, 64 bit (God know's what that means). anyway nothing "talks" to each other any more! Any ideas?
  23. J

    How to maintain LED display

    How to maintain LED display1. Keeping stably the power supply voltage ,And make sure grounding protection is good. 2. Do not use LED display in the bad natural conditions(for example:strong lighing day) 3. Somethings are banned ,for examples: The water,conductive metal are prohibited...
  24. U

    Need Sri Lanka 1 computer room wiring diagram

    hi I have computer room so i need to re wiring .so our domestic ac voltage 230v. i want to add some stuff * voltage meter. * ampere meter. * current transformer. * circuit breaker. * 5 electrical socket outlet.(1 for monitor 1 for CPU) How can i add this stuff. please any 1 give me a...
  25. B

    Metrel Instaltest 61557 Results Download Software

    Hi All I'm new to this site and just starting my electricians course. I've aquired a Metrel Instaltest 61557 meter and when I tried to install the software on my computer to download the results from the meter, it would not install. The software is designed for 32 bit machines and mine is a...
  26. P

    Commercial clean supplys

    Hi can anyone help?I'm doing a bit of work in an existing bank and have been told I have to chase steel conduit into walls and run in studwalls to protect the Clean supply and the Dirty ringmain if they are not RCD protected.I dont want to put the clean on an RCD.Is there a workaround for a...
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