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  1. L

    RCBO Neutral Leads bunched with Main Neutral in Main switch - C3 or C2?

    Hi all, Engineer carried out EICR and marked the above as a C2, I agree, the smaller cables could come loose easily as the terminal is mainly clamping the 16mm tail. Client said C3....
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    NAPIT leads website? another scam or decent?

    Saw this online and it seems NAPIT are setting up a job leads service and then charging its members for them. not sure how well this will work and if it does then i expect certsure to quickly muscle in on the action and use the NICEIC brand to get some of the market share and money being made...
  3. A

    Nulling Test leads

    Hi all i just sent my fluke tester off for calibration, and came back as a fault so needs sending off for fixing, now sods law i have my NICEIC assessment Thursday, so had to purchase the testers within my local wholesalers (as will take 10 days to get to get old ones back) so i got the Di-LOG...
  4. S

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying
  5. T

    UK Extension Leads

    I am always extremely cautious with working with anything that involves with electricity. Was wondering if anyone can help and give advice to these with these questions to help calm the anxiety. First is how much load can i put through 1 extension lead? I know each of them can have different...
  6. Z

    Trainee Where to buy linking leads

    Does anyone know where I can get these? short lead with a croc clip on both ends
  7. GBDamo

    IEC Leads and PA testing.

    I dont usually do PA testing, or whetever the hell it's called these days, but have come across a few occasions where EU two pin IEC leads have been used with a travel adapter. In the majority of cases it's class II equipment being powerd but today I found this set up being used for a class I...
  8. H

    Two test leads, one port

    Hoping someone might be able to help. I’ve seen an ‘adaptor’ that allows 2 test leads to run from one port of an MFT (doing IR test). But, can’t find anywhere to buy it. Anyone know where I could get one from?

    RCBO with Functional Earth Lead.

    I have read somewhere, (but I can't locate the source), that because the RCBO's electronic control operates at a very slightly higher potential than earth, there is a very small leakage to earth through the functional earth lead. Is this correct or is my memory playing tricks?
  10. MFS Electrical

    Aye or Naw? Trimming RCBO Leads

    I was always taught never to trim RCBO leads. I noticed on another thread the other day/earlier on that someone said they did. What’s the general consensus on the subject? The reasons explained to me as to why we shouldn’t cut them were the RCBO was calibrated with that length of cable on so it...
  11. C

    Test leads needed please

    Anyone in the Grimsby area have any spare test leads to fit a fluke multifunction tester
  12. J

    Kewtech test leads for sale

    As per the title. Set of Kewtech test leads with main plug and Kewtech carry case. £23 free postage.
  13. multimick

    extension leads with surge adaptors

    don't do much pa testing but noticed a couple of times these show reverse polarity on my megger pat 120 ,but test the pins for continuity and its ok on neutral and earth but no continuity on line,they all work ok ,is the electronics causing problems ?
  14. Sparksaflyin

    Leads for an mft1502

    Has anyone got any decent mft1502 replacement leads or knows anywhere I can get them without paying through the nose? Need some that are compatible with the kewtech break out box. I’m going to be getting the newest megger soon but while mine is still in good nick and more than adequately does...
  15. littlespark

    Hollywood leads in Anti Scottish racism row

    I tried to make title sound like a tabloid headline. This is a still from the latest Avengers film. Thank you for reinforcing the stereotype that the Scots eat unhealthily. Deep fried Kebab. Really? They also portray Scotland with empty streets. Even at night time when this scene takes place...
  16. sjhall

    Megger test leads for sale

    Megger 1005-135 3 Wire Test Lead Set (Unfused) for MFT1552/MFT1553 Multifunction Testers New unused Genuine Megger £30 posted
  17. Soulcraft Electric

    Recommendations for ferrules/crimps for Lewden RCBO neutral leads

    Need to shorten the neutral leads on Lewden RCBOs. Where do people source suitable crimps/ferrules? Thanks
  18. S

    SWA cables - fly leading armour as cpc??

    Just after A bit of advice regarding a load of swa cables into dist board. What's people's preferred methods / good practice regarding banjos fly leads etc. Banjos inside?? If multiple cables are using armour as cpc is it considered bad practice to use 1 fly lead between the two Banjos??? Is it...
  19. G

    3 Phase Leads

    Can someone give the settings for testing 20a and 32a 3 phase extension leads
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Purpose of earth fly leads on RCBO's

    Been sent an email today telling me Hager have a new smaller rcbo range out and have done away with the earth fly lead which is good when doing a IR test. The new rcbos are a good fit for adding into existing CU's as they give you plenty of space on top for cables, Which makes me wonder why is...
  21. Gavin John Hyde

    Is Quotatis another leads based extortion racket?

    Over the last month I have had a couple of emails from an outfit called Quotatis... Given its Friday and not too busy I actually clicked through to the website and from what I can tell it is another of them leads based websites where Joe Public posts work, you then get told about it for a fee...
  22. Zdb

    Fluke test probes premium TP175E leads.

    Anyone know if these will fit the Fluke T5-600/1000? I want to know if they will clip inside like the original probes do. Thanks Fluke TP175 Twist Guard Test Probes, 1000V Voltage,10A Current, 2mm Tip Diameter | eBay -
  23. S

    Test leads - genuine or after market

    I need new test leads for any Metrel and have seen AMECal do the same set as Metrel. Just wondering if they are any good or should I stick to the pricier Metrel ones? Thanks in advance
  24. A

    Fluke 1654B for sale

    Hi, ive recently started a new job where I'm off the tools now, and my tester is 1 tool I will probably never use again (fingers crossed) so im selling it, it's got all the basic leads, the test button lead, all 5 kew tech light mates, 2 and 5 amp socket adaptors, loads of little bits with it...
  25. J

    Zs tripping rcd

    hi guys, Hoping for a little advice. Been working on a property this week and have been having trouble getting zs readings as it trips the rcd on a 17th edition cu. Property is pme. I've tried testing idividual circuits one by one and completely disconnecting all the others but it still trips...
  26. B

    Problems testing RCDs/RCBOs

    Hi, My Megger 1553 only seems to want to do the RCD testing part of its functionality, when you use the plug in lead (The one with a standard 3 pin molded plug on the end). Using the other 3 individual leads achieves nothing and the test fails. I have tried testing at CU and also at a socket...
  27. S

    Robin KTS 1630 New mains test leads

    Hi all, Anyone know if or where I can get new mains test leads for the Robin 1630? I saw a post of a few years ago about some merger leads that might fit, if anyone has tried them I'd be grateful if you'd let me know, Cheers
  28. C

    Which? Electricians Accreditation

    Hi everyone is anybody on here accredited with which and does it bring in the work. Craig
  29. R

    Domestic Ze

    hi all, I posted about this recently and didn't manage to get back online till now. I've got a Fluke 1653b multi function meter. In the last few weeks it has stopped recording Ze and Zdb readings ( readings on L-E setting) are 0.00 and on L-N reading are0.00 and PFC is 10kA ( this only happens...
  30. haptism

    Kewtech Socket Tester Query

    Hi, I have bought a Kewtech socket tester for r1 & r2 testing on a megger 1552 but loose connection of the leads into it are giving me unstable readings. The genuine Megger 1552 compatible leads are brand new, as is the Kewtech socket tester. I cannot find a Megger socket tester and am aware...
  31. gazdkw82

    Socket tester adapter thingy

    I thought having one of those socket adaptors that allows you to push your testing leads directly in. What's the general consensus? Do they conflict with testing resulting think the one Iv looked at is made by kewtech
  32. VoltzElectrical

    Megger 1553

    I already read the thread on this but the answers didn't help. I need to get my !553 apart and have taken the 4 screws out. The unit will start to part but there appears to be something holding the two halves together at the top. Does anybody know how to open one of these up? I spoke to Megger...
  33. BigSpark

    Fluke 1654b with robin leads

    Evening all, I've just purchased a Fluke 1654B Mft, and on further inspection I've realized it has been supplied with fused Robin test leads (which after some research is standard for older versions of 1654b, i think????) so not as bothered as i first was. I'm wondering if these leads are still...
  34. uksparks

    Fluke Leads

    Hi, I have a Fluke MFT 1654B, I have had this one for about 3 1/2 years now, ever since new, when you zero the leads, regardless of if its the blue red or green leads, which ever combination, they always come out at around 0.20 Ohms. I have periodically had issues over the last 6 months or so...
  35. C

    Testing IEC leads

    Hi everyone I have a question regarding an old tester I have purchased. The tester is a Seaward 500H, quite an old tester I know. My question is how do I test IEC leads and extention leads? It doesn't have a IEC socket so I guess I have to create an adapter? Any help or advice...
  36. N

    error4 on fluke 1651b tester

    Having problems with my 1651b fluke mft when measuring my ze when i clip the croc clip on earth and touch probes on phase and neutral it shows error 4 straight away without me pressing test. I've tried this at home too on my board same thing is it time for a new tester or leads. every other test...
  37. D

    Fluke tips

    Morning. I've lost a few of the tips off my fluke mft test leads. I'm have trouble finding them online. These are the screw in ones not the push on Any ideas please. Cheers Dave
  38. T

    Fluke 1653b ze issue 0.00 every time

    I bought a brand new fluke 1653b just before Christmas, however I haven't really used it much as its mainly for personal use as I am looking to set up alone in the near future and I use a separate tester at work. When I bought the tester it came with a valid calibration certificate as this was...
  39. Pete999

    Klein (again)

    During a moments reflection after last weeks visit to CEF to have a look at the Klein stand. They had several multimeters on show, not MFTs just the normal type Volts, Ohms etc, and before you have a go, yes I forgot to ask the Klein Rep, mind you he probably wouldn't know what I should have...
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