2 gang

  1. S

    2 gang 2 way switch with a single rocker

    Does such a thing exist but with one single rocker controlling the switch? i.e. exactly like a normal 2 gang 2 way switch except it is only possible to have both switches in the down position or both in the up. For low current 240V circuit like lighting.
  2. J

    Rewiring from 2 gang dimmer

    Hi, in my bedroom i had a 2 gang dimmer that powered 2 set of 3 spot lights and also had passthrough wires to other sockets. Im changing to just one pendent light. this was the original setup attached. I have rewired the new standard light switch, the passthrough is working as the other...
  3. G

    2 gang / 2 way for hallway & landing lighting

    Hi all , just found this circuit on Wiki. Is it this design correct ? Are we allowed to have two seperate supplies interconnected ?
  4. N

    40a MCB to 2 gang socket - want to spur off to FCU at 13a for freezer over winter

    Hello everyone, We had an electrician over, who fitted a 40a MCB in the house consumer unit to supply a new build garage. It's underground SWA, in conduit also. He temporarily fitted a 2 gang socket so we could use power tools whilst we complete a fitout internally, although in that use case...
  5. I

    I need help wiring up a Quinetic 2 gang receiver switch

    Hi All, I am looking to install a Quinetic double gang in line receiver switch (QURS2W) in my hallway on the ground floor to control the lights in the hallway on the ground as well as the first floor. On the first floor, I propose to pair up a 2 gang Quinetic switch. The wiring is all old and...
  6. LewisM

    2 Gang Flex Outlet Plate

    Is there such thing as a 2 Gang flex outlet plate, changing an existing heating system to a nest so no need for the programmer however it is by the boiler in the kitchen, they’ve cut in a 2 gang back box then screws through it anyway m, will need to use the flex to the boiler however the kitchen...
  7. B

    2 gang 2 way to 2 gang 1 way?

    i intend to change my old switch with a new one. However i dont know how to connect them right. All wires are of the same color! Anyone can advise? We are controlling the light from only 1 point.
  8. J

    3 gang to 2 gang conversion

    I have 3 gang switch that I would like to convert to a 2 gang switch. I have no need now or in the future for the 3rd switch and aesthetically the switch will look better as a 2 gang square box vs 3 gang box. I am wondering if there is any converter that would allow me to connect a 2 gang...
  9. B

    Smart Switch Replacement of 2 Gang Switch (Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 -No Neutral)

    Hello, I wish to replace the old 2 gang switch pictured, with the smart switch pictured. Am I right in thinking that all 3 reds wires would need to go in L. Then the lower left black wire can go in L1. And then the pair or black wires (from the bottom right) can go in L2? Many thanks.
  10. Aidan364

    Changing 2 gang light switch to smart dimmer

    Hi all, I am upgrading my traditional 2 gang light switch in the kitchen to a smart 2 gang dimmer switch. When I wired up the switch the switch was constantly on and wouldn't turn off. The traditional switch was wired be one wire into common. One into L1 then the other switch was wired the...
  11. Jtdyson

    Old 2 Gang Light Switch Wiring

    Hi I have this lighting socket but has no markings, does anyone have any idea what is L1,L2 and Com Many thanks J
  12. neilos1985

    Replacing 2 gang switch for another but has different terminals

    I'm looking to replace old 2 gang switch for a new one. 2 separate lights and one is also controlled by another switch. Old has 4 wire holes including loop? New is what I'm used to seeing. Any ideas on how to wire up?
  13. T

    Adding a light to loop at switch and change to 2 gang switch

    Hi, I am wanting to add a couple of wall lights to a room that currently has a single ceiling rose. Attached are photos of the one gang switch and the ceiling rose. I wish to change the one gang switch for a two gang switch, so that one switch operates the current ceiling rose while the other...
  14. S

    Replacing 2 gang switch

    I'm just replacing a 2 gang switch that controls the two ceiling lights in the living room with an updated one and I'm puzzled about the current wiring. First of all the all the wires are red and because of the length of the wires I can't easily remove one and insert into the other switch, so I...
  15. J

    UK 2 Gang UK Socket - Capable of 26Amp or Only 13Amp?

    Its common to read in literature and textbook, that providing we use an adequate twin earth rated cable, a UK Double socket is capable of 26Amp, however whenever I browse actual catalogues to buy, all I can find are 13Amp rated. Example below... Is this because its implied 13Amp per plug? In...
  16. D

    How to wire a 2 gang intermediate switch.

    Hi all, looking for a little advise on how to wire in a 2 gang intermediate switch. I'm doing a first fix on a house extension and it's 3 storey. I was going to put 2 way 2 gang switch down stairs, to operate ground and middle floor. Then put 2 gang intermediate switch on middle floor and I...
  17. N

    Swapping out 2 gang for 2 FCU on 32A radial final

    Hello everyone, Back again after receiving great advice for the bathroom a few months back. This time I'm making a mess in the kitchen. We have a 32A MCB to radial final which goes to a cooker control switch which also has an integrated 1 gang socket. Off of this is a double socket which...
  18. Jwaugh

    Light switch 2 gang 2way with neon - UK

    Hi. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a 2 gang 2 way light switch with at least one neon. I’m putting lights in the roofspace and there is a switch at the top of the stairs, beside the loft ladder, for the landing light. Was looking to see if I could put another switch here but want to be...
  19. S

    Replacing Old 2 Gang Switch?

    Hello! I want to replace this very old looking 2 Gang Switch (all one way). The left switch is for an exhaust fan and the right a light. I decided to buy a new plate for an electrician to install, but I question if it is the right one. There are no numbers or labels on the old terminals. With...
  20. D

    2 Gang Intermediate light switch - wiring help

    Hi All, Sorry for the stupid question but thought I might have a quick job in replacing a 2 gang light switch. 1 switch runs the downstairs hall lights, the other runs the top landing lights. Both have other switches at other parts of the house. i've attached the old switch and a new switch...


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