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  1. S

    EICR and EPC reports clarification

    Hi people, Totally confused here. My hubby is a Part P domestic installer ( Elecsa / NICEIC) basically we are looking into taking on other avenues of electrical work and were wondering about doing EICR and EPC reports as we know these are about to take off in a big way due to the recent...
  2. T

    Electrical installation/condition reports in editable PDF form ?

    Anyone tell me where I can get editable PDF's (or in Word) for installation /condition reports. I find the paper ones too small and fiddly to fill in. Any help would be appreciated
  3. A

    Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Hi all, New to this forum and just wanted to see if anyone has heard of EICR'S becoming mandotory in England. As we know they are only a recommendation (Which I'm sure we all don't agree with) A friend of mine went to a tech talk by NIC/EIC this week and they were talking about it becoming...
  4. N

    Green nic condition reports

    Just wondering who exactly can fill in these niceic EICR forms? NICEIC - Elecsa - ECA | Domest - on the niceic website it says they're for any contractor even those not registered. Is it the case that...
  5. TonyJohnson

    Which Certification software for domestic reports?

    Looking to go away from duplicate pads to computer certs. Mostly domestic jobs but perhaps software that does calcs too. Which are available and the most popular.. Thanks T.
  6. JK-Electrical

    EICR Codebreakers: A Guide to Coding Observations for Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Has anyone bought a copy of this NAPIT publication? If so, what are you thoughts?
  7. S

    Home Reports - not worth the paper?

    Hi folks I recently found this above a customer's bathroom false ceiling, when I went to replace some obviously unsuitable downlights with suitable ones. This mess was in use, supplying said downlights. Naturally I rewired the downlights, having agreed a price with the customer. Now, the...
  8. M

    Fuseboard upgrade. Surveying / condition reports and testing.

    Hi guys. I wanted some advice. I've been trading for almost 12 months and I'm still relatively new (and slow) at testing. And testing is the bit of the job I dread and lose time on. I'm NIC EIC registered as a domestic installer. So I can't officially do condition reports yet. I've noticed...
  9. nicnic66

    Pre-assessment Certification.

    I am a new sole trader (after 12 years employed) and have only just sent off my NICEIC application, and I need a couple of questions answering please?? .I am contracting to a firm and they are giving me price work also which requires me to send quotes and E.I.C.R reports for possible rewires...
  10. S

    Domestic Smart invoicing software for a small business

    Hi All, new member here. just wondering if any of the members have any experience of some business software that can make my life easier. ie invoicing from a smart phone and producing some simple reports each month. I have a android phone and windows laptop. many thanks in advance.
  11. R

    periodic testing and the new condition report

    good morning everyone , as some of you may know i`m a school sparkie , 24 years man n boy , full apprenticeship , jib reg , 2391 , 17th , nvq , right my question , i`ve updated my powersuite lite so i now have the new contion reports , that states its for domestic and similar premises with up to...
  12. B


    I know I am involved on other threads regarding this subject, but just wanted everyone to know that I have spoken to NICEIC technical. They have informed me that due to implementation problems regarding the new EICR. A new mandatory date of June 1st 2012 has now been set for the new (EICR)...
  13. S

    PV installation

    Hi All, There's a possibility I may be offered a job installing PV systems, although I've never actually had any hands-on experience fitting them. Although full training will be given by the company, can any of you guys point me in the direction of any online content that will assist in my...
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