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  1. Baddegg

    Strange request but....

    Customer of mine runs a kids club type thing and has asked me if I have an old consumer unit, don’t think he means rewireable just old ish, anyway they are teaching the kids life skills, I’m guessing he ain’t connect it up who knows 😂 and he’s asked if I have one I could donate, I don’t have...
  2. Dan

    FIXRADIO Tunes Request Thread (And DAB Radio Recommendations Thread)

    FIXRADIO - Tunes Request Thread - The official unofficial tunes request and shout-out thread. This isn't something we've organised with FIXRADIO officially. So it's the unofficial official tunes request thread. If you really really want a tune on, use the usual...
  3. M

    Request for advice: switch for lathe

    (small workshop) The lathe is a Myford ML7. It has a rotary switch on -- off -- reverse. I have been asked to look into the possibility of fitting a proper machine switch with on -- off buttons & emergency stop & ZVR. 1. There is nothing to stop you turning the switch the wrong way & starting...
  4. M

    Request advice: anti tilt switches

    Please: do the regulations say that heaters must have A-T switches? Maybe some types of heater? Thank you.
  5. P

    Grid plate customer request

    I have had a customer ask me about installing a grid plate in their kitchen as part of the quotation for a rewire of said kitchen. It wil need to include a 16A oven, washing machine, dishwasher,extractor hood and microwave oven. I have not used one of these before so thought i would ask people...
  6. Basiluk

    Unusual request for audio sounder

    I am after a device that can take up to 10 NC or NO inputs and for each input make an audible sound unique to that channel. Will be used as a 24 hour chime system for external PIR's and will audible identify the area detected. I have searched and cannot find anything - Any suggestions please?
  7. M

    Domestic Electric knife: strange wiring: request advice

    The knife is Russell-Hobbs, ECO1255, model 13892. I work for a charity which receives (among other things) electrical goods which must be tested before we can give them to recipients. The PAT meter gave weird results: normally when the device being tested is switched off the meter says "lo...
  8. M

    Critical feedback request - Consumer unit.

    Hello, Please can I have some feedback on the quality of a fuse board I installed recently. I am fairly new to consumer unit installs. Newly qualified.
  9. D


    Been to see a job where someone has had a brand new bathroom and ensuite shower room done. The electrician changed the lights and put up a new pull cord but never installed any extract fans. I have costed for 2 inline fans as easy access to the loft and propose to vent via the soffit. They have...
  10. Dave OCD

    Slightly unusual request

    I have a customer with elderly parents who have recently moved into a care home and now their house is being sold. It's an ex Council House. Somewhere along the long winded selling process the buyers Solicitor has picked up that a new electric shower circuit was installed in 2013 [Nothing to do...
  11. Gakure

    EICR for support request and advice

    Good evening forumist. Apology in advance, the post is a bit lengthy and please don't cane me too much, am in learning process. I did an EICR for a 4 bedroom bunglow, as part of learning curve I came across the attached CU 1. which doesn't have a busbar, MCB are link with 2.5mm2 wire from live...
  12. lurch

    Request for work . . . strange or spam/phishing

    Picked up an email yesterday from a potential new customer asking f I was interested in carry out some work. . . . nothing new, get these requests all the time. I emailed back saying . . . sure let me have the details. Got email back with a link to some drawings (mmmm... I think !) I hit...
  13. D

    Request for assistance in electrical assignment

    Hello, I've been working on an electrical assignment as part of my training, I have completed most of it but I seem to be falling down on a more simple part of the assignment on the basis of terminology and further explanation, I have found it a little difficult to source the information I...
  14. scotsparky

    Can i request a shed hunt?

    hi folks its been a while since I have been on but I am struggling and decided to turn to experts. I am looking for the front removable covers for a cooper menvair MF9000 fire alarm panel I have a job where some H&S jobsworth is saying as the bottom cover is damagd its unsafe. there is a metal...
  15. A

    Main incoming fuse

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find out what type of main fuse a friend has coming into his property, there is no BS number on it, it has 2 stickers, one that says 60A and one that says 100A. I have rang The local distributor but they couldn't tell me, has anyone got any ideas on how I can find out for...
  16. jason121

    Failed EPC

    Does anyone know what happens when panels are installed on roof and the house fails its EPC. Would I have to remove them, not got anything in writing regarding this issue.:hanged:
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