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  1. M

    certsure and others plans

    Certsure, ECA and Electrical Safety First (ESF) have worked together to develop plans to raise standards across the industry. The trio are the driving force behind proposals to change the ways competence within the industry is measured. While the electrotechnical industry prides itself on a...
  2. B

    LED bulbs not blowing in one fitting but not in others

    Hi - I'd appreciate some advice please. I've just replaced all our G9 Halogen bulbs in the fittings in our living room to LED versions - 16 in total. The fittings are called Tugel (Dar Tugel 6 Arm Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Satin Chrome - Lighting Direct -...
  3. S

    Aico vs FireAngel (and others)

    Usually install Aico smokes/heats but just noticed quite a large price difference with FireAngel. Any with experience of the latter - fitting, reliability etc?
  4. marconi

    Why does 13A plug and socket system have flat pins when most others are round?

    (A sad admission: as a lad I collected plugs by make and colour and displayed them on a shelf in my bedroom - I liked for example the style of the 'Rock' make. I had therapy and am now recovered but some interest remains. Who remembers makes such as Rock, WG, Nettle, Wylex, Empire...
  5. P

    Do others filter the potential time wasters?

    I am sure there are far more time wasters contacting me than a few years ago, or is it just me being grumpier in older age. I think I'm usually good at sussing out the time wasters and I would say that around a third of the people who contact me I don't even arrange to quote them as I believe...
  6. littlespark

    Are some telly's better at recieving digital signals than others?

    After several years with a sky dish, my parents asked me to do something with their old aerial setup. The aerial, high up on the gable was a perfect perch for the local pigeons to sit and make a mess on their doorstep. They have a Panasonic tv in the living room, connected with a sky+ box, and...
  7. B


    What types of cards can you get e.g like CSCS card, are there any others that are useful? Thanks
  8. Pete999


    Where is everyone? been a bit quiet lately
  9. D

    Best competent person scheme

    Hi guys, ive always been employed but I am thinking of going it alone this year. What do people think the best competent person scheme is to ensure compliance with part p. ive herd you have to of been trading for a year for the NIC and was wondering if others were cheaper or had less paperwork...
  10. JD6400

    Commercial hydroponic grow set up

    Have any other members been involved in hydroponics on a commercial scale ? This is a serious question and not linked to drug production in any way , so please do not drag the tread in to the gutter . It is for the production of barley grass for livestock fodder . But I would like to hear from...
  11. G

    Old original period light switches , condition report.

    Doing an CR on a very old period property with some very expensive original features. It has been rewired around 10 years ago but they have reused the old original switches, some of which I believe to me 70-80 years old! A few of the switches are clearly arcing when moved so C1 noted. What...
  12. R

    Dado Trunking

    Got an office to fit dado trunking around, Just wondering if someone has a magic number hight wise for the trunking as no office furniture is there yet. I could take an educated guess I know but just checking in case someone knows better. Thanking you.
  13. S


    what is the best testing course to do and cheapest way to do it many thanks
  14. S

    Installation Reference Method

    Hi What is the installation reference method for flat T&E cable, with capping and buried in plaster, am I correct in thinking it is method C as all the others in table F6 (page 150) in the OSG refer to insulation? Steve
  15. P

    Confused about 3.6KW limit

    Hi all, great forum been looking for something on Solar Pv for days now. Been reading here and saw mentioned a couple of times that inverters are capped at 3.6KW feed in? My question is if I have been quoted for a 4KW (a touch under 4KW actually) system but wouldn't the difference be wasted...
  16. L

    Usb socket combo

    Evening all..(its been a while) Has any of you come across these usb charger points built in to a socket face plate, i have a customer who asked for one, has any one used them? are they ok ? how do they work ie, are they fused or use a selv system or is my usb device when plugged in only...
  17. S

    Out of date books!!!

    What you guys doing with all your out of date books now?? I have loads like snags books and the yellow inspection books etc?? Really annoying that you buy them then they get updates weeks after!!
  18. hifly

    Fluke Error 1

    I have been having a bit of a problem with my fluke 1652 recently it would come up with an "error1" and just not work, removed batteries & fuse and then refitted, that worked some times but not others, also got some odd high readings when nulling the test leads. Asked around about repairs...
  19. S

    Confusion with registration with council, NICEIC and Part P

    Hi All Been working away in Europe for 5 years and now returned to UK. I have got 16th edition and Test and Inspection and will be taking update course for 17th edition shortly. What do I have to do to be registerred to sign off and certificate own and others work. I assume need to enrol with...
  20. J


    wondering if anyone could please help a little.ive been on refresher course and dont think there should be any problems with installation, testing, or fault finding.My major concern is the multi choice exam of which i have the related topics.Would just like to know others experiences as am...
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