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  1. J

    USA How does a breaker get tripped then turn itself back on at random?

    My home electric is very strange. No matter what time of day or night, perfect weather or stormy, my lights flicker through the house eventually resulting in the power in the whole house being shut off. Occasionally it will come right back on, but I've gone as long as 2+ before it will turn...
  2. S

    monitor AORUS AD27QD - short circuit and tripped breaker.

    Hello. I had a good monitor AORUS AD27QD. Yesterday when i was sleep i left monitor on like always. When i woke in morning there was not power in house. Something tripped breaker/fuse. When i turn up breaker and power back in,monitor just refused to turn on. So monitor i guess tripped breaker...
  3. A

    Why is a cable live when the CB is tripped?

    Hi, Forgive me if it's a dumb question, I'm a qualified aircraft electrician but not trained in domestic lighting and want to be sure this is ok. I am replacing a light fitting on the top floor of a town house (12 years old). I have tripped the two CBs at the fuse box marked downstairs light...
  4. L

    RCD tripped by central heating which is on a separate circuit

    My central heating is on a dedicated RCBO. The house has two other RCDs, one including the fridge, freezer and cooker. The other RCD is tripping virtually every day after the central heating has been on for 40 minutes or so. It will then often trip again after a few minutes. It can be reset...
  5. T

    3way light switch, 1 light works 2 don’t help

    Have a 3 way light switch (three separate lights) one light works (middle switch) 2 don’t. Think that the 2 that don’t work shorted out when a multi socket plug was inserted in adjacent room. That plug still works. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. K

    Lost power but NO RCBO tripped

    Hey all, First off, Merry Christmas to all :) Right, so I have had a really weird thing happen earlier today. We lost power completely to the whole house, I assumed something tripped one of the RCBO's, so went downstairs to check the CU, and notice NOTHING was tripped off? However there was NO...
  7. A

    Wrong Breaker Tripped

    Oven element broke in half and started sparking even when all controls were turned off. Resident manually switched range breaker off. I replaced the element with oem replacement. I made sure all wiring was secure and the element connections are not making contact with the back cover panel.Now I...
  8. jj2005

    Neff Oven Overheating after replacing fan element which initially tripped

    I have a 12 year old Neff Oven b1442n0gb who's fan element stopped working. I bought a generic element from amazon (NEFF Fan Oven COOKER ELEMENT 2400w eq2 499003 spares: Large Appliances -...
  9. Midwest

    Supply to 3 phase DB tripped

    As above, place I work at as maintenance, had supply tripped off at the weekend. Not some stuff I’m fully conversant with, so just seeking views here. 3 phase DB supplying power and lighting for rooms, using RCBO’s. Panel has this as main switch; The supply panel is this; From what I can...
  10. C

    Appliance tripped MCB after....

    Carried out an eicr and noticed x2 double sockets have reverse polarity that supply a frying machine at high level. (this was a return visit to correct the faults) After correcting the reverse polarity on the two sockets i plugged the fryer back in and the circuit MCB tripped out and the...
  11. R

    No power in only one room and no RCD tripped.

    So last night I went to put my heater on in my room, it’s one of those oil filled ones that you plug in. So went to turn on my light and no power. So checked everywhere else in the house and all working. Checked the fuse board and nothing has tripped. So checked the plug on the heater and it’s...
  12. T

    Wire from the blender caught fire, fuses tripped

    Hi there, a wire caught from a blender caught on to the hob in the kitchen, there was a loud bang and the sockets were tripped, is the blender needing replaced now or would it be possible to simply replace the wire?
  13. C

    RCD Tripped More Than Once In a Single Evening

    My RCD tripped more than once in a single evening. When I went into my kitchen to investigate my appliances I noticed that my washing machine was left on (in pause mode). Does anyone think the cause of the tripping could be the washing machine (especially when left turned on)?
  14. M

    Tripped Socket - 50v

    Hi, New to the forum and I've got an issue in my house. I''mnot an electrician. Our main RCD tripped last night and after investigating I've found the cause to be one of the sockets in the living room. Testing the socket shows 50v across L+N, 230v across L+E, 30V across N+E. Am I right in...
  15. C

    Water on hob- tripped RCD- how to fix?

    First of all, apologies if this doesn’t make sense- I will try and explain as best as I can. A pot boiled over on the hob and quite a bit of water was laying on hob. I wiped it up and turned of gas. However this appeared to trip the RCD. The only way I could reset the RCD was by turning the...
  16. C

    No thanks

    Called out to a house where rcd is tripping,been going off over a period of weeks. Did insulation test,got pretty good readings overall,except one circuit,which gave me a L/E,N/E reading of 0.40 meg ohms. This was a sub main to a garage,found lighting to be at fault,disconnected. Re did test...
  17. J

    Mains smoke alarms

    Evening, I've just been asked to install some mains powered smoke alarms to a customers property, can I still add these to an existing lighting circuit (if the alarms have a battery back up) or do I need a dedicated RCD Controlled circuit from the CU?
  18. A

    does this RCD need replacing

    hi everyone a second opinion would be appreciated was called to a house in February as RCD was intermittently tripping. some times 3 times a day sometimes none. during my initial look i discovered when the oven was ran for more then 5 minutes the RCD tripped. my inspection then found a...
  19. M

    Lighting circuit issue

    Hi guys, just after some advice. Went to a job today with the description that one rcd on a dual board has tripped and when closed trips instantly, the customer was watching TV at night and all of a sudden the lights and sockets went under normal running conditions. I arrived today and the rcd...
  20. S

    Ring Main fault

    Had a call this Morning that her rcd keeps tripping. So i went round there First of all unplugged everything still tripping. Done a few tests L-E N-E L-N and end to end test all came back as 0 mohms. So i Separated the legs at both the board and the sockets found the fault leg. Reconnected...
  21. V

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic cert

    Hi all i have been filling in NICEIC certs now for the past two months the way our firm work is to give out what they call a site sheet we test and fill in the results and all the information and then the QS looks over it and finalises it, I was given a completed cert fully printed out from our...
  22. H

    Nightmare fault!!

    Done a board change today. Kitchen Sockets on RCD1, Up sockets on RCD2. Both rings. When energised RCD1 tripped. When I removed the neutral of the Up sockets on RCD2, the Kitchen Ring & RCD1 did not trip. As soon as I put neutrals back in on RCD2 side. RCD1 trips. Thought there may be a...
  23. 1

    Socket tester

    One of my jobs is to walk round and test all the sockets at the house were working in. I use my little socket tester that has the lights to show everything's ok. Or something's amiss. Well when I put it into the cooker socket the rcd protecting it tripped. It also tripped on another socket...
  24. dlt27

    Really strange RCD happenings

    Sorry this is a long one! I have been carrying out testing and Inspecting for about 10 years now, but haven't come across what I found at my Mum and Dads house. I rewired it about 12 months ago. It is an old stone house and was a nightmare to do.(It's a TT system fed off overheads and a split...
  25. M

    RCD TEST Question

    Help Please I have installed a new supply to a garage. It is fed from a split board consumer unit in the house and is protected by an 80amp RCD. I have installed a consumer unit in the garage which has a 40 amp RCD. (cu earthed via earth rod). I carried out an RCD test and got the following...
  26. P

    Boiler & RCD Issue

    Long time reader, first time poster.. I have been having some issues with my RCD circuit / boiler. I have a Worcester 24i Junior Combi Boiler installed and when I have it set to 3 on the boiler there are no issues, but when I change it to anything above it trips the RCD. I called an...
  27. I

    Earth Fault Indicator tripped twice...

    Hi, I'm not an electrician and my experience is limited to re-wiring a few light fittings. I recently fitted a new light fitting to the downstairs front room and at the same time fitted a new dimmer switch. Both seem to work fine. Shortly afterwards the earth fault indicator in the fuse box...
  28. D

    Dual rcds tripping

    Evening gents bit of advice required please I have recently finished a partial rewire (upstairs sockets upstairs lights and smokes). All is fine apart from when I turned under unit lights on in kitchen it tripped both rcds. There is 1 2 gang switch in kitchen 1 for main kitchen light and 1 for...
  29. L

    marginally baffled

    Hi all, have new power supply & CU (split load), all fine for a month (no changes) while on holiday one RCD tripped, suspected downstairs ring, put on MCBO, again while away tripped? The puzzle to me is that having tested the ring all fine although the R1+R2 are high (below pass) and it never...
  30. C

    rcd tripping

    I recently got called to a rcd kitchen circuit tripping, so I removed all appliances as normal but still tripped so carried out IR test which showed no fault? any ideas no fault found?
  31. K

    faulty ONE fittings.

    I recently installed 6 no. One electric 6' twin ncf fittings.When energised, the CU rcd tripped Wiring tested fine and eventually i found that all 6 fittings tripped an rcd adaptor when tested individually. Has anyone else had a similar experience? When the fittings were swapped for Dakal ones...
  32. P

    Crabtree main switch tripping

    Hello all, I have been to a property with a crabtree starbreaker board main switch is 80A 30ma rcd. The customer thought the dishwasher was tripping electrics I teste IR when I tested RCD it tripped on times half! I have ordered a new one but when the breaker is turned off for the PV the rcd...
  33. Eco Chap

    Fault on SMA Inverter? or outside influence

    Hi all. Im after some input from other pv installers (or anyone in the know) about an installation we installed a few months back. In short its a <4KW installation with a SMA TL inverter on a TT arrangement. A few weeks after installation I got a message saying the RCD had tripped, not a...
  34. T

    rcbos tripping out for no apparent reason

    i installed a new db into a office 2 weeks ago ,there is a total of 4 circuits , 32a ring main ,16a radial, 6a lights x2 everthing came on allright and i just had time to do zs test on circuits and rcd test both tests where satisfactory ,not enough time to to do ins/res owing the urgency of...
  35. K

    Domestic Range master cooker fault

    hi I have a rangemaster 900 induction cooker, which has lost all power half way through cooking, the trip switch has not tripped, but i cannot get the cooker to turn on, no clock or nothing, any help appreciated,
  36. S


    i was offering a free voltis hd unit with every 4kw pv system it was an incentive for people to take this up as it saved an extra 18% equivelant to £170 per annum for a family of 4. after a few orders (thought yep i love it when a plan comes together) until the voltis switched to 220v an old rcd...
  37. R

    Intermittent rcd tripping help?

    Hi guys, I've got a customer who's rcd is tripping every few days. Any tips on the process to follow cause it never trips while I'm there. Ive tested the unit itself and it's working ok? Thanks
  38. D

    rcbo or mcb

    hi i have a 17th edition board with rcbos on one side and a main rcd on the other side with 5 mcbs.i have a boiller supply and a dedicated alarm feed and wondered if these could be 0n 20amp mcbs or do they have to go on rcbos.if the other circuits on rcbos tripped then the client would know...
  39. M

    rcbo tripping

    anyone got any ideas on this. Had to change a lighting circuit mcb to an rcbo due to cable we put into the wall (work is on a school). The old mcb was 15amp rated and 1.5mm twin and earth circuit. I changed the mcb to a 10amp RCBO but when I tried to turn on it tripped. so I thought it could of...
  40. J

    RCD test

    Did an RCD test on a new consumer unit, but got a fail on 1 times, but passed on 1/2times & 5 times. Thought it may just be the rcd so i checked my instrument on the second rcd, but was perfect. So then i swapped the rcd over & tested again but same happend again failed on 1 times but passed on...
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