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  1. J

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of it

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of the oven from the oven itself and I am sure the hob cable, I believe there is also a plastic junction box back there, could that melt or is the heat less...
  2. W

    New Zealand should i earth my steel garage work bench to the power point next to the bench.The bench is constructed of timber but has a solid steel top,cheers

    Should i earth my garage steel bench top,it is constructed of timber but has a 3mm steel top,
  3. telectrix

    Work Bench Facelift at last

    work's a bit quiet. several small jobs funding the bar bills, couple of bigger ones just quoted for. finally got round to making bench larger, adding the dado with sockets, think i've got enough there?
  4. M

    What is the best way to wire this bench testing setup?

    Hi, When we were in College we setup up a lab using a Bench PSU, a Mini Consumer Unit and some lights etc... It wasn't the best setup but it gave us an idea into the principles of wiring up circuits etc... From the picture here you can see that the leads they gave us were not the best but it...
  5. telectrix

    Tidy Bench, Tidy Mind... Mt Arse.

    nothing better to do on a sunday morning so cleaned the bench up. think the little ankle snappers have a better idea of wasting a morning.
  6. telectrix

    quiet time bench job for today

    customer's fancy light. transformer is goosed. no output (load is connected, been caught before when TX only outputs with min. load or more)). new TX ordered.
  7. C

    Wireless PIR & receivers

    Morning All, I have a customer request for a wireless PIR system, receiver above the front door & 3 sensors in the garden. The lights required to energise are all LED and total 45w. Ive bench tested the timeguard offering (which does say not for use with LED) and sure enough it doesn't turn...
  8. S

    Disconnecting a power outlet from a 3 phase control box

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice /guidance. My brother in law has a large saw bench with a 3 phase motor, he has sold the bench but we need to disconnect the cable for the motor from the metal electrical 3 phase control box. I'm a retired person but have done...
  9. P

    bench mounted pillar drill running at a reduced speed even when its not under load

    hi guys, We got a bench mountepillar drill, which is running at a reduced speed even when it is not under loadconditions.what could be the fault?
  10. R

    Workshop light

    Hi all, We've got a picture framing workshop (the mrs's). At the moment its got flourecent lights, but she keeps saying she needs something brighter above her work bench (basically a 4x8 sheet of MDF). She said it needs to give plently of light, so what thinking was hanging a Lowbay light...
  11. A

    Sockets in a bench

    Hi Guys Ive got a bench on wheels that i use for a laptop printer amp and a few other bits. Now currenctly i have a 4 way lead screwed to the back of the bench. Which then plugs into a socket. Now this does the job but its annoying having power cables going over the desk to the 4 way. So what...
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