1. Adam_92

    Burnt out fused spur

    Has anyone come across click accessories spurs burning out? it seems to only be happening with the CNS200 Trend uk Steibel eltron heaters Fuse is still fine just the spur itself is burning out had so many of these Thanks in advance Adam
  2. B

    Transformer burnt- reasons?

    Hi I recently purchased(aug18) a house built in 1963 and about an hour before bed I smelt a burning smell in the hallway. I looked around and couldnt figure out the source. Fast forward an hour and I can still smell the same smell but stronger and thats when I figure Id check the attic as the...
  3. L

    DPDT switch burnt while off

    Hello, I wired a DPDT switch to my sunroof 12v DC motor. It was working ok and I was able to reverse the polarity of the motor to open and close the sunroof. However days later it started to burn when off, even though I hooked up a 20A fuse before the switch. I don't know if it's a short circuit...
  4. L

    Smeg range cooker tripped electrics, looks burnt on inspection

    Hi All, My 1 and half Smeg cooker recently tripped when using the main fan oven. It was during quite a long period of cooking a roast. We reset the electrics and continued without issue. A few days later it happened again and now it does not get hot. The smaller oven still works. I assumed...
  5. S

    Dishwasher stopped working, so opened it up...

    Hello all, Hoptpoint FDL570 was cutting in and out of power- opened it up and saw this... Can I replace the burnt out bit rather than replacing the whole machine? Thanks in advance
  6. sythai

    Hamilton switch... burnt out !

    Hi Guys After bit of advice please.... Called back to kitchen job today, Hamilton light switch we fitted has burnt out?! Normally decent gear so just trying to make sure nothing we have done (as Client not so friendly on this one.) Switch in question is powering all the feature lighting which...
  7. C

    Burnt Washing machine plug and wall socket

    Hello My dear old mother tried to clean the tiles in our utility room by using a damp rag and I think some water may have dripped into our plug socket which is connected to the washing machine. She removed the washing machine plug whilst she was cleaning the tiles and plugged it in afterwards...
  8. L

    UK switch burnt every few months

    9kw deep fryer, a cooker switch, stop working every few months, I found the fryer use thin flex cable (see picture 3), it was burnt, the power supply cable are much thicker and it has no problem. The fryer thin flex cable was just plugged into the switch, no lug, Am I right? I guess it can be...
  9. G

    Recomendations and possible Causes

    Greetings, I know i have a real problem here but would like others to comment on what could cause this to happen. I have attic wiring that has heated and split. It is old 2/14 wire that is plastic exterior with all wire wrapped in paper. The wire seems to have heated enough to blacken the...
  10. Z

    UK Melted Plug and Socket cause

    Hi all, Washing machine plug and socket melted around Neutral pin. Whilst removing socket faceplate, noticed one brown wire was not in the terminal. May have come out of the terminal when pulling the socket forward or may have been out all the time. Is this lose or disconnected live cable the...
  11. M4rtyj

    Burnt out accessories

    What is it with the smell from burnt out accessories? That distinct bad fish smell we all know and associate with a burnt out cable or accessory. Is it something in the plastic used in manufacturing of the accessories or is it the pvc cable? I've just changed a 45a shower switch and can still...
  12. J

    Burnt out 6mm on 8.5kw shower

    Hi all Just checked job and 6mm live supply is burnt out on 8.5kw shower. Run is 4 metres clipped direct with no insulation my calcs are that this should be perfectly fine. Was also on a 40 amp wylex push type mcb. Terminations seemed fine. Has anyone got any possibilities what may be causing...
  13. J

    Would you guys say this is burnt?

    On the other side it is the power transformer. Trying to figure out why my lg 55lf6000 screen keeps blinking in 1.5 second intervals. So I’m wondering if that spot looks burnt and hoping it is the cause. It’s just I’m wondering if that spot is normal.
  14. C

    UK MacBook Pro charger sparking when plugged into extension lead plug pins burnt ?

    When I plug my MacBook Pro charger into the extension lead I noticed I can see it spark through the Extension lead plastic which I thought was a bit odd I also noticed today that the plug pins are burnt. I tried the charger in other extension leads and it does not happen also tried other...
  15. M

    Earth plug burnt?

    Hey there im running an extension to my shop/shed heavy duty rated it powers 2x 400watt hallogens which i use in my chicken brooders There on a timer so they come on at normal day time and at night time it swaps to 2 red heatlamps. My bulb was making a whistle noise normally means replace it...
  16. S

    Burnt out pull cord to electric shower

    Hello everyone, I have recently had a bathroom refurb in our new house as it had no bathroom fitted before. I have a 8.5kw electric shower that is isolated by a 45 amp pull cord. The shower stopped working so I had an electrician come and have a look and the pull cord wires are completely black...
  17. Jazzye

    Advice needed re: burnt 60A breaker

    Hi, I'm really sorry if I've joined and asked the wrong forum for this question, but really need advice... I live in a developing country (Myanmar) and have issues understanding the electrics here... might be a situation of knowing a little, but but not understanding... I live in an...
  18. D

    Tumble dryer suppressor wire burnt out

    Hi we have had this tumble dryer for around 5 years. Around a year ago the brown wire in the plug going into the wall socket burnt out so i replaced the whole power cable going to the supressor, 6 months later it packed in, I opended it up to find the supressor leaking so replaced it, today I...
  19. D

    Burnt out water heater switch

    Hi all, just joined EF hoping to solve a problem. I live in a 3 year old flat in a block and my immersion heater stopped working. I have discovered the problem to be a burnt out switch (photo attached). As you can see it's pretty bad to the extent that the plastic has melted. My question is why...
  20. weevilward

    Lewden 100a switch fuse burnt out

    Has anyone had problems with this switch fuse??? I went to one last year which was warm to the touch, so I changed it for an Amd3 metal one. I found this one today burnt out, close call. The screw terminals were tight - the source of the heat looks to be the contact inside the switch. This one...


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