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  1. T

    smoke alarm wiring.

    went to change three smoke alarms today and found they were wired in 1.5 t&e useing the cpc as the interconect link wire. would you class this as a c1 / c2 i was thinking c1, any thoughts
  2. Nelder

    Hard Wired Smart Intruder Alarms

    Hello. Can anyone recommend and fully wired, online / smart intruder alarm system please. Preferably one that can be expanded to include CCTV with DVR. The below would be ideal except for its wireless. Yale Smart home Alarm & 1080p Wired CCTV Kit Bundle | DIY at B&Q -...
  3. 877

    Accenta alarms (explain keyswitch and set to an idiot)...

    So I have two alarm panels (garage and home): Accenta 6 - has keyswitch and set terminals Accenta Optima G3 - zones can be configured to keyswitch or 'push to set', Could someone explain them in plain english and how they would be used practially? Many thanks Info attached: Accenta 6 info...
  4. T

    Aritect CS350 Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms - Engineer Code

    Hi All I have a Aritech Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms who have ceased trading. Can someone please PM me the Engineer Codes? Thanks
  5. J

    extending ring and adding smoke alarms to lighting circuit on new extension cert?

    hi i'm going to be having some wiring carried out on my new first floor extension (new bedroom) which just entails extending the ring main, and lighting circuit and adding interlinked mains smoke alarms to the upstairs lighting circuit, including a heat alarm in the kitchen. i've spoke to...
  6. R

    CCTV and Alarms around Liverpool & North West

    Can anyone recommend anywhere that does CCTV and Alarm Course in Liverpool and surrounding areas?
  7. J

    Security Alarms info please

    Hi, I've been working in the electrical trade now close on 10 years. I have completed my Level 2 and currently working on 2365 L3 and NVQ Level 3. As I've always worked for other companies I don't know the answer to my question and maybe somebody can help me. What qualifications or authorities...
  8. R

    Smoke alarms/heat alarms

    Hi looking for a bit of advise, I am working on a house where the internal walls have been removed creating an open space where the kitchen and living spaces are all one downstairs. My question is is it acceptable to put a nest protect system in . One on the ground floor and one upstairs or...
  9. S

    What cert to issue for smoke alarms

    hey guys been asked to test some smoke alarms for a letting agent. And need to issue a cert to say they are satisfactory or not! I know this question has been asked before but what cert do I need to issue. Also does anyone have a link for a download? Cheers Was thinking of subscribing to...
  10. D

    domestic smoke alarms

    hi my mate has just rang me to say he has just finished doing a eicr on a 4 bedroom multiple occupancy,he said all mains smoke alarms are out of date so he has coded them as a 2, which i think should be a 3 he also done a normal 2 bed flat this morning and the smoke and heat were out of date and...
  11. Vortigern

    Update on Fire alarms and Em. Lighting course as promised

    So three days and half a K later am I wiser? Not having anything to compare it to it is hard to benchmark. However the tutor was good knows his stuff and fielded questions very well. The course was well organised. The food was ermmm well could have been more varied. Two days were spent on...
  12. M

    Fire alarms non rcd protected? 25 characters

    Hi guys Im curious as to how people wire in smoke and heat alarms in a domestic setting. I know you're allowed to put them with a regularly used lighting circuit or on their own circuit...but....does the circuit that has the alarms on need to be non rcd protected? Or is it a case of it...
  13. pirate

    Update on Smoke Alarms In Rented Properties

    I know this was on a thread recently, but it's easier to start a new one, just to bring those of you in Scotland up to date. This is from the Scottish Association of Landlords today: "We are delighted to report that after a long campaign by SAL, the housing minister has announced that fire...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Fire Angel smoke/heat alarms ... thoughts?

    Pricing up a job and as always the price of heat and smokes seems to vary with the wind... would usually use aico but decided to see whats out there. have 2 self contained flats that need some alarms. these fire angel ones in screwfix seem reasonably priced and can be interconnected wirelessly...
  15. L

    Medium size shop. Full concrete construction etc .Basement with 2 fire exits.Fire /smoke alarms?

    As title ! Single entry ground front door. twin stairs to basement . Each side of basement (It was knocked into one years ago) has its own fire escape etc . what would be the Basic level of Fire/smoke detection equipment that"should be required" for each of the 2 floors ? Thanks
  16. haptism

    Smoke/heat alarms, linked or not

    Ive been looking at Approved document B (Fire safety), cause im not sure if a smoke alarm in recent extension needs to be linked to a additional heat alarm in the existing adjacent kitchen. The new extension is adjacent to the old kitchen and no doors separate the two rooms. Approved document B...
  17. E

    aico heat alarms on wall?

    having a bit of a debate as to why aico heat detectors should not be wall mounted, other than aico stating "do not wall mount" i cant think of a good reason why it would not operate if placed less than 12" from ceiling on the wall did a quick poogle search but no definitive answer i have seen...
  18. S

    Aico alarms red light rapid flashing.

    Looking at an LD1 system in an HMO. Although the alarms are hardwired together (No radio bases) they don't sound simultaneously. Some of the alarms have a rapidly flashing red light. Any ideas?
  19. S

    Smoke and heat alarms

    Hi. I’ve bought a house which will be rented. The current rules in Scotland require new smoke detectors to be fitted. I have 2 hard wired ones already in the hall and landing but need a new one in the main living room. Can I add to the exsisting 2 or will the whole system need replacing...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Looking to install alarms

    I have been asked twice in as many months about a price to install a house alarm, nothing too fancy. Only experience i have of alarms is the wireless sort. i am quite good at data cabling and understanding smart home technologies so would be able to pick it up quite quickly. Can anybody...
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