1. P

    PAT testing scope for a salon with a rented room

    All, I’m hoping to pick up a PAT testing job for a salon. Quite happy with the main part of it for the owner, but this salon rents a room to another beautician who has their own appliances. The person in the rented room is not an employee of the owner. Q ~ Should the rented room fall under the...
  2. A

    UK MFT1711 for Pat testing

    Hi mall I have an extension socket that I have soldered 3 plugs to. I can test insulation and leakage with this and an Megger MFT1711. I can null the lead. Will only use for class 1 Can any see a problem?
  3. D

    Pat testing issue

    If I have a Class II equipment and someone cut the plug and replaced for a new plug with earth pin. Is it will be pass or fail. Or you have to replace for lead set ?
  4. gazdkw82

    PAT testing - suitably skilled

    All electrician's within my works have been carrying out PAT testing on numerous appliances and extension cables for a while now as directed by our supervisors. Only a few lads have done the PAT testing course many years ago and we are unsure if you have to have taken the PAT course or is an...
  5. D

    Pat Tester

    Martindale Micropat Plus with lead tester. Has calibration certificate in good clean working order for sale.
  6. GBDamo

    installation condemned by PAT tester

    Apparently the guy did half the house then pulled out the washing machine and saw this. Told the carers not to operate and said he could not continue until the installation had been "made safe" The customer only wanted to know is it unsafe and was the PAT tester right to walk off site part way...
  7. C

    PAT Tester broken but i can use megger?

    Hello guys my seaward PAT tester has given up the ghost, i have some small PAT jobs coming up and was thinking short term of being able to just use my multi function meter. R2 test on class 1 equipment using low voltage ohm meter Insulation resistance testing with leads Trying to think what...
  8. C

    One day PAT testing course, I need revision material?

    I’m going on a one day pat testing course soon and I can’t seem to find any revision online. Can anyone help point me to the right direction or put up any of there own material which can help? Thanks
  9. C

    Is PAT testing worth it?

    Hi all, I currently work for a company but looking to go self employed in a couple years (When ive got a mortgage!) and someone has just asked me if i do pat testing, i said no as i dont have the pat tester but it got me thinking. How lucrative is it? Is it worth the investment in the pat...
  10. D

    Intel NUC's and PAT Testing

    Hi all - I've been given the task of PAT testing a new office that our company is setting up, and they have a number of Intel NUC's that use a 19v psu. Looking at what I'm going to be in for - I'm unsure as to how these items should be tested. They're a mix of a desktop and a laptop I guess -...
  11. Adrian kirkby

    Yet another newbie PAT Tested

    Hi, Passed my PAT test and have a new customer with 550 items to test. How do you guys go about testing everything? thinking back to my training they tell you you must test every socket on an extension lead and you must unscrew any plug that can be taken apart to check the fuse and the...
  12. M

    Pat testing for self-employed individuals

    Self employed individuals. No staff. Are they expected to have PAT Testing? Have seen online that they are expected to have it to be compliant. Would like to find were it officially states this if the case.
  13. M

    PAT Testing scope

    Asked 4 companies if they had a PAT Tester, or if they needed one. 1st company didn’t really know what a PAT Tester was, but is considering starting using one. 2nd company said I don’t have any employees so I don’t need to PAT Test. 3rd company said we are covered, we take the tools for...
  14. M

    PAT Testing. Equipment register.

    Just started PAT Testing and have been out to my first pitch. I was able to see what items had been tested and whether it was a visual or combined inspection and test. The following question has arisen. Due to new items being bought since the last scheduled visit. Who is responsible for Putting...
  15. M

    New to PAT Testing

    Hi. I have just become a PAT tester. I'm new to the business and also using forums. Wanted to just see if there is an advise or wisdom that could be passed on. I have my potential first customer with 300+ items and would like to do my do diligence. Took the course to as to my CV, but the current...
  16. P

    Megger Pat 4D/3 Barcode printer

    Hi everyone I have a megger pat tester and want to print barcodes but the printer for the above is both rare and expensive. I have tried a couple of thermal printers one is a serial by epson TM-T88111 and does print but just prints a block of question Mark's ? The would seem to be caused...
  17. C

    PAT testing needed?

    I've have a small sole trader business which is mainly buying and selling electronic items on a popular online market place. The items I deal with are almost exclusively second hand laptops and PC parts. Do I need to be PAT (or any other kind of) testing these things before selling them? The PC...
  18. J

    Delivering PAT training to internal staff

    Hi, My company are looking to have some PAT training delivered to some of our facilities staff and before I look to sign off on this I was wondering if there is any qualifications I would need to deliver the course (the one I have been forwarded is not accrediated but the learner would get a...
  19. E

    New to PAT Testing absolute virgin

    Hi I was volunteered to go on a PAT testing course, which I have completed. Pretty sure i'll need some advice as I start testing. I have received my tester which is a Gamma PAT MI 3311 Thanks in advance for any help!
  20. oracle

    Pat testing, why some guys become sticker jockeys

    OK, we all have said a lot about this. Having met one recently I asked what his take home pay is. He gets a basic of £1000 and 20p for each test so to get another £1,000 he needs to do 5000 tests a month. That's before tax and NI! So imagine working for that sort of pay for putting 5000...
  21. TonyMitchell

    PAT Labels

    The current v4 CoP has been around since 2012, yet most 'pass' labels still bear a "retest due" box, despite 8.4 stating "the date for re-testing should not be marked on the label". I have a v1 (1994) CoP which stated (8.3), "the date on which re-testing is due or the last test date and re-test...
  22. oracle

    Why should a two day Pat course be a Level 3 qualification?

    When you consider the route that an Electrician has to take to achieve a full level 2 and 3 including an NVQ over several years, how can a one or two days course with a short multi choice exam and a practice assessment testing a class 1 appliance also be considered a level 3 qualification?
  23. oracle

    Is a dedicated PAT tester required or can it also be done with an MFT?

    Saw videos on YouTube showing MFT's and DMM's used for testing equipment. Would these produce valid results considering the complicated array of adapters required
  24. T

    Megger PAT 150

    Does anyone own or used one what do they think of it constructive reviews, please.
  25. T

    Recommendations for PAT machine anyone?

    Hi just wondering if anyone on here uses a PAT tester and feel any particular brand or particular PAT tester is better than any other? I use a Seaward Primetest 50 at the moment.
  26. Mr Midlife

    Fluke 6500-2 Pat Tester

    Hello, im using this tester at work, and im testing a medical fridge that i have modified (in accordance to local procedures) its been a while since i used any form of tester, but today i came across an oddity. i did the earth bond test, and it passed, i did the insulation test (500V) and it...
  27. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Kewtec KT71 PAT Tester

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, PM any questions. Offers around £150.
  28. sham

    Pat Testing question, again

    I started having an discussion with my NICEIC assessor about correct fuses in appliances, telling him that the previous PAT tester did not replace the plug fuses to match that of the rating of the appliance. He said that it was OK and that many electricians do not understand how PAT testing is...
  29. plodder1

    PAT Testing - Is it essential.

    We get many calls asking if we are having our devices tested annually. We do not currently have PAT testing done. Is it essential that we do as a small business.? Can anyone advise what the purpose of this is as we have been a family business established over 40 years and never had this done...
  30. D

    Advise on Pat Testing gratefully appreciated

    Hi Everyone I'm hoping you maybe able to give me some advice please. I'm putting on a surprise party for my dad. The venue require any electrical equipment to be pat tested. I am only Planning on putting 4 wall uplightsers and perhaps a couple of Sets of led fairy lights outside to make it look...
  31. D

    PAT testing question

    Hey all So my boss has got me PAT testing for the firm now but ive a quick question - A few times when conducting tests on class one equipment ive noticed some slight arcing occur - does anyone else experience this and what is it as it shouldnt happen surely? Thanks D
  32. S

    Not an electrician but just joined and saying hi

    I've just signed up to the forum and popping over to say hi and introduce myself. I don't have an electrical background and I've recently started a new job in a growing business and am picking up Health & Safety stuff, so need to get my head around maintaining the company's electrical...
  33. V=IR

    Newbie PAT

    I just recieved my level 3 C&G certificate in December last year to carry out PAT testing, I am in the process of setting up a small business while I'm at college to earn some money. I have a website and all of the prices worked out etc...but the question that's bugging me is do I charge a call...
  34. sham

    Pat testing plug fuses

    Hello, I am new to PAT testing by myself as I just used to do it with an ex employer. We always changed the fuses of the plugs if they were overrated, mainly most had 13A fuses. Now I work for my-self I have carried out pat testing on new Items for a landlord, whether new items need pat testing...
  35. C

    Pat testing cable size

    Hi Guys I've just had a discussion with my boss about cable sizes when pat tesing 415v equipment. This is how i have been dealing with cable sizes. If i have an extension lead with 32A plugs and sockets on I always make sure it has a minimum of 4mm cable so that it is capable of carrying the...
  36. DC-backfrom the past

    what pat tester do use / recomend

    hi I've been given a maintenance contract for several premises. I have passed the city and guilds pat testing course, mainly for insurance purposes and to get this type of contract. as part of the contract they will purchase a pat tester to cover their premises. I haven't bought one as you will...
  37. MTS

    PAT earth bond lead

    Hi, can anyone advise please. I am making up a earth bond lead for a meteral PAT tester just purchased as did not come with one. Its the 3 pin XLR connector common on a lot of testers. My question is how is it wired? Can i use 3 core flex and solder one wire to each pin in the connector then...
  38. B

    seaward primestar 100 pat tester

    hi guys im wondering if any1 here has any experiance with the seaward pat tester? i have been using it for a few days and nor when it does either a class 1 or 2 test once in does the insulation resistance test (R iso) test it starts to test then comes up error, i have tired taking the batteries...
  39. R

    Im allowed to PAT Testing?

    I am allowed to pat testing? With pat testing certificates,17th editions,city and guild 2330 electrical installation and 2392 inspection and testing Im not jib electricians and have only jib auxiliary operative,labourer Im only pat testing the equipment we used on site which quite a lot some...
  40. C

    to PAT or not to PAT

    Hello Guys PAT testing for me has always been a little chargeable favor for clients however i have just been offered a job which is more than i would like 1000+ items, I only want the job as it will lead to proper installation works later. I normally charge an hourly rate however i dont want...
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