1. Adam_92

    breaking capacity of overcurrent devices

    I’m wondering if someone can tell me in the OSG or regs that it has the short circuit breaking capacity of overcurrent devices someone said it was table 7.2A but can’t find it anywhere
  2. R

    Does anyone know the BS(EN) for this primary supply overcurrent protective device device

    Can anyone give me the BS no. for this please
  3. P


    Good afternoon all. Does someone know a suppler of single module double pole rbos's that have stock ? I can't believe no one manufactures such an item. Many thanks in anticipation of success.
  4. G

    Current sensing switches

    Hi Can anybody point me in the direction of a UK supplier foe these or equal? AS1 Series Current Sensing Switch | NK Technologies - San Jose, CA 95136 thanks,
  5. S

    minor works cert help

    hi there i am filling in a minor works cert and in part 2 it asks for 'overcurrent protective device for the modified circuit' and 'residual current device'. i have a split load board with one rcd on it. the work has been carried out on a ring circuit on the rcd side so i assume i put in the rcd...
  6. S

    Lutron rania dimmer problem

    I've been asked by a customer to look at a lutron rania dimmer. The problem is when switched on the lights flash light a strobe light all over the room. Spoke to lutron they believe that it overcurrent so I split the room lighting and still have same problem. Anyone come across this before...
  7. La Poste

    RCCD's and RCBO's

    This might sound like an obvious question but do rccd's have overcurrent protection? When you buy a 17th edition board that has two double pole RCCD's one at 63A and one at 80A are these RCCD's effective for overcurrent as well as earth fault leakage? I have been looking at double pole RCBO's...
  8. J

    a KMF switch (isolator) problems please help !

    Hi I am unsure on the regs with this I have a 100a main fuse but need to run tails outside in armoured cable into loft of extension I know that I need a kmf switch but I'm struggling to find a small 100 amp one (not enough room for the big wylex ones) can I use a Switch Fuse Moulded Single...
  9. T

    51 & 49 function relay

    Hi all New to the forum, can everyone help me to explain the difference between 51 and 49 function relay incase motor protection. Thank you
  10. K

    Short circuit capacity???????

    How do you work out the overcurrent devices short circuit capacity in KA, i thought it was just written on it, if you can't find it what do you do then? HELP!!!!!!!!!
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