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  1. J

    Advice needed re: burnt 60A breaker

    Hi, I'm really sorry if I've joined and asked the wrong forum for this question, but really need advice... I live in a developing country (Myanmar) and have issues understanding the electrics here... might be a situation of knowing a little, but but not understanding... I live in an...
  2. D

    Tumble dryer suppressor wire burnt out

    Hi we have had this tumble dryer for around 5 years. Around a year ago the brown wire in the plug going into the wall socket burnt out so i replaced the whole power cable going to the supressor, 6 months later it packed in, I opended it up to find the supressor leaking so replaced it, today I...
  3. D

    Domestic Burnt out water heater switch

    Hi all, just joined EF hoping to solve a problem. I live in a 3 year old flat in a block and my immersion heater stopped working. I have discovered the problem to be a burnt out switch (photo attached). As you can see it's pretty bad to the extent that the plastic has melted. My question is why...
  4. weevilward

    Lewden 100a switch fuse burnt out

    Has anyone had problems with this switch fuse??? I went to one last year which was warm to the touch, so I changed it for an Amd3 metal one. I found this one today burnt out, close call. The screw terminals were tight - the source of the heat looks to be the contact inside the switch. This one...
  5. E

    Skinflint Seeks Free Advice on burnt-out LED Transformer

    Morning. The LED light above my bath doesn't work. I yanked all the stuff out the ceiling and found this. So far, so good. But hark! I have come to the conclusion that something is wrong with the transformer. Worst case: it may never transform again. If I just buy another one with the...
  6. I

    Burnt out ballast EICR Coding

    Scenario: Visibly burnt out, entirely blackened, ballast in a fluorescent fitting. Would this be noteworthy during an EICR and if so, how would it be coded? My thinking is that its an obvious fire risk. Still an apprentice with millions to learn, any input would be appreciated.
  7. M

    Bathroom fan burnt out.....

    Had a callout for a landlord as the bathroom fan stopped working. Didnt take too long to work out why... Never seen a fan quite as bad as this before!! Wonder what caused this, possibly got jammed and overheated?
  8. T

    Burnt out fuse on immersion water heater

    Have a fault where the ecomony 7 (or whatever it's called) overnight water heater element keeps causing heat damage to the fuse in the local fused switch. The element seems to be 15A rated so the first time I was called out I told the landlord it was too high for the 13A fused switch and needed...
  9. E

    Burnt Main Downstream Neutral

    Did an EICR opened the CU and found this burnt charred Neutral running downstream of the (main switch). What should I be looking for (other than a replacement tail)? There were two or three C2 observations that may well have caused an overload - eg 5kW of water immersion wired into the ring...
  10. L

    Domestic Watch out I'm fitting a plastic DB in domestic.....

    It's a TT so I reckon I'll sleep better at night knowing that if there was a fault to earth upstream of the RCDs the customer wouldn't get a brutal/possibly fatal belt. Just going to put it in the departures section of cert and discuss it at my annual inspection with my assessor. I know I have...
  11. R

    Burnt out rcd

    Evening all, been called out to a campsite to a hook up that looks like a dalek. This hook up is supplied by 32a on 6mm 3 core swa and supply's a 40amp rcd and 2 c6 mcbs. The mcbs then feed 2 of the blue industrial 3 pin outlets. The rcd was burnt out through the side and knackered. I am going...
  12. B

    Burnt neutral wire on 100A main switch...

    Is the most common cause of this problem a loose connection? I came across a burnt out neutral wire on a 100A DP main switch earlier. It was hard to tell if it was loose as it was charred and burnt so bad I couldnt tell! The burnt wire was the 16mm incoming neutral. The establishment is a...
  13. D

    12 volt CD motor test

    Hi My names is David. I'm hoping you can help with my treadmil motor before the thing drives me potty. (I might have just posted this else where so if I have apols...did just seemed to disappear.) Briefly, due to being new to the treadmill I think I under lubbed the belt and put too much...
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